We're Back


The Wease Crew is back from the Thanksgiving break, and Wease mentions seeing a stat that 40% of people have already finished their Christmas shopping.


The big news of the weekend is the death of "Fast and the Furious" star Paul Walker in a fiery car crash this past Saturday.  Billy mentions that earlier in the week there was one of those Twitter rumors/hoaxes saying Walker had died in a car crash, and that it wound up coming true just a few days later.  Billy did say that he didn't see the rumor until after the fact, so maybe someone "reverse engineered" the rumor, but we're not smart enough to know how.


Bonus Content... Remembering Paul Walker





We also talk a little bit about yesterday's football games in preperation for John Ditullio coming in.  This includes the refs completely screwing up the end of last nights game between the Redskins and Giants.





Tools With Sports


 A big day of NFL yesterday including a heartbreaking loss for the Buffalo Bills that included a fumble by Stevie Johnson at the end of regulation, and another by Scott Chandler in OT.


Bleacher Report


Wease and John also talk about the crazy finish to Saturday's Alabama/Auburn game.  The audio from the Auburn announcers is AWESOME.





See the video HERE



Black Friday Insanity



Here's a rundown of some of the Black Friday violence we talk about... seems a lot of bad things went down at Walmarts across the country...



1.  Early Friday morning, a man was STABBED as he was about to go into a mall in Carlsbad, California.  The stabber was 18-year-old Javier Covarrubias . . . the motive for the stabbing and the victim's condition weren't released.  (NBC 7 - San Diego)



2.  On Thursday night, in Claypool Hill, Virginia, a 35-year-old man STABBED a 61-year-old man during a fight over a parking space in a Walmart parking lot.  The man's arm was sliced to the BONE . . . the other man was arrested.  (DCist)



3.  More than 5,000 people lined up outside a Walmart in Rialto, California on Thursday night . . . and there ended up being THREE FIGHTS.  Two were over merchandise, one was between two people in line.



The only person hospitalized was a police officer who tried to break up the fight outside . . . which involved one man kicking another man in the HEAD while he was down on the ground.  (San Bernardino Sun)



4.  On Friday, at a mall in Philadelphia, two men started brawling . . . then their two WIVES started brawling.  The fight ended after one of the women used a STUN GUN on the other woman.  There's no word on any arrests . . . but there is video(Huffington Post)



5.  Black Friday violence ISN'T just for Americans anymore.  In Northern Ireland, there was at least one hospitalization and several fights during Black Friday sales at the U.K.'s Walmart equivalent, a chain called Asda. 



Sign of the times:  Violence in Northern Ireland is now over cheap TVs.  (BBC)



6.  There's only one death to report from Black Friday, and it's a sad one. 19-year-old Patrick Boyd of Clover, South Carolina died after he fell asleep behind the wheel leaving a Black Friday sale . . . and crashed.



He was driving four friends, all of whom are between 17 and 20, and all of whom are in the hospital.  (Gaston Gazette)



7.  We're not sure which Walmart is featured in this YouTube video . . . but it shows two women FIGHTING over a 23-inch TV.  One of the women ends up getting taken down by the cops and cuffed . . . on top of the TV she'd just fought for.  (YouTube)



8.  Walmart downplayed all of the fights that seemed to happen at their stores . . . more so than at ANY other chain's stores . . . all over the country.  In fact, they called it one of the SAFEST Black Fridays they've ever had.  Yikes. 


A spokeswoman said, quote, "We've got great feedback from customers and associates around the country.  A few tweets aren't representative of what's actually happening at 4,600 stores."  (Gawker / CBS 11 - Little Rock) 

Doug With News


- Closing Arguments In Triple Murder Trial

- Rochester Uses Fireworks To Scare Crows

- Deputy Fire Chief In Hospital After Police Chase

- Amazon's New Mission: Delivery By Drone

- Neighbors Outraged By Violent Week



Marianne's Weekend With Vampire Weekend



Marianne went to see one of her favorite bands, Vampire Weekend, in concert this weekend.  She felt old at the concert because it seemed like everyone else there was in high school.  She did manage to annoy some other poeple in the crowd with her vigorous dancing. 



Wease's Thanksgiving Trip


Wease talks about his holiday trip to NYC... from the lousy weather on the trip down (remember last weeks snow storm?), to arguing with Doreen about her driving, to Sammy catching Wease and Doreen banging in their hotel room.  Wease is pissed because this ended the fun for the rest of the weekend.  Wease doesn't understand why people are grossed out by the thought of their parents having sex.



Check out Wease's Thanksgiving weekend HERE.


Wease also talks about how people on Long Island think they're really in New York City, but Wease says it's really sort of the Greece of New York, and how awful the traffic is.  Wease did admit that the mall in Long Island compares favorably to Eastview Mall.




Pauly's Sauce Business




Pauly talks about being serious about starting a sauce business, and his dad is worried about the finances involved, and the money Pauly can lose with his business venture.  Wease asks questions about his plans, where he'd sell and store his product, how he would advertise it, should he use Kickstarter, get investors, etc...



Local Police Vs. High School Basketball Players





Three students waiting for a bus to go to a basketball scrimmage in Rochester, N.Y. the day before Thanksgiving were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Raliek Redd, 16, Deaquon Carelock, 16, Wan'tauhjs Weathers, 17, all students at Edison Tech high school, were waiting for a school bus in downtown Rochester Wednesday morning with 13 other students, the Rochester Home Page reported. Their coach had scheduled the bus to take them to the scrimmage.

A Rochester police officer arrived at the scene and told them to disperse. Storeowners on Main Street had allegedly recently complained to officers about teenagers loitering and fighting. The teens tried to explain that they were not loitering, but waiting for a bus. Three of the teens were then arrested and booked. 

"We didn't do nothing," said Redd. "We was just trying to go to our scrimmage." 

The report mentions no obscene language or other disorderly conduct. 

"We was just waiting for our bus and he started arresting us," said Wan'Tauhjs Weathers. 

Their coach, Jacob Scott, arrived just as the students were being handcuffed. He asked the officer to let them go, and was in turn threatened himself. 

"He goes on to say, 'If you don't disperse, you're going to get booked as well,'" said Scott, who is also a district guidance counselor. "I said, 'Sir, I'm the adult. I'm their varsity basketball coach. How can you book me? What am I doing wrong? Matter of fact, what are these guys doing wrong?'" 

Scott said the incident was traumatic for the players who got arrested and the others who witnessed it. 

"It's a catastrophe. These young men were doing nothing wrong, nothing wrong. They did exactly what they were supposed to do and still they get arrested," said Scott. "I'm speaking to the officers with dignity...and still and yet they see me get treated like nothing."




High Priced Call Girl Exposed

Wease loves this story of a high priced escort named Valerie Baber, who was busted in the Elliot Spitzer call girl scandal, and discusses the job of escort... Marianne is saddened by this, and doesn't understand why a woman would do this.  Wease's quote about Valerie... "She's delish!!".





Yoga Worries


Later this afternoon all of the Wease Show crew members are going to hot yoga class with Marianne, and Pauly and Billy are worried.  Pauly's main concern is bodily functions... class goes 90 minutes, and we're not allowed to leave... what if Pauly has to poop.  There's a history there.


We also revisit the death of actor Paul Walker, and how the tragedy captured people's imagination... being the star of "Fast & the Furious" movies, being killed in a car crash, dying young, etc... it brings a comparison to James Dean, who only starred in 3 movies before being killed in a car crash.