Wease News Commentary

A couple stories from our morning news montage caught Wease's attention... he finds it odd that the footlicker that was sentenced to jail last week was given 21 years in prison, but the dude that killed his kid, Karl Karlsen, was only given 15.

Wease and Marianne also discuss the Polygamy law in Utah, and who'd want to be married to more than one woman, based on a judge's ruling in a case surrounding the reality show "Sister Wives".

Tools With Sports

Wease won some cash last night on Monday Night Football because Johnny told him to take Baltimore to the b-b-b (he couldn't quite finish "bank", but came close enough to Wease.  The Ravens beat the Lions 18-16 on a late 61 yard FG by Justin Tucker (who had 6 field goals for all of Baltimore's scoring).

A listener (who must've lost a bet last night) calls with a bunch of ideas to make kicking a field goal harder.

We also talk about the new inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, which includes  Wease's faves KISS.

KISSNIRVANAPETER GABRIEL and HALL & OATES are getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Gabriel is already in the Hall once as a member of GENESIS.



The Class of 2014 also includes LINDA RONSTADT and CAT STEVENS.  Stevens and Kiss are the only inductees who are NOT first-time nominees.



The induction ceremony takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 10th, and will air on HBO in May. 


Notable nominees who were passed over include DEEP PURPLEYES and THE ZOMBIES. 


Inductees are chosen by a secret ballot of over 600 voters.  ONE vote goes to FANS, who make their picks in an online poll.  This year, the fans chose Kiss with 17.2% of the vote.  They were followed by Nirvana with 15.7% and Deep Purple with 11.9%. 


(You can check out a chart showing how all the acts did in the fan vote on "Rolling Stone's" website.  In all, nearly 1.4 million votes were submitted.)

Redneck News

While investigating a domes­tic dispute Tasha Davidson gave a false name and DOB claiming to be 49 years old. After being taken into cus­tody her ID was found in pocket which veri­fied she was only 23. Ta­sha is from W i l k i n s Street in the City of Rochester. She was arraigned and sent to jail on $ 500 Bail. Tasha was not going to be charged in the domestic and had no outstanding warrants. She hought she could joke around about her identity with police.

 Tasha Davidson

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Tuesday (12/10) of JohnnyRodriguez  age 53 of 166 Driving Park Circle in Newark. It is alleged that, in September of 2011, Rodriguez placed his hand down the pants of a 13 year old girl. He admit­ted to the act to his spouse and was subsequently charged with Endanger­ing the Welfare of a Child and Forcible Touching.

Johnny Rodriguez

State Police in Williamson report­ed that a T r o o p e r had his car parked just outside the entrance to the Orchard Grove Mo­bile Home Park on S u n d a y ( 12/ 8) at 9: 30 a. m. in a marked C h e v y Tahoe po­lice vehicle. A vehicle pulled out of the Mobile Home Park striking the parked police vehicle, then continued on into a ditch. The driver ran off and was chased down and capture a short distance away in a corn field by a Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Har­old Lamb, age 23, of Henrietta was charged with Resisting Arrest, Unlaw­ful Possession of Marijuana, leaving the scene of a Property Damage Ac­cident and Failure to maintain lane. He was arraigned and remanded to jail on$1,000 cash bail. When asked why he ran off, facing only minor charges, Lamb told police that he thought he would go to jail. He did. Lamb’s vehi­cle was towed from the scene. He will be in court on January 14.

Harold Lamb

The Town of Macedon Police Department reported the arrest on Wednesday (12/11) of
 Jennifer Seaman, age 38 of Macedon in relation to the crimes she com­mitted on 10/10/13 at the Wal­mart Phar­macy in the Town of Macedon.

Seaman was arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th Degree, Falsifying Business Re­cords
 in the 1st Degree and CriminalImpersonation 1st Degree.

Seaman is alleged to have called the Wal- Mart pharmacy using the name of a resident nurse from Rochester Gen­eral Hospital and having a prescription filled for a controlled substance under the name of one of the attending doc­tors at that facility. Seaman later ar­rived at Wal- Mart and signed for and filled that prescription.

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Thursday ( 12/ 5) at 8: 45 p.m. of Theresa M. Shaffer, age 27 of Lasher Road in Rose. Po­lice re­sponded to domestic situation, alleging that Shaf­fer began yelling, screaming and punch­ing her boy­friend. He retreated to a bedroom, where Shaffer allegedly began kicking in the door. Picking up a piece of the trim from the door, she began hitting and chasing him. She did this is front of their 7 year old boy and 2 other children. Shaffer was charged with Criminal Mischief in the 4th de­gree, Harassment in the second degree, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. She as arraigned and released with a Refrain From Court Order of Protection to reappear in Wolcott Court on January 6.

Theresa Schaffer

The War On Christmas

Last week, a woman was working as a Salvation Army bell ringer outside a Walmart in Phoenix, and said "Happy Holidays" to a woman who walked by.  And the woman responded by asking if she believed in God . . . then PUNCHING HER for not saying "Merry Christmas."  Police reviewed the security tapes, but they didn't have enough evidence to arrest the woman.   Here's Kristina talking about what happened.  (She said the woman asked her if she believed in God, then told her she's supposed to say "Merry Christmas," and hit her.)

