Local Controversy


Marianne starts the show talking about a new class she took yesterday afternoon called “Rock The Bar”… ballet…. And how awesome, but hard it is.  Wease is hoping it helps her a little less puffy (kidding!!!)  Wease talks about the time he was at a party with a bunch of ballerinas, and how they’re among the best athletes in the world.


Wease also discusses the controversy surrounding Mayor Warren’s bodyguard/driver allegedly getting clocked doing 97 mph in transit to the Governor’s speech last week, and also her uncle’s status in that position.  If the police officer had just given the ticket much of the controversy could’ve been averted.  Mayor Lovely will be joining us in studio tomorrow to answer all your questions.   A caller that didn’t want to wait until tomorrow calls to argue with Wease about whether our new mayor is capable of doing her job.


Tools With Sports

Wease and John talk about a beef that Tools got into on his show yesterday about why people hate Tom Brady, and if it's just because he's so good.  Pauly says the refs go out of their way to give Brady breaks when things go wrong for him.

Tools also says that guys shouldn't be allowed to wear jerseys after the age of 40.  Wease isn't a jersey wearing type of guy, but says that there shouldn't be an age limit for the guys that do like them.

Redneck News

State Police responded to a report of Theft of Services on Tuesday (1/7) after Amanda M. Steurrys, age 23, of Seeley Road in Williamson took a cab ride from the Super 8 Motel n Buell Road in Chili.

Steurrys allegedly had the driver stop at one address, then to another on Fisher Road. At that point she entered what turned out to be a relative’s house and exited out the back door.

The taxi driver went to the door and
 the resident told him Steurrys was not there. Police were called and she was traced to a nearby residence where she was taken into custody. She told police she was attempting to borrow the $102 cab fare from relatives.

Steurrys, who is well-known to police, was arraigned before Ontario Town Justice Paul Sucher and remand­ed to jail on $250 cash bail to reappear in Court on January 14th

Amanda M. Steurrys

Our theory about Amanda... she could be a hooker.

Bathroom Observations

Wease comments about a recent trip to the work bathroom... there was poop on the toilet seat.  Who would do that?  Why wouldn't they clean it up?  Does the perp have poop on his butt cheeks still from sitting there.  We want to know.  No, it wasn't Pauly.

Shari Smith News

Doug is unable to join us today, so WHAM 1180's Shari Smith is sitting in..

- Direct TV Dumps Weather Channel

- Man To Be Sentenced For Killing Professor

- Target Credit Monitoring Begins

Bonus Content... Snow Bunnies



The owner of the website selling the items, Eric Holler, told WESH 2 News: “I’m catering to supply and demand.” He says he bought seven pairs of pants and six purses from Christina Werner, who herself purchased them from the garage sale.

The woman who bought the items secretly filmed the event, as she was upset the Anthony’s were selling things which had previously belonged to their dead granddaughter Caylee. Apparently Werner wanted to “wash her hands of the situation,” following the sale of the items to Holler.

Holler continued to speak about the fact he plans to make a tidy profit on the Casey Anthony items: “Of course I’m trying to profit, I’m running a business here. I’m not in the business of losing money.”

The site specializes in serial killers, and has sold items from killers such as Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz.

We visit the site and find music recorded by Charles Manson.  Billy was aware of Manson's friendship with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, but learned the Beach Boys cribbed on of Charlie's songs.  Check it out... The Manson original was called Cease To Exist

and the Beach Boys tune is Never Learn Not To Love...

Casting Call

Filmmaker Eben Costbar is in studio.  He's most famous for his film "The Hammer" (about deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill), and is here talking about the new movie he's working on, a horror film about to be shot in the area.  Pauly is very excited to be cast as a dead guy.

Eben is looking for an old-timey bar near Shortsville to film some scenes in, and lots of listeners have suggestions.

Sport Or Not A Sport

Wease brings up Tonya Harding (who used to be on "World's Dumbest" with Marianne), which leads to a discussion of Winter Olympic sports, and an argument if curling is a sport.  Wease said he'd be good at curling because of his expertise in shuffleboard.  Marianne says curling isn't a sport, and that it'd be like having Bingo in the Olympics.

Yelp, I Need Somebody, Yelp

This story about anonymous bad reviews on Yelp leads to stories from Wease and Marianne about similar instances in their lives, and how if people want to bitch about something (and are telling the truth) they shouldn't hide their identity.

Pauly talks about his aunt owning a coffee shop, and having bad reviews that are nothing but lies left by competiton.