Bad Joke Wednesday

Well, it's been a couple days and the jokes about the death of Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker have started.  Here are a couple we got from our prep service...

- What do Paul Walker and Peyton Manning have in common?  Peyton Manning is still on fire.

- Do you know who killed Paul Walker?  Tree Harvey Oswald

That and more tasteless humor get us talking about social media, and how people care about how many Twitter followers and Facebook likes they have.

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Tools With Sports

A slow night in sports... some basketball and hockey games... we wind up talking about Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees for 7 years $153 million, and Wease has never heard of him.

Also the security guard that got fired for taking a picture with Tom Brady during his shift.


via KHOU

and also, the unique way Peyton Manning declined a fans wedding invitation, and if it will start an annoying trend of celebrities getting wedding invitations.

Chief Sheppard's Final Visit

It's RPD Chief James Sheppard's final monthly visit to the show, since he's retiring at the end of the month.

We speak to Chief Sheppard about the latest controversies in Rochester (which is the stuff he NOT going to miss about the job) including the problems at Plush nightclub, the Edison High School basketball players that were arrested while waiting for a bus, the high speed chases ending in crashes, etc...

Doug With News

- Shooting on Troup Street

- Warren To Announce Next Police Chief

- Excitement Over Downtown Tops Talk

Cat's Claws

Street Willie pops into the studio, and asks Wease about his new cat, and starts a discussion about declawing of kitties.  Wease, Billy, and Jackie all have declawed cats, but Marianne is very anti, saying that it's cruel, and shortens the animals life.  Jackie's cat Tigger is 17, and Billy's kitty Geraldine is 14.

What Would You Do?

Wease was watching the show "What Would You Do" with John Quinones, where people are put in uncomfortable situations to see how they would react.  He saw a piece where a girlfriend was telling her boyfriend she was pregnant, and wants to get married, and he doesn't want to.  If you were listening in on this conversation what would you do?

Jackie The C Word

During the commercial break a guy called in and called Jackie Nutt the C word for declawing her cat, so Wease calls out the guy on the radio, and dares him to call in.  The listener does call, and apologizes to Jackie, but still defends his position on keeping the cats claws.

Wease and Marianne also talk about the use of the C word, and why women hate it, but Marianne thinks it's a fun word to say, but doesn't like when a listener says it stands for "can't understand normal thinking".

Don't call Jackie names!!!!

What Would You Do... Again

Wease talks about another segment from "What Would You Do" that sets up a situation in a black barbershop where people argue about about interracial dating.  You can see the whole episode HERE.

Ask Wease

- Is it ok to give an adult a pet for Christmas?  We think that even if the person is an animal lover they should pick out their own animal companions, and deciding what type of responsibility they should take on in their life.

- An emailer wants to know how to address his mother's Facebook etiquette issues... she doesn't get jokes, comments on things that aren't her business.  Wease says let the lady have her fun with technology, but then talks about how all the stimulation people have nowadays is ruining attention spans.

Wonderous Love

We speak to author David J. Harvey about his book "Wonderous Love", in which he presents his personal and sometimes controversial treatment of homosexuality throughout the Scriptures. This book was born from years of research, study and teaching on the topic of Homosexuality, and what the Bible really says about it.

Wease thought Pastor Dave was very cool, and they have a great conversation about love, religion, homosexuality and more.


Ho Ho Hoey

We speak to guitarist Gary Hoey, who is one the greatest rock guitarists of all time, and every year rocks the Christmas music.  We talk to Gary about his career, the people he's played with, the Prince vs. Hendrix discussion from yesterday, and his Xmas tunes.  You can even go to  and register to win a free guitar.