Wease The Biker


The sad story of a bicyclist killed by an RTS bus this morning gets us talking about the dangers of riding bikes in the city, and how awful the bus driver must feel.


Top Stories


This leads to Wease talking about the times he rode a bike to work, including his time spent with a motorized bike, making it a little (or a lot) easier.


Wease feels bad for the kids at Pittsford Sutherland high school.  They been taken out of a contest for best high school sports fan because of the controversy earlier this week where an allegedly racist chant (chanting "Slurpee" at an Indian player) upset the other team.  Wease also interprets the chant to be complimentary, wanting it to mean "Indians are successful business owners with chains of 7-11's  He wishes his dad owned a 7-11.




Tools With Sports


John gets to show off his "On This Date" superpower, and knows this automatically... 20 years ago in 1994 - The DALLAS COWBOYS beat the BUFFALO BILLS, 30-to-13, to win SUPER BOWL 28.  Dallas running back EMMITT SMITH was MVP, and the Bills lost their fourth straight Super Bowl. 


We're used to Tools pulling this stuff out of his butt, but Wease freaks out when Billy knows this piece of music history without blinking... 45 years ago . . . in 1969 - THE BEATLES made their last-ever public appearance as a group . . . performing on the roof of Apple Studios in London.  The show was stopped when police arrived after neighbors complained about the noise.




Bullied Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin has broken his silence regarding the issue he had this season with teammate Richie Incognito, and spoken with Tony Dungy on NBC... 




Trader Joes To Sell Expired Food


The former president of grocery store chain Trader Joe's is hoping to make healthy food more accessible to the working poor by opening a store and restaurant that sells expired food, according to Fox News.



Wease loves the idea, not believing in "Sell By" and "Use By" dates, although he says Doreen is the expiration date nazi.


We're joined in studio by Doug Emblidge, and revisit the Redneck News story of the guy arrested for beastiality.  Wease says he and his poker friends were talking about it last night, and doesn't understand how you get the dog to be the top in an interspecies relationship.


James Abbott


The sex was doggone good... butt a little “ruff!”

On Monday, at about 4a.m., the Lyons Police received a strange phone call from an upset resident on Maple Street . James R. J. Abbott, age 20, of 34 High Street, Lyons was staying at the residence on a downstairs couch.

The two residents came downstairs and observed the family Rotweiller dog was mounted on top of a bent over Abbott, the pair involved in a sex act (bestiality).

Abbott was charged with Sexual Misconduct, arraigned before Justice Nicholas Forgione and remanded to jail on $1000 cash/$2000 bond. Abbott will return to Lyons Village Court on 4/27.

Abbott confessed to police concerning the act, no ifs, ands, or buts. In a statement to police, he said he wanted to see what it was like to be made love to by a dog.

The couple in the home have two young children, ages 2 and 3 and the parents and officials were concerned whether Abbott had any contact with them.

No word on whether the dog, Keystone, will have to register as a sex offender with the local humane society, but if found guilty, Abbott will have to register as a sex offender, according to Wayne County District Attorney, Rick Healy.

Alternate Super Bowl


What if Cheech and Chong were the announcers for this year's big game?




Doug With News


- Bicyclist Killed By RTS Bus

- RPO Closing Budget Gap

- Water Main Break Slows Henrietta Traffic


 Gemini In Studio



We're joined in studio by comedian/ventriloquist/magician Gemini.  He and Wease discuss the recent comedy starring Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey called "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", where the funnymen play competing magicians.




Brother Wease Coast To Coast


Wease says he learned to be a better talk show host this morning on the way to work while listening to the wacky overnight show on WHAM that talks about aliens and stuff.


Ya know how Wease argues with people when he doesn't believe something someone says?  He's starting to think that he's wrong to do that... although he doesn't think he can stop.  


The host of the "Coast To Coast" show just accepts the silly stuff his callers say, and doesn't beat them up.  This spurns on other listeners to call with their weird tales without fear of getting mocked.


Bonus Content... Lingerie Football 




Exorcism Via Skype


The newest trend in the Catholic Church is exorcisms via Skype.  Are you feeling cranky, but it's not PMS?  Does the spirit possessing you like to surf the web?  We may have the solution.  The International Catholic Association of Exorcists says it's all crap.  Wease now wants to join this organization, or at least get a tshirt.


We're also wondering why the new Chobani Yogurt commercial is using a Bob Dylan song.  Wouldn't they want to appeal to a younger audience?




Wease also tells the story of a friend who's wife needed emergency surgery for a 6 centimeter kidney stone, and winds up talking about the time he was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was scheduled for surgery and everything, but a second opinion at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland saved him... he had a tiny cyst that was gone 6 months later.


Nipple-Gate Anniversary 


It's the 10th anniversary of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake  damaging the youth of America during the Super Bowl halftime show by accidentally exposing her nipple.  We talk about how people overreacted to this situation, the changes in Wease's show after that, etc...