Doug With News

- Have Knockout Games Invaded Rochester?

- Carrier Dumps Mail

- Mega Millions Jackpot $586 Million

- Train Hits Car

Top Grossing Actors

"Iron Man 3" is the top-grossing movie of 2013 so far, but that doesn't make ROBERT DOWNEY JR. the top-grossing ACTOR of the year.  


That honor goes to DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON, whose movies "Fast & Furious 6""G.I. Joe:  Retaliation" and "Pain & Gain" have earned a combined $1.3 billion. 


Downey came in second with $1.2 billion, but that's only for ONE MOVIE.  Yes, "Iron Man 3" has earned that much worldwide.


Here's the Top 10 ... 

1.  The Rock,  $1.3 billion 

2.  Robert Downey Jr.,  $1.2 billion 

3.  Steve Carell,  $964 million for "Despicable Me 2""The Way Way Back" and "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" 

4.  Vin Diesel,  $887 million for "Fast & Furious 6" and "Riddick" 

5.  Sandra Bullock,  $862 million for "Gravity" and "The Heat" 

6.  Paul Walker,  $789 million for "Fast & Furious 6" 

7.  (tie)  Billy Crystal and John Goodman,  $743 million for "Monsters University" 

9.  Chris Hemsworth,  $701 million for "Thor:  The Dark World" and "Rush" 

10.  Jennifer Lawrence,  $700 million for "The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire"

Literal man Wease argues with this list because The Rock wasn't the actual star of Fast and Furious or GI Joe, and not the reason people went to the movie.  I'd add in the money he brought in as the headliner of Wrestlemania though.

Bonus Content... Crazy Christmas Houses

Michael Jackson Needs Your Money

MICHAEL JACKSON'S mother KATHERINE is making a documentary called "Remembering Michael", featuring interviews with Katherine, her husband JOEGLADYS KNIGHT and Michaels kids, PrinceParis and Blanket. 


Katherine says the movie is almost finished, yet for some reason, she's trying to get us to pony up $3.2 MILLION for it onFundAnything.com. 


In a preview clip, Paris says, quote, "He promised me he would teach me how to moonwalk.  Never got around to it."

Beyonce #1

iTunes has announced that BEYONCÉ'S surprise, new, self-titled album sold a ridiculous 828,773 copies in its first three days, from Friday morning through Sunday. 


In the process, it became iTunes' fastest selling album ever.  Despite having no promotion, it had a couple things going for it:  One, you can only buy the WHOLE album . . . and two, it's ONLY available on iTunes. 


The album sold 617,213 copies in the U.S., and hit #1 in 104 countries.  But worldwide, if you multiply the 828,773 copies and the $15.99 price tag, the album generated nearly $13.3 MILLION in sales . . . again, in THREE DAYS. 


It's also Beyoncé's best sales week, and will easily give her a #1 debut on "Billboard's" weekly album sales chart.  The sales week ran through Sunday, but the official chart won't be released until tomorrow.

She's also #1 in HOTNESS!!!

Pauly talks about how Top 40 radio stations were thrown into confusion by trying to figure out what songs to play, and how to promote it. 

Speaking of Top 40, Wease talks about defending the singer Lorde and her song "Royals" on Facebook.

Even better though is the Wease version of the hit song, performed by Pauly

Stupid Criminal Of The Day

A 48-year-old unemployed man in Japan was recently arrested for breaking into people's homes, and stealing cash and jewelry . . . so he could keep feeding 120 STRAY CATS.  According to police, he'd stolen at least $185,000 worth of stuff since last September.  And feeding the cats cost him around $250 a DAY, partly because he insisted on giving them GOURMET cat food.

This story gets Wease talking about feeding his new cat (that he can't remember the name of), and how he wants to feed it more than the vet says to because the cat loves to eat.

Calamari Sisters

We're joined in studio by Jay Falzone and Stephen Smith, creators of The Calamari Sisters (and as we learn during the interview, also the stars).  They talk about the show Another Christmas with the Calamari Sisters; Feast of the Seven Fishes being done at the East End Performing Arts Center

The show is interacive, with audience members getting to eat what is cooked, and sounds very funny.  We learn that Jay may have gone to school with Marianne at SU, and been in the same theater programs.  This show sounds very fun.

Hot Or Not

A new study proves something that we've always suspected... good looking people have a better chance of succeeding at work.  Well, that explains Wease's long standing popularity.  

Wease is going floating after the show... Marianne thinks it might be a Rochester thing, but Billy brings up the time Homer went floating on The Simpsons.

According to a new survey, over a third of Americans will be taking a trip during the holidays that requires at least one overnight stay.  Check out the top 10 things people DREAD about staying with family this time of year. 


1.  Being woken up before you want to be. 

2.  Having to wait in line to use the bathroom. 

3.  Getting into an argument with a relative. 

4.  Eating a meal made by someone who can't cook. 

5.  Being forced to participate in weird family traditions. 

6.  Your kids finding their presents early. 

7.  Long conversations with relatives you don't like. 

8.  Having to sleep on an air mattress, or on the floor. 

9.  Having to share a room with a relative. 

10.  Accidentally seeing a family member NAKED.