Grammy Musings


Wease and Pauly talk a bit about last night's Grammy Awards, how it went until midnight last night, and even the stuff Wease hated made it a great show.  He thought the best performance of the night was Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr.




Pauly was bore to tears by the Red Carpet Pre Show, even though his girlfriend Ryann loved it... she was especially excited by the "Mani-Cam"


Grammys Manicam



Tools With Sports


Wease wonders when the NFL will finally get rid of the Pro Bowl.  They tried changing some things to improve the quality of the game, and Tools thinks the ratings will be surprisingly high.  Among other changes, the by-conference format was discontinued in favor of captains drafting teams, and kickoffs were eliminated.


Wease has seen reports like these proving an argument he made last week about the prices of Super Bowl tickets dropping because of the cold weather.


We also talk about the pros and cons of Pro Bowl betting, which is something even Wease won't do.


Grammy Awards


Questions raised by the Grammy Awards...


If Beatle legends Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are gonna perform together why does it have to be a new song of Paul's?  Why does it not feel as important because it's Ringo involved? 



How does Daft Punk perform with those robot costumes when Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, and Nile Rodgers aren't around?




Doug With News


- Winter Weather Warning, Closings & Delays

- Suspicious Death In Gates Motel

- Broken Water Main Slows Traffic In Greece

- One Shot During Armed Robbery


Wease Show Weekends


Marianne went snowboarding, and felt homeless because her outfit wasn't as fancy as the other snowbunnies on the hill.


Billy and Susan took his niece and nephew sledding at Powder Mill Park and had a ball going down down the hill.  The only bad part was when he lost his wedding ring in the snow when taking off his gloves.  Luckily, after about 20 minutes one of the kids found it.



Pauly had his first night as a bartender at Rubino's/OTB/Sports Bar in Webster.  A good first night, despite not being sure how to make a couple things, and having one lady tell him he was too nice to be a bartender.



Wease watched his daughter's cheerleading team win a championship even though they dropped Lucy during a trick.




Wease also gives a shout out to the fat broads that cheerlead, and how great he thinks it is... even though Marianne doesn't like the way he phrases it.  He even awards his own little imaginary fat girl award.




Pauly talks about a new app her learned about this weekend called Tinder, where people sign up for it if they are looking for a booty call.  Wease doesn't believe chicks really need this app because they can get leaid anytime they want.


Pauly downloaded it for research reasons, and has NO interest in actually using it and cheating on Ryann.  Wease was looking at Pauly's phone and accidentally "liked" a chick for him.


 More Grammy Talk


Other Grammy highlights are Robin Thicke's performance with the band Chicago, country singer Casey Musgrave, and wondering if Taylor Swift thought she won an award when she really didn't.


Wease tells a story about the time he was sure he was winning a radio award, stood up to go to the stage, and then realized he didn't win, and he was so embarrassed he left.





Other highlights we loved were Billie Joe Armstrong and Miranda Lambert saluting the Everly Brother, and touched by Queen Latifa's doing a "Numerous Nuptials" style wedding ceremony during the performance of Macklemore's "Same Love".






We speak with actress Liz Hyde about her role as a middle-aged housewife in “Menopause The Musical.” The show is filled with parodies of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s about getting older and going through menopause.  The show is at the Auditorium Theater next Tuesday night.  Get info on the show HERE.


Wease and Marianne wind up explaining to Pauly what menopause is.  I like Pauly's explanation of it as the really long period women have when they're done having periods.


Tattooing After Dark


Wease wound up captivated by a reality show on the Oxygen network called "Tattoos After Dark", and the gross stuff he saw on it.  He wound up watching like 6 episodes.  Everything from a guy getting bats tattooed on his face to a chick with 71 piercings on his leg.