Monday Monday

Wease opens the show talking about his son Sammy going to last night's Mistletoe Show, put on by our sister station 100.5 The Drive.  We're trying to figure out how Wease drew the straw where he's the one that had to pick up the kids at 11pm.  He's the parent that has to get up the earliest for work, and also got the tickets for the kids.  Wease thinks Sammy and friends were the last ones out of the place.  The Armory holds 5,000 people, and Wease swears 10,000 came out after the concert featuring The Fray, Sara Bareilles, and Parachute.

Check out some great pics HERE

Photo: Good Morning! Hope everyone had a blast last night at our Mistletoe Show! We're working on pictures now, they'll be up to soon, and we'll send out the links!

Tools With Sports

Tons of great NFL games yesterday... unfortunately the Bills debacle in Tampa wasn't one of them.  There wasn't a single positive for Buffalo during that travesty.  Wease is thinking a boycott of the team should happen (although probably won't).

Ohio native Pauly had a bad weekend, which saw Ohio State lose badly on Saturday, and then the Browns get screwed against Tom Brady and the Patriots with a bad pass interference that gave the Pats a 27-26 victory.  Cleveland was up by 12 at the 2 minute warning.

Awesome watching teams play in blizzards yesterday.  Did you see that Detroit/Philly game?  Please let the Super Bowl be like this...

Wease At The Movies

Wease reviews the movies he went to over the weekend... Out Of The Furnace and the new Hunger Games flick.  Wease says the acting in Out Of The Furnace is excellent. but the script is cliche, and the movie is slooowwww and depressing.  Woody Harrelson plays the most evil character in the history of film.

Wease was also disappointed with the new Hunger Games... when he pays 10 bucks he wants the movie to have an ending.  He does thinks it's an excellent flick, and will be seeing the next one to see what happens.  We also talk about books being turned into films, and how hot Jennifer Lawrence is. 

Shari Smith News

- Rollover Accident On Lake Ave

- Car Flips Near Leroy

- Lifetime Ban Doesn't Stop Mall Burglary Suspect

- Signs Help Prevent Wrong Way Crashes

Grammy Nominations

The nominees for the "56th Grammy Awards" were announced Friday . . . and JAY Z leads the way with nine nominations, including one for Best Rap Album and two nominations in the Rap / Sung Collaboration category. 


Justin TimberlakePharrellMacklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Kendrick Lamar, have seven nominations apiece . . . and Drake is nominated for five awards.

Wease mentions seeing a new popstar named Sky Ferreira with a controversial topless album cover (click link to see it).

Jay Vs. Danica

Comedian/talk show host Jay Mohr recently hosted the NASCAR Awards, and Danica Patrick didn't think his jokes were that funny... especially the ones about her.  Some say women can't take jokes... not us of course.

Foot Fetishist Responds

Last week we talked about the local foot fondler sent to jail.  A listener that enjoys feet wrote Wease over the weekend to defend his fetish, and didn't like being lumped in with an obviously mentally unstable man.  He talks about how his enjoyment of feet is no weirder than someone that likes big boobs, butts, or other body parts.  Point well made.  This is for you...

Kids And Parents

A story of how kids become close with their parents when they reach the age of 27 leads Wease to tell how when he was a kid he never felt support from his parents... he loved them, but didn't LOVE them.  Wease tells stories of being the youngest kid ever sent to summer camp, his dad never telling Wease he loved him, his parents never coming to see him play sports, etc...

Monroe Community Hospital Christmas

Wease's annual Xmas party for Monroe Community Hospital is this coming Saturday, and Rachel Walker is here to promote it, and solicit donations & volunteers.  Wease tells stories of past parties, and how the whole tradition started.

Wease has a conflict though... it's also the day of Billy's bachelor party in which Billy and his friends are going to dinner, the roller derby, and a strip club... not exactly Wease's scene.  "friggin' Billy and the Roller Derby".  Pauly is paranoid about having the lady skaters crashing into him.

Wease Is A Bieber Believer

Wease talks about how when he was at the movie theater this weekend he saw a trailer for a new documentary about Justin Bieber, and is looking forward to it.

Have you seen the viral video that mashes up the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013.  Wease recognized a couple... Billy about half... Pauly and Jackie went 20 for 20. 

Song List:

1. Thrift Shop
2. Come & Get It
3. Royals
4. Radioactive
5. I Knew You Were Trouble
6. Roar
7. Just Give Me A Reason
8. Cruise
9. Harlem Shake
10. Treasure
11. Get Lucky
12. Best Song Ever
13. Wake Me Up
14. I Need Your Love
15. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)
16. Safe and Sound
17. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
18. Wrecking Ball
19. Sweater Weather
20. Blurred Lines

Blues Brother Debate

35 years ago . . . in 1978 - JOHN BELUSHI and DAN AYKROYD recorded "Soul Man" and released it under the name THE BLUES BROTHERS.  This fact gets Wease and Billy rehashing an argument they've been having for 20 years.  Wease says Belushi and Aykroyd were being clowns, Billy says it was homage that exposed young kids to classic soul and Blues, and made the original artists some money.

A text from a listener asking about a song Wease and Billy used to play on Saturday leads to some laughs as we listen to a story about Fat Girls and Weed.