Wease talks about how cold it was at Monday Night Football last night (-9 wind chill), and how so many players where short sleeves to show they're real men.  He wonders why more guys don't wear stuff underneath like his old friend, former Buffalo Bill Darryl Talley.

Wease is also fascinated by the story of Pittsford residents trying to ban campers and RVs in driveways.  You can read the story here, and watch the cool interview with resident Tom Silco, who is opposing the proposal.

Tools With Sports

Wease and Tools talk about last night's Cowboys/Bears game, which saw a great game from Bears QB Josh McNown, who was out of football earlier this year.  He threwn for 4 TDs and ran for 1.

The Bills will officially be under .500 again (they were the only team this weekend to not score a touchdown on a week that saw a record amount of scoring), and haven't made the playoffs since Doug Flutie got benched in the team's last postseason appearance.  The Flutie Curse.

Redneck News

Macedon Police reported the arrest of two more individuals in separate cases of shoplifting from the Walmart in Macedon.

On Thursday (11/ 28) at 6:30pm, Macedon Police re­ported the arrest of
 Alek­sander Kaplun, age 41, of Alpine Knoll in Fairport, for Grand Larceny. Kaplun stole two Smart com­puters and one laptop during the Black Friday sales at the Macedon Wal- Mart, valued at $ 1,628.

Kaplun was stopped in the parking lot by Macedon Police where it was discovered that he did not pay for the items. He was then taken into custody. Kaplun was processed and released on an appearance ticket to return to Mace­don Town Court on December 10th at

On Tuesday (11/26) at 12pm, Mace­don
 Police report the arrest of Kathryn R. Dobles, age 39 of Mani­tou Road in Hilton for Petit Lar­ceny.

The ar­rest stems from an incident back on September 6th where
 Dobles stole two Singer sewing ma­chines, a Keurig K- Cup machine, and a Bunn Coffee maker from the Macedon Wal- Mart totaling $ 730.

Macedon Police had a warrant for the suspect who was currently in Mon­roe County Jail on other charges. She was processed, arraigned, and turned back over to the Monroe County Sher­iff’s Department and sent back to jail. She will return to Macedon Town Court on January 28th at 11:00AM.

Aleksander Kaplun

Kathryn R. Dobles 

An apparent flap over Thanksgiving turkey basting turned violent, landing a Fort Pierce woman in lockup.


The husband of Cynthia Faba, 30, told St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputies on Nov. 28 -- Thanksgiving day -- that Faba's feathers got ruffled as he readied the traditional holiday fowl.

He said Faba got incensed "when he was preparing the Thanksgiving turkey and did not answer her question of 'why was he basting the turkey?,'" a recently released arrest affidavit states.

He said Faba, described as incoherent and smelling of booze, began smashing glassware, while he got his grandmother's china and broke it on the floor.

He went in the bedroom to get some warm clothing to go for a walk. He said she came in and wouldn't let him leave, punching him in the face. He said she eventually tackled him "which resulted in his face going into the wall," an affidavit states.

Basting is the culinary practice of pouring, ladling or spooning liquid, such as a buttery sauce, over a meat. A basting bulb is particularly handy for the purpose.

According to an online turkey FAQ, "the purpose of basting is to produce a golden brown, crispy skin. Basting does not produce moisture or otherwise improve the flavor of the interior turkey."

Still, others insist basting improves moistness.

Meanwhile, Faba, of the 800 block of Silverstream Circle in Fort Pierce, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge. She also was arrested in connection with violating a pretrial order. A judge in September ordered her not to engage in violent contact with her husband.

"Today's incident clearly violates that court order," an affidavit states.

Jordin Sparks

We speak to singer Jordin Sparks who became famous as the winner of the sixth season of American Idol.  She's partnered with Glade to give people free downloads of her new Christmas song "This Is My Wish".  She talks about the song, Idol, the money Glade is giving Toys For Tots, etc...  She seems to get a little touchy when Wease asks her about a recent Carrie Underwood story, and mentions religion.  Click the link above to get the pretty song.

Shari With News

- Medley Centre Millions In Dispute

- Lottery At 334 Million

- Apartment Fire Caused By Toddler

- Mourners Flock to Mandela Memorial

Medical Complications

After yesterday's show Pauly got a phone call saying his dad was going to the emergency room because of a complication from hernia surgery.  It turned out that his dad's penis inverted inside his body.  We learn that this is an uncommon, but possible side effect that will fix itself as healing occurs.  We talk to Pauly's mom about this, and also Dr. Ralph Madeb where we learn about this condition.  It kind of creeps us out thinking about how he goes to the bathroom while having this problem.

I bet your penis won't invert when you go HERE to see Hot Girls Eating Hot Dogs 

RV Controversy In Pittsford

We revisit the story from earlier this morning about Pittsford people trying to ban RVs and campers in neighborhood driveways.  We speak to Tom Silco, our hero of the situation, and talk to him about the upcoming meeting where he'll be speaking.  Good luck Tom.

Hot Or Not?

We also talk about the Cincinatti Bengals cheerleader who banged an underage kid, and that she won a lawsuit against a website for defamation.  Pauly and Wease argue over whether or not she is hot based on THIS PICTURE.  Pauly says yes, Wease and Jackie Nutt say no.  I think this is just a bad shot, and she really is hot.

10 Best TV Shows

A writer for "New York" magazine made a list of The 10 Best TV Shows of 2013 . . . and he gave the #1 spot to"Arrested Development".   Here's the full Top 10:


1.  "Arrested Development"  (Netflix) 

2.  "Hannibal"  (NBC) 

3.  "Breaking Bad"  (AMC) 

4.  "Boardwalk Empire"  (HBO) 

5.  "Game of Thrones"  (HBO) 

6.  "Orange Is the New Black"  (Netflix) 

7.  "Girls"  (HBO) 

8.  "Justified"  (FX) 

9.  "Scandal"  (ABC) 

10.  "The Americans"  (FX)

We have a couple problems with this list.... we haven't heard of the 2 shows from FX, and none of our favorite shows are on the list.  Wease and Pauly think Homeland should be there, Billy wants The Walking Dead, and Jackie is a Family Guy fan.

The Grinch (And The Guy That Plays Him)

We have actor/singer Stefan Karl in studio to promote the RBTL production of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", where he is playing The Grinch (and here to get some tips from the real Grinch).

Stfan talks about growing up in Iceland, the differences in cultures, other shows he's been in, etc...  Get info on the  play HERE.  He's best known for playing Robbie Rotten on Nickelodian's "LazyTown"


Comedian and prankster Tom Mabe was sick of his friend driving drunk. The alcoholic had racked up five (FIVE!) DUIs without learning his lesson, so Tom set out to teach him one he would never forget.

With the help of friends, Mabe turned an empty office into a makeshift hospital room. Then he waited for his friend to pass out in his truck (presumably a common occurrence), at which point they dragged him into the office and waited to scare him into thinking he’d lost a decade of his life to a coma.

Wease doesn't think this story is real, but is an excellent piece of publicity for Mabe, who has been on Wease's show a bunch of times promoting cds he made of prank phone calls like this.