Billy's Bachelor Party

We start the morning talking about Billy's bachelor party, which happened this weekend.  Wease talks about the stag parties he's always gone to that include lots of gambling, and a big bunch of money going to the groom. That would've been nice, but Billy's was multi event extravaganza and he had a ball... dinner, roller derby, and strip club.

See all the pictures HERE.  

Tools With Sports

Jameis Winston of FSU won the Heisman Trophy this weekend.

The Bills beat Jacksonville 27-20.  EJ Manuel had a decent game, the running back tandem of Jackson and Spiller ran well, and the defense had some big plays.  In the press conference all the coaches and players say they're "learning to win".  Good.

Tools NAILS a "This Day In History"...

40 years ago . . . in 1973 - Buffalo Bills running back (slash) future double-murderer and armed robber O.J. SIMPSON became the first NFL player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season.


(Only six more guys have done it since:  Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis, Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.  Of the seven, Dickerson has the most yards:  2,105.)  Tools only got 5 of them... Billy got Terrell Davis, and Pauly got Chris Johnson.

Mega Millions

No one won the big lottery over the weekend, so now tomorrow's is up to at least 550 million.  What if nobody wins that?  Could it go to a billion at some point?  The Wease Show is buying a ticket with each member picking a number.

4 (Jackie)

41 (Billy)

67 (Wease)

27 (Marianne)

23 (Pauly)

15 Powerball number chosen by Marianne. 

Marianne In NYC

Marianne talks about her week in NYC, hanging with her fella Robbie, and Steve "Whatchu Talkin' About" Willis.  When she lived there she never realized how much people drink because so few people drive, mostly taking subways and cabs.  She was surprised to see all the people stumbling drunk around the city.  See all her pictures HERE.

Doug With News

- Early Morning Car Crash Kills One

- Mandela Laid To Rest

- Peter O'Toole Dies

- Man Faces Sentencing For Depraved Killing

Best White Rapper/Actor 

I don't know if there's a trophy or a championship belt that comes with this, but MARK WAHLBERG is claiming the title of BEST WHITE RAPPER-TURNED ACTOR. 


He says, quote, "I'm the best white rapper-turned actor.  EMINEM did a great job in '8 Mile', but he only made one movie so I definitely have that title."  (Obviously, Marky Mark has never seen "Cool As Ice".) 


Meanwhile, Mark says he had a little feud with LEONARDO DICAPRIO back in the '90s that almost cost him a role in "The Basketball Diaries"


He says, quote, "Leonardo was like, 'Over my dead [effing] body.  Marky Mark's not going to be in this [effing] movie. 


"Because we'd had a thing . . . I didn't even realize it, [but] I was a bit of a [tool] to him at a charity basketball game.  So he was like, 'This [effing A-hole is not going to be in this movie.'" 


But it all worked out . . . quote, "So I come in and I do the audition and I kind of look at him and he kind of looks at me. 


"And then we do a scene, and they're like, 'Hmm, this [effing] dude's pretty good, right?'  The next thing you know, boom, we're hanging out." 


This is actually the second Leonardo DiCaprio basketball story we've heard this year.  Last month, GEORGE CLOONEY dissed his crew by basically saying they're ALL MOUTH AND NO GAME.

Bolton Busts A Rhyme

We bump with a Michael Bolton Christmas song because we're seeing him all over the place in those car commercials.  This reminds us of a great bit he did recently on Saturday Night Live in a digital short with Andy Samberg.

Wease also talks about going to the Monroe Community Hospital Christmas party this Saturday, and being knocked out by singer Josh Shapiro, who was there to perform.

Amazing Johnson's Medical Emergency

Parents of 6-year-old Amazing Johnson, were angered when they learned that school officials did not call 911 when their daughter’s fingertip was severed.

Latesha Coleman, Amazing’s mother, told KRIV Fox 26, Hughes Road Elementary administrators called her but downplayed the severity of the student’s injury saying, "She told me that the nurse was working with Amazing, that Amazing is fine. She's being loved on by the nurse."

Then the administrator gave the mother more specific information. “And she told me that, you know a piece of her finger is off,” said Ms. Coleman. “I just dropped the phone. We dropped the phone and just hung up.”

Dickinson Independent School District (ISD) in Dickinson, Texas released a statement to KRIV confirming that Amazing’s finger was severed when it was accidentally caught in a door. After the school nurse administered first aid, the kindergartner’s parents were called so they could take her to the hospital. The district went on to state that in the event the school was unable to reach Amazing’s parents or if it were a life-threatening incident, 911 would have been called.

Wease was fine with 911 not being called, thinking it is less traumatizing for the little girl to be taken to the hospital by her parents, as opposed to an ambulance.

Wease tells the story of the time his son Sammy was left on the school bus when he was 5 years old, and Wease didn't leave his exercize class to pick him up.  Marianne finds this appalling, and wonders if Sammy was traumatized by his parents not coming for him. 


The Bad News Never Stops

So many robberies, shootings, stabbings in Rochester.  We talk about a few of these, including robberies of pizza guys, a fight at an Auto Zone, and other muggings going on in the area.  Even Wease is thinking of packing heat.

This is the gross story of the day...

Teenage parents and a grandfather were arrested this week and accused of making a toddler smoke marijuana.

Mother Jessica Kelsey, 17, father George Kelsey, 18, and grandfather Don Baker, 54, all of suburban Buffalo, encouraged or helped a 23-month-old child smoke marijuana earlier this month, officials said.

The baby was encouraged, helped or observed smoking from a lighted bowl December 5 in the family’s Mayville apartment.

The stoner trio was arrested and arraigned Friday on charges of second-degree reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

You have a 23-month-old child who's completely helpless, can't really say yes or no, wants to please their parents and grandparent, and this is what you do?’ Jodie Altman, Executive Director of Renaissance House told WIVB.

‘There should be some serious consequences… unfortunately, when babies are having babies, that's what happens,’ she added.

They are in custody in lieu of $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond.

The toddler, along with another sibling, is in protective custody.

George Kelsey

Jessica Kelsey

Disgraceful: Grandfather Don Baker, 54, did nothing to stop the baby from smoking from the bowl, authorities said

We also talk more about Billy and Pauly going to the strip club during Billy's bachelor party, and Billy's first lap dance... which led to a second and third.


See all the stag party pics HERE


Sydney Leathers


We speak on the phone with Sydney Leathers, the chick Anthony Weiner originally texted the naked pictures to.  We talk to her about her porn tape "The Weiner In Me", the surgery where she tightened up her vagina, the eventual auctioning off of the extra vagina skin, and the sugar daddy website she's currently promoting.  Wease even asks her about the couple extra pounds she may have, and the dieting she is currently doing.



Wease also talks about the Things We Hate But Rely On... Here are the 10 most common answers:


10. Your job

9. Politicians

8. Sleep (Imagine what you'd do with an extra 8 hours to your days)

7. Caffeine

6. The health care system

5. Roommates

4. Public Transportation

3. The sound of your alarm clock

2. Politicians

1. Internet and cell phone providers