Fallout From Yesterday

Yesterday we had Mayor Lovely Warren in studio, which was the top story in the local news last night.  Other jealous radio hosts have decided to badmouth Wease this morning, and callers listeners to call with thoughts, both pro and con, on the controversies surrounding the mayor.  We talk about the hateful letters and threats Lovely has received, the issues she wants to help with in the city.

We also have WHAM 1180's Todd Halliday on the scene at the breaking RPD investigation on Rowley St. and will be getting reports throughout the morning.


Tools With Sports

We talk a bit about John's party to watch the football games this Sunday, and the sports experts on the guest list from print, radio, and TV (including Pauly and Billy).  Wease is invited but will be at a poker tournament.  

The mayor saying she wants a waterpark in downtown Rochester has some people saying that it's ridiculous, but Wease and John talk about how similar places have succeeded in other cities like ours, including John's hometown of Erie PA.

The weird sports related story of the day is that the Lauren Tannehill (wife of Dolphins QB Ryan) is in trouble for leaving a rifle in her rented car.  Read the story HERE.   She's HOT!!!!

Todd Halliday from WHAM 1180 is on scene at the police investigation at 27 Rowley St.  The street is open, and the police say there is no danger.  Currently very little police activity, and no crime lab vehicles.  Todd, being a responsible journalist won't give us any rumors, but we've heard there are dead bodies in the house being taken out, so we send Jackie Nutt out to investigate.

Lawrence Moten

We welcome the Syracuse Orange's alltime leading scorer Lawrence Moten to the studio.  He is the coach of the Rochester Razorsharks, and talks to us about the team, his career at Syracuse, and playing in the NBA and overseas (his favorite country besides the USA being Spain).

Nutt On Rowley

The Wease Show's "Woman On The Street" Jackie Nutt is at the house in question on Rowley St.  She's talked to neighbors and other reporters who have seen shovels and tarps being taken into the house, and she's peeked thru a fence and saw a white tarp covering something in the backyard.  She's going to see if a neighbor will let her in the house to look out there back window... maybe flash some skin to get to get info.  We were able to disspell the rumor that Lovely Warren is being questioned for murder.

Doug With News 

- RPD Investigation On Rowley St.

- CNY Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

- Casino Public Forum To Be Held Tonight

- Warren Down But Not Out

WNN... Wease News Network

Here are Jackie's pictures from the scene on Rowley St.

We also speak with a listener close to the person that lives in the house on Rowley St. and talks about personal problems had recently by the guy that lives on Rowley... the end of a 30 year year relationship, and the start of a new relationship with a shady character.

Porn + Murder= News

A porn "star" from Buffalo is going to jail for stabbing a guy she was banging with a kitchen knife.  Story HERE.   We wonder who would need to pay for porn nowadays, with all the free stuff you can get on the internet nowadays.  Is the adult industry hurting?  They say no, but how can it not?

Bonus Content... Fallon and Springsteen Take On Chris Christie

Best And Worst Movies

The nominations for both the Oscars and the Razzies are both out today... American Hustle and Gravity both get a bunch of nominations on the good side.  Grown Ups 2 and The Lone Ranger lead the pack in the worst flicks.

We also talk again about the easy access kids today have to naked girls online, and what older people had to do when they were young to see a boob, including "Girls Gone Wild" infomercials.

More Sex 

We're waiting for the press conference from Rowley St. but we have more sex talk... Wease has a story about a threesome gone bad, which gets Wease to tell the story of the time Doreen offered to do a menage and he chickened out.

What would he do if Doreen wanted a 3some with Wease and another dude?  Wease says no to having extra schmeckles flying around.

Bonus Content... Cocktail Cuties


Rowley St. Update

The police have found the body of Matthew Stratton at 27 Rowley St., who has been missing for 79 days.  We spoke to Matt's brother Cory back when the young man first went missing, and will be speaking to him again in the near future.  Doug Emblidge says there will be press update at 10:45.  We're curious about the unanswered questions, and rumors of what may or may not have happened.