Through Rain, Sleet, And Snow...

The big news of the day is still the freezing cold weather, so Wease talks about some of the various people affected by the below zero temps including mailmen, homeless, criminals that want to get caught to go to a warm jail, and even pets that don't want to go outside to go to the bathroom.

This leads Wease to talking about what a pain in the ass his new cat is, and what he should do to train it away from bad behavior, including the use of squirtguns (but it likes water).

Tools With Sports

John and Wease talk about the controversial trip Dennis Rodman and other former NBA players took to North Korea for a basketball game, and Rodman's meltdown on CNN.

Are the other players besides Rodman, and maybe even Dennis himself, playing this game because they're broke and need the money?  We talk about other athletes that have gone through their fortunes, like Mike Tyson and Derrick Coleman.

Wease also debates the topic of prostitution at the Super Bowl, how law enforcement agencies say hookers come to the city where the big game is held, and how New Jersey is bracing for an influx of working ladies.  Wease doesn't believe this is true, but so what if it is?  Let a guy on vacation get laid.  Snopes says that it's a false claim.

Bonus Content... NFL's Hottest Cheerleaders

Thanks For Sharing

Wease talks more about prostitution at the Super Bowl, and how more escorts don't go to the city of the big game... the chicks already living there are smart enough to go where the guys with money are.

Wease also reviews a Gwyneth Paltrow movie he saw last night about sex addicts, and the role played by pop singer Pink.  The question is... "Is Pink Hot?"

Pauly's Life Changing Decision

Pauly and Ryann have made an important decision in their lives... on May 1st they are moving out of their apartment and into her father's house for a year or so, so that they can save money and buy a house.

Pauly talks about the pros and cons about this situation, including less privacy, sharing a bathroom, being further away from work, but also winding up with a house of his own in the future, and being able to use the driveway.


Doug With News

- Places To Warm Up During Heat Sweep

- Woman Hurt In Apartment Fire

- 390 Whiteout Conditions

- Concerns About Medley Center Pump Station

Pop Culture In The News

A few things Wease saw on TV and caught his eye...

The mom of Alabama QB AJ McCarron is in hot water after asking if Jameis Winston is speaking English after his post game interview Monday.

The arrest of a man for running over a chihuahua on tape

Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter announcing that she is bisexual

9/11 First Responders Scandal

Wease addresses the scandal involving firemen and police in NYC faking problems they say they got from 9/11.  He talks about the real life pressures of first responders, and a friend that was coached by a disability lawyer.

Ask Wease

A texter wants to know how to deal with being cheated on by his wife and a family member.  The listener says he now doesn't trust women.  Wease had the same thing happen to him in the past where he was cheated on, and a family member was the culprit.  He thinks it's silly to not move on, and find another squeeze.

Ben in Greece asks "Is Wimmen's Crazy?"  Why do women ask questions they don't really want the answer to, and get mad if I disagree.  Wease says Doreen does the same thing, and he's trying to learn to not say everything that's in his brain, but just say what he thinks she wants to hear and make her feel better.

 Ken asks our favorite regular question... What was Wease and Doreen's latest fight?  We play a game where a couple listeners have a multiple choice...

A. Is chicken parm lame?

B. Wease accidentally spits in someone's food

C. Wease's way of disciplining kids

D. Going out in bad weather

The answer was C.  Doreen thinks Wease is too easy to criticize Lucy, but not give enough praise. 

What was your favorite vacation, and where have you always wanted to go?  Marianne loved going to Paris, and wants to go to Australia.  Pauly disagrees because he's afraid of kangaroos.

Wease loves every vacation he goes on, so has no real answer, and dreams of walking on the beach in Florida with Doreen when he's retired.

Pauly dreams of being able to go to a big city like NY, Miami, Vegas, etc... but not have to watch his budget.

Charlie Sheen Is Back

Count Charlie Sheen among those who aren't fans of Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men. The former star of the CBS sitcom slammed his replacement on Twitter Sunday, instructing Kutcher to "quit barfing on my old brilliant show."

The dustup started when Sheen tweeted a screengrab of Kutcher and co-star Jon Cryer with the message, "hey Jon!!! u r a GENIUS!!! I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who's your lame side-kik? C." Sheen also included the hashtags "#NiceTryCanonBoy" and "#CH," apparently a mistaken reference to Kutcher's commercials for Nikon cameras as well as Sheen's departed character Charlie Harper.

Kutcher replaced Sheen on Two and a Half Men in 2011 following Sheen's epic meltdown and feud with creator Chuck Lorre.

After some fans lashed out at Sheen over the tweet, he clarified on Monday: "hey relax everyone! Read the hash tag! Oh and Jon I'm so sorry I insulted your sidekick I meant REALLY lame."

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