The big news in the area... and across the country, actually... are the amazingly cold temperatures.  It's so cold that kids found out yesterday that there isn't any school today.  It's rare for school to be cancelled because of temperature, and not snow.

Wease talks about how Doreen started his car for him to heat it up this morning, which leads him to telling about what a good driver he is (we think he's more "exciting" than good), and how paranoid Marianne and Pauly are.  They check the back seats of their cars everyday to make sure no one is hiding there to kill them.

Tools With Sports

Last night in the BCS Championship Game FSU beat Auburn 34-31, and Wease had Auburn +10 1/2, winning his bet, but he was sad anyway because he was rooting hard for underdog Auburn, and thinks they should've won, but FSU scored a game winning TD at the end of the game thanks to a pass interference call.

Wease didn't like the cocky attitude of the FSU team, and the postgame interview of QB Jameis Winston.

Redneck News

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Thursday, (12/26) of Ter­rence Free­man, age 25 of 1054 Woodhill in Newark It is alleged that, on De­cember 7, F r e e m a n went to a girlfriend’s house and asked to borrow her phone. The girl refused, stating that Freeman was just going to call another girl with her phone. After refusing to give him the phone, Free­man attempted to kick in the back door and began knocking on windows try­ing to get back into the residence. He was charged with Criminal Trespass in the 2nd degree and Criminal Mis­chief in the 4th degree and will appear in Newark Village Court on January 8.

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Saturday ( 12/ 28) at 11: 00 pm of Elijah Vreeland, age 16 of Savannah. It is alleged that Vree­land vio­lated a court order of protection and shoved his father. He was charged with Crimi­nal Con­tempt in the 1st degree, arraigned and remanded to jail on $ 1,000 cash/$ 3,000 bond to reappear in Savannah Town Court.

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Saturday of William Hicks,age 29 of 321 East Union Street in Newark. Police re­sponded to a call from a woman stating that her son was out of con­trol. Hicks a l l e g e d l y grabbed his mother and threw her into a wall, broke a mirror and glass table top, and grabbed the woman by the throat.

Hicks was charged with Criminal Mischief in the 4th degree, Harassment in the 2nd degree, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Obstruction of Breathing. He was arraigned and remanded to jail on $500 cash bail to return to Newark Court on January 8th

An argument over where a mother-in-law should sit in a car so the weight ratio would even out on the tires turned into a denture dislodging dispute, according to recently released records.

A 68-year-old man told Port St. Lucie police Dec. 8 that he was in a car being driven by his wife, 63-year-old Velina Oneal. The man's 92-year-old mother also was in the vehicle, and they were driving back from a church service.

The man said Oneal started arguing about where his mother was seated.

"Velina stated to him that she needed to sit in the middle of the back seat so that the weight ratio would even out on the rear tires," a report states. "(The man) told Velina not to insult his mother, and an argument erupted."

It wasn't immediately clear whether the 92-year-old woman's location in the vehicle could impact tire wear.

The man said Oneal hit him in his dentures, which started to fall out.

"To keep them from exiting his mouth, he bit down unaware that her finger was still in his mouth," the report states.

The 92-year-old woman gave a similar account, saying Oneal gets violent toward her and her son. She said Oneal "constantly" harasses her over her weight.

Meanwhile, Oneal said she and her mother-in-law don't speak. She talks to her mother-in-law through her husband.

"She told (her husband) to tell (her mother-in-law) to move to the center of the back seat to even out the weight distribution on the back tires," a report states.

Oneal said the demand angered her husband, who grabbed her hand, put her finger in his mouth and bit down.

Oneal eventually said "she swung her left hand at (her husband) and made contact with his dentures."


A 44-year-old man hurled racial slurs and pieces of bricks at neighborhood children, police said, but was arrested and being held Wednesday without bail.

Larry Kenton tried to pedal away from police on his ex-wife’s bicycle, but was caught and charged with three counts of aggravated child abuse, driving under the influence, driving with a revoked/suspended license, battery and resisting an officer without violence, according to arrest and jail records.

According to Kenton’s arrest report, police were called to a Whitney Street home Monday at 6:25 p.m. where an intoxicated Kenton was causing a disturbance.

When police arrived at the scene, they saw Kenton riding away on his ex-wife’s bicycle and ordered him to stop. But Kenton kept riding and police set up a perimeter to find him, reports state.

Kenton’s ex-wife reported that he came to the home to get some of his belongings but the ex-wife told him to go away.

Kenton then pushed his way into the home and started arguing with his daughter over her dating a black youth, calling his daughter a “(expletive) lover,” police said.

He “tried to go after” his daughter but the ex-wife got between them, investigators said.

When Kenton exited the home he saw a black boy and yelled, “You are the one,” and grabbed the juvenile and hit him in the face and head area, then started choking him, reports state. Kenton then picked up a brick and struck the boy in the back of the head with it, police said.

An unidentified man came to help the boy and Kenton then started making racial insults about at other children playing nearby, police said. He picked pieces of brick and threw them at the children, striking two of them, police said.

Bodyguard Controversy

Mayor Lovely Warren's decision to hire armed bodyguards on the city payroll is raising questions about process and nepotism — the security detail being a first for Rochester, and led by her uncle.

"You have a situation where it warranted something from day one," Warren said, declining comment when asked if she had received threats but adding: "We don't do anything for no reason."

Warren's security detail is a two-man team: Reggie Hill, her uncle and a retiring State Police investigator who provided security for three governors when they traveled to western New York, and Ceaser Carbonell, who worked security at Eastman Kodak Co. for 34 years. They will be on call 24-7, receive no overtime, and pick Warren up as well as drop her off at home.

Wease doesn't understand the problem... he thinks people are too focused on the fact that one of the people hired is her uncle, but he is very qualified.  Plus, the mayors of Buffalo and Syracuse have security people.


You might need security too, if you had to visit the crazy people she does.

Doug With News

- Weather Problems!!!

- City Spokesman Defends Hiring Of Mayoral Bodyguard

- Teacher Faces Assault Charges

Nick Simmons Update

We revisit one of the big stories from the weekend, the missing Greece man found in DC by a photographer that went to college in Rochester.  More details of the disappearance have emerged, and Pauly tells the story of a rumor that circulated around the radio station yesterday about possible reasons Nick Simmons ran away from Rochester.  The rumor said that he was running from a criminal investigation, but nothing we've heard since leads to that conclusion.

The story about the Nick Simmons that is in trouble with the law is HERE.


We just learned about a new product that some of us may need...

This leads us to talk about a commercial we saw during the football games for a snack called Bombar Nuts that drove us crazy.  Listeners tell us that this is based out of Rochester, so we're hoping to track down the founder and talk to him.


Question Of The Day

Wease had to pick up Sammy and his friend, and also Lucy and her friends yesterday from different school activities.  He wants to know why girls can all talk at once and have multiple conversations, and hear everything that was going on (sort of like the view), but boys are quiet.  Lucy and her friends were talking about boys, which leads to talking about talking about the rise in teen texting.

We also wind up talking about the local teacher arrested for having sex with a 15 year old boy.

Rachel Santora, 31, of Brighton, is charged with second-degree criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of child.

Sheriff's deputies say Santora engaged in criminal sex acts with a 15-year-old male student last summer while she was employed as a teacher at the Rush-Henrietta School District. Sheriff's deputies say the incidents occurred at Santora's home on Brooklawn Drive residence where she was tutoring the student.

Wease and Marianne argue about whether boys are negatively affected by having sex with older women, and if they'd even turn down someone hideously unattractive.