A Busy Friday

The members of The Wease Show are busy today because we have two shows... the regular morning program, and then Numerous Nuptials from 3-7pm... but Wease has a sad stop in between.  His daughter's cat is sick, and is being put to sleep this afternoon, and then a burial at home with Rev. Brother Wease residing.  So Wease literally will be performing (more than) Four Weddings and a Funeral.


Tools With Sports

The Vikings avoided another late game collapse to hold on to a 34-27 win over the Redskins. 

the Sabres lost 2-0 in L.A. with Buffalo only having 19 shots on goal.

The discussion regarding the Dolphins bullying situation is still going strong with more and more people defending Richie Incognito as a person and a teammate, while Jonathan Martin is being portrayed as an unlikable outsider.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Thor: The Dark World... The sequel to "Thor" picks up after the events of "The Avengers".  Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, and Tom Hiddleston is his brother Loki, who's locked up on Asgard for attacking Earth. 


This time an ancient race of evil elves returns for revenge against Asgard, and Thor has to free Loki to get his help in escaping Asgard, and stopping the enemy from destroying the universe.


Almost everyone else from the first "Thor" is back, including Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Rene Russo as his wife, Idris Elba as Heimdall, and Natalie Portman as Thor's scientist girlfriend.  Marshall didn't like it very much... maybe 2 or 2 1/2 stars.  It's 70% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but even the good reviews aren't glowing.

About Time... A guy learns he can travel through time and relive certain moments of his life until he gets them right.  But then he has to make his girlfriend fall in love with him again, after he accidentally makes it so they'd never met. 


Bill Nighy plays his dad, a guy named Domhnall Gleeson plays the time traveler, and Rachel McAdams plays his girlfriend.  Marshall loves this movie, and says there is a ton of laughter and tears.

Wease In Trouble

Earlier this morning Wease got a text from a listener with an opinion he wanted Doreen to hear, so Wease gave the guy his wife's phone number to text, and now she's mad.  Wease doesn't understand this because he and Pauly don't care who have their numbers.  This leads to a discussion of the differences between males and females, and Wease wanting to write the "Wimmen's Is Crazy" book. 

Doug With News

- Wegmans Union Settle Dispute

- Fire Burns For Hours At Processing Plant

- Karl Karlsen Pleads Guilty To Murder

- Wiesner And Nobles Blast AG

Rondell Returns

Comedian Rondell Sheridan is at The Comedy Club this weekend, and is back in studio with us today.  You may know him from "That's So Raven", "Cory In The House", and a ton of other TV shows and movies.  We talk about the salaries of actors on TV, being the grown up on a kid's show, and schmoozing in Hollywood.

Earlier today Wease talked about having to have his cat put to sleep today, and giving Doreen's phone number to a listener.  Well, Doreen has called in crying about how insensitive Wease is.


Blackout Discussion

We speak to Buffalo entertainment/sportswriter Alan Pergament about his article defending the NFL blackout rule.  Wease takes the opposite opinion, so he and Alan discuss their opinions, and why each of them are right or wrong.

Dennis Hof

On the phone is Bunny Ranch proprietor Dennis Hof one the phone to discuss his bothel business, brag about his wacky lifestyle, and talk about the recent story of Justin Bieber being caught in a Brazillian whorehouse.

Hometown Brew

We're joined in studio by some folks from Hometown Brew come in to talk about their local distillery, and bring in some of the booze they make right here in Rochester.  They've even brought in a mixologist to make special drinks for everyone.  Marianne is already getting very drunk, which could make Numerous Nuptials very interesting later.