Bad News For Rochester

We woke up this morning to bad news... a new study says Rochester is the 5th poorest city in the country, and when compared with cities of similar size, the picture gets even worse. Only Hartford, Conn. (32.9 percent), has a higher percentage of poor city residents than Rochester does.  Wease talks about the number of bad areas in the city, and how they outnumber the good parts.

This topic, and a call from Wease's daughter Diane who heard a right wing talk show host last night, leads to us talking about healthcare and minimum wage.

Tools With Sports

Thanks to listener Mike for turning us on to this video of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis being tackled by his penis...

The Sabres won 2-1 last night in the 10th round of a shootout last night. 

Should college sports stop pretending that the football players are at school to get an education, and just become a minor league for the NFL?  Wease and Tools discuss this, and how much money the schools make off the athletes backs.

Six Year Old Sexual Harrassment

Childhood crushes are sweet and innocent, especially when the children in question are six years ago. But one Colorado school has a slightly different take on what to call such crushes, and one student was suspended on charges of sexual harassment for giving the girl he likes a kiss on her hand. A kiss that the girl in question didn't object to.

Hunter Yelton's mom explained that the two of them consider themselves "boyfriend and girlfriend," and they only got in trouble because their classmates tattled to their music teacher.

Check out how cute this kid is...

We try calling a couple convenience stores in Canon City, CO to get a comment on the situation, but except for one lady everyone is paranoid about commenting on the radio.  Also, it seems that 5am in Colorado is the busy time of the day in gas stations and mini marts.

Idiot Football Fans 

A Michigan native who has resided in Philadelphia for two years says he was harassed and knocked unconscious by a half-dozen Eagles fans outside Lincoln Financial Field after Philadelphia's 34-20 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. 

The 33-year-old Center City business owner, who could not be identified, said six men in Eagles apparel first started by yelling and throwing snowballs and other projectiles at him because he was wearing a Barry Sanders jersey and Lions ball cap.


The man, who lives in Bella Vista with his fiancee, said he was treated for a concussion and minor injuries at the hospital on Monday. He also had to be examined for internal injuries after he began pissing blood on Sunday. 

The alleged attack took place around 4:30pm, as the man walked to the SEPTA station at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue. As he walked along Pattison near the Xfinity Live complex, the group of Philly fans started shouting and throwing snowballs. As he crossed the street, the men blocked his path toward the trains. 

The smallest man then slapped his head from the side, while another man then pushed him from behind, and the group bum-rushed him. The man threw a punch and brought one of the attackers to the ground. The others continued to beat the man until he lost consciousness. 

When he came to, another Eagles fan was standing over him and offering help. The man remembered the Good Samaritan was so disgusted he tossed his Eagles jersey in the trash.

Police are now looking for a group of douchebag white men in their 20s wearing Eagles jerseys. Well, that should narrow down the search...yeah right.

I love the animated recreation of this story...

Pauly tells stories about going to Bills games wearing a Browns jersey, and having Buffalo fans harrass him, but nothing physical because he's so big.

Bonus Content... Santa's Naughty Little Helpers

Shari Smith News

- Mayor Elect Talks To Former Police Chief About Job

- Serious Accident On Vintage Lane

- NY Hits 2 Million STAR Tax Exemptions

Ask Wease

- Is wearing a geeky Christmas sweater this time of year cool or hack?  Wease thinks a hip person wearing a gaudy Xmas sweater is cool.

- A guy wants to buy his girlfriend practical Xmas gifts like tires.  Is this ok?  Wease suggests at least one romantic gift, even if it's small, to go along with the practical gift.

- One more Christmas question... is it ok to buy his girlfriend a mixer so that she'll learn to cook.  Wease doesn't like this idea.

- A wife doesn't like her husband's family Christmas dinner tradition which includes leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Is this tradition, or because they're broke?  This is gross.

- A texter and his wife masturbate together, but she is disgusted if he does it alone.  Wease tries to reassure the woman that self pleasure is ok.

Wease Floats

Wease talks about his visit to the Bodymind Float Center on Park Ave. and how relaxing it was, how quickly the hour went, the weird dreams and hallucinations he had, etc...  Check it out.

Jim Kelly

The Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame QB calls us to talk about his newest business venture... clips with your favorite sports teams on them at with parts of the profits going to the Hunter's Hope charity.

Jim also talks about the Bills, and how poorly they played this past weekend, how EJ Manuel seems to lack confidence, but he has faith in Coach Marrone to turn the ship around.


Roc The Christmas Carol

Show Image

Folks from Geva are here to promote performances of the Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol", and also today's #RocTheDay charity fundraiser, where money is raised for non-profit organizations.  Geva has been doing productions of this play for over 25 years, and the technology has made this one the best yet.

Wease also talks about his own personal experiences as a Scrooge, and how it sucks giving his kids presents, but now he gets to leave the country for a vacation.

The play runs thru Dec. 28th.

Pittsford RV Controversy Revisited

We speak to our new friend Tom Silco who is trying to prevent a law banning RVs and campers in Pittsford driveways.  He attended a meeting last night where things didn't go well for him, and he feels the decision has already been made against him.

After a song request for "Domenic The Christmas Donkey" we also talk about funny Christmas songs, and play a bunch buy Wease's buddy Bob Rivers.

Lou Gramm

Rocker Lou Gramm (formerly of Foreigner) visits with co-author Scott Pitoniak to talk about the singer's autobiography  "Jukebox Hero", the process of writing a book, cars, and other part's of Lou's life.

We also talk to Scott about his sportswriting, and the struggles of the Buffalo Bills.