Bieber Busted

This seems a little excessive, but police RAIDED JUSTIN BIEBER'S house yesterday to find evidence that he egged his neighbor's home last week. 


Seriously . . . 12 cops in eight police cars responded to an egging report by showing up with a search warrant.  Justin didn't answer questions because he didn't have a lawyer present.  Police say he hasn't been charged or exonerated yet. 


One thing they're looking for is video from Justin's own surveillance cameras that shows him in the act of vandalizing his neighbor's house.  They're also looking for anything else that links Justin to the incident, like egg residue. 


We don't know if they found any of that, but they DID find DRUGS.  But it looks like Justin won't take the fall for that.  At least not yet.  Because it was his friend LIL ZA who was holding. (Love that name... maybe it's short for Lil Pizza) 


Police initially said the drug was COCAINE, but now there's word that it might have been MOLLY . . . that form of ecstasy that cool people like Miley Cyrus and Madonna sing about.  He may have also had Xanax on him. 


And check this out:  Lil Za got RE-ARRESTED before he could leave the jailhouse yesterday afternoon.  He was just about to be released on bail, and he was on the phone with somebody.  But he got angry for some reason and smashed the phone. 


They booked him again on a vandalism charge. 


At this point, police are saying Justin is NOT connected to the drugs.

Pauly saw this story on TV, and was shocked at how seriously the news channels were covering it... analysts, lawyers, commentators, experts.  Crazy.

Tools With Sports

Johnny pulls a "This Date In History" out of his butt with no clues except 'This guy got married on this date in 1954'.  The answer Joe Dimaggio, who married Marilyn Monroe.

Another date in history about Martina Navratilova leads to a discussion of tennis, and the Australian Open, which started this week.  The heat in Australia is in the 100s, causing medical emergencies.  See a player pass out on court HERE.

Wease predicted it a couple days ago... Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is threatening to play naked at halftime.

Double Header At The Movies

For the first time that Wease remembers he went to two movies back to back, "Inside Llewelyn Davis" and then "August Osage County"... two arty flicks that critics love, but aren't for normal people.  Dark, depressing, and great acting, but not enjoyable.  Wease liked the first movie, but couldn't wait for the second one to end, despite great performances from Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.  The story about the most dysfunctional family ever was too much even for him.

During "August Osage County" four drunk women came in, and not only was one of them texting on her phone, she was making calls.  Doreen was going to confront them, but Wease didn't want to create a scene.  Eventually the rest of the audience revolted against the loud broads and they left.  Doreen hated both movies.

Doug With News

- Deal For Costco Project Moves Forward

- Rose Chase To Be Sentenced Wednesday

- Chun Killer Gets Life Without Parole

- Arrest In Connection With Suspicious Death

Isn't She Lovely

Mayor Lovely Warren joins us in studio to talk about local issues and answer questions regarding the controversies surrounding her lately.  Mayor Warren explains the reasoning of the hiring of her uncle because of his experience as security for three governors, death threats she received, and advice from Police Chief Sheppard not to use RPD as security due to flack she'd get for use of taxpayer money.

She also addresses the speeding incident, and hate mail received by her office.  Wease has some of the hate mail in his hand, and is sickened by the racist hatred shown in these letters.  Scary stuff.

Mayor Warren also apologizes for not answering Rachel Barnhart's question at a press conference a few days ago, admits she was wrong, and has since buried the hatchet with her.

Lovely also disspells the myth that she had something to do with the retirement with Chief Sheppard, and that the chief came to her.

She talks about her husband's involvement in a crime when he was 17 years old, and how his life has changed.

Listeners call and text with questions, some legit that deserve and get answers, others are just reasons to get on the air and hate.

Luckily she also gets a chance to talk about some of the positive things she's done done in just a few weeks on the job, including help with the Costco deal, the grocery store coming to downtown, etc... 

Ask Wease

From Ted The Troublemaker... Oh no, there's big trouble in the studio.  While you were in the bathroom a fire broke out in the studio, and when you come back everyone else is unconscious.  You only have time to drag one of your coworkers to safety. Who do you choose and why?  He says he has to be a gentleman and take one of the lighter weight blonde chicks, and screw the fat italian guys.

Doug in Fairport asks... My 15 year old son has his first girlfriend, and the other day mentioned that she was coming over this weekend and they were gonna watch tv and "hangout" in his bedroom.  I know how Wease feels about this, and probably hopes they bang, so what does Marianne think?  It makes me uncomfortable, but I don't want to be a jerk.  Marianne says don't allow it... hanky panky is on the agenda.  As predicted, Wease sees nothing wrong with this.  He'd only have a problem if it was his daughter.

Last Gas

Cast members from Geva's "Last Gas" are in studio to talk about the play, their careers in acting, other things they've done, life on the road, etc...

Phrases That Have To Be Put Away

We got a list of phrases that is suggested are overused, and should be eliminated...

Bat Shizzit Crazy (leads to a discussion of what makes bats crazy)

Saying something is "The New Black"

Douchebag (Wease admits to using this, and wants to find a new word now)

Anything "2.0"

Partying Athletes

A list came out of athletes people want to party with.  See the whole list HERE.  It includes Brian "Fear The Beard" Wilson in baseball, hockey player Patrick Kane, golfer John Daly, and football star Rob Gronkowski (better than New England's other tight end Aaron Hernandez).