Rowley Street Mystery Continued

Through all of yesterday the big news stories was the police situation at Rowley St. with the discovery of the dead body of a missing man.  The story contines today with the area around the house still locked down, and questions surrounding the owner of the house, Dr. William Lewek, a supposed drug counsellor.

Last night Sammy turned Wease on to a couple songs that he loved, and Wease thought they'd be good for the radio.  One artist is named Elle King, and the first line of her song was "This is a filthy song, so if you don't like it get the f*** out".  The other song is called "D***head", and also has f bombs in it, which we discover after looking up the lyrics.  What I learned today is that Wease isn't a good judge of what's allowed on the radio.

Tools With Sports

Championship Sunday and Wease is going to bet on New England in the AFC, and Seattle in the NFC.

We talk about how Peyton Manning's "Omaha" play calling has become famous, and Peyton's funny explanation of what it meant.  Is he getting ready to be on SNL or something?

A caller turns us on to this piece of info... 

Peyton Manning's foundation for at-risk youth will receive a $500 contribution for every time the Denver Broncos' quarterback shouts "Omaha" during the AFC Championship Game.

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce president and CEO David Brown announced Thursday that five Omaha-based companies are combining to donate $500 to Manning's "Peyback Foundation" each time he shouts "Omaha" in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

Manning said "Omaha" 44 times in last week's game. The same number against the Patriots would be worth $22,000 to his foundation.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Ride Along...   Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are about to become brothers-in-law.  Ice Cube plays a cop who's doesn't think a manic, video game champion is good enough to marry his sister.  So he makes Kevin do a 24 hour "ride along" in his patrol car to prove that he's worthy . . . after getting John Leguizamo to help make sure he'll fail.  Laurence Fishburne turns up as the requisite crime lord.  Marshall is a fan of Kevin Hart's, but didn't think this movie is funny at all, and way too predictable.  1 star.

Marsh didn't get a chance to see Jack Ryan, but is curious why they have trouble retaining an actor to play this action hero, which has been played previously by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck.

Doug With News

- The Latest On Rowley Street

Here is the mugshot of Dr. William Lewek

- Local HS Choir To Perform At Legendary Venue

- Man Ejected From Car During Crash

- RCSD Proceeds With No Confidence Vote

While Wease Slept...

Wease had a tough day on the radio yesterday, and needed to relax a bit when he got home.  What was Doreen doing while Wease slept?  Installing a ceiling fan courtesy of Hep Sales.


Rachel Feinstein

We're joined in studio by standup comedian Rachel Feinstein, who is at The Comedy Club all weekend long.  Wease talks to Rachel about TV shows she's been on, relationships, comedy, and the Lovely Warren controversy.  This makes Rachel want to move to Rochester just to support Lovely.

Rachel also tells us about the time she was hit on by porn superstar Jenna Jameson.


John Fossitt

We're joined in studio by John Fossitt, keyboard player for Bruno Mars.  John is from Rochester, talks about growing up here, how he joined Bruno's band, getting ready to play the Super Bowl, and the rumors that Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is gonna get naked at halftime.

This leads Wease into telling stories of nudity, sex, and penises... including the time Wease took a shot in the schmeck for arousing experiments.


Wease is shocked to hear about a nerd subculture called "Bronies"... grown men that love "My Little Pony".  This isn't one of the nerd things that Billy is into, but is aware of it, and talks about seeing them at Comic Cons, and the documentary about them on Netflix.

Porn star Tasha Reign is hoping to capitalize on this group of guys with a sex toy especially for them....  Read about it HERE.