Alone Time


John Ditullio off the bench pinch hitting for Brother Wease this week.


Last night Marianne went to Geva Theater to see a play by herself.  The idea of going to something like this alone confuses Tools.  He MIGHT go to a movie by himself.  Marianne says one of her hippie self help books recommends people take themselves on a date night... it supposedly sparks creativity.



Today John is taking his daughter to The Lego Movie, but says he hates animated movies.  Billy says movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo are way more human than action flicks like Fast and the Furious.


Pauly had a dinner party last night, making a delicious meal.  The one problem he had was giving hints on when he was ready for the guests to leave because he had to get up early for work today.


F'ed Up Florida


Have you been following the "Loud Music Trial" in Florida.  Was it a case of a threatened man defending himself, or a racist overreacting?




This leads to talking about some of the stupid laws in the state of Florida...


- It's illegal to fart in public after 6pm.

- Pregnant pigs can't be kept in cages.

- When having sex only missionary position is legal.

See more HERE


Tools Vs. