You Didn't Win

If you played Mega Millions last night you didn't win the big jackpot, but maybe you won a million or something.  The numbers we 8-14-17-20-39 and the Powerball was 7.

At least two winning tickets were sold for the Mega Millions jackpot last night.  One in California, and the other in Georgia.  Here's Thuy Nguyen, the owner of Jenny's Gift Shop in San Jose, talking about selling the first big winner.  (He says he just bought the store four months ago, and he thinks his store's share will be about $1.5 million.)

We talk about what the show would be like if we only did good news stories, and nothing sad, violent, or tragic.  We don't get to test this theory very long, as Wease, Pauly, and Marianne talk about the local "Knockout Game" video.

While Jackie is helping Marianne clean up some tea she spilled Wease takes an unscreen phone call, and it's an unstable man who is threatening to kill his family.  Jackie has called the police, and hopefully they'll be able to help.

Tools With Sports

The Buffalo Sabres actually won in regulation last night, scoring 4 goals which is VERY rare.

Wease's favorite story of the day was how a Seattle car dealer lost $240,00 because of the Seahawks shutting out the NY Giants last Sunday.  Find out how it happened HERE.

Wease talks about how he has always enjoyed a good celebration in the NFL, but even he is getting sick of the wacky things the players are doing nowadays... especially when their teams are losing.  Wease demonstrates this by doing a little skip.

This leads to Pauly talking about NBA intros, and how players have their own bits they do, and John talking about how he loved when the Bulls used the Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius" as intro music.

Worst Paul Walker Joke So Far

Wease has the worst Paul Walker joke so far... what's the difference between Paul Walker and my computer?  I care when my computer crashes..

A story about Jessica Simpson potentially replacing Vanna White on Wheel Of Fortune (which Marianne doesn't think is a good career move for Simpson), leads to a discussion of the popularity of game shows like Family Feud and Price Is Right.  Wease also mentions watching the finale of The Voice last night because a friend of his is connected to the winner.


Doug With News

- Multi Car Crash In Phelps... Traffic Delay

- Reno Gunman Opens Fire In Hospital

- Website Tricks To Charge You More

- A Decline In Holiday Cards

Sea World Controversy

We discuss the current controversy surrounding musicians that have cancelled gigs at Sea World after a new documentary alledges mistreatment of dolphins and whales by the attraction.  These acts include Willie Nelson, Barenaked Ladies, and Heart.

Speaking of Heart, we're giving away tickets to their April show in Rochester by playing "Heart In 7 Seconds".  Keep listening to win.

Wease and Doreen's Latest Beef 

Wease was Christmas shopping last night, and picked up some novelty gifts at Record Archive.  Doreen made fun of Wease's picks, calling them stupid, but Wease say his presents are awesome is lame lame lame!!!  Just a lame white Irish girl.

Wease also talks a bit about Nirvana's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, how influential they were, and how Dave Grohl never would've formed the Foo Fighters if Kurt Cobain had lived, instead being happy to stay as Nirvana's drummer.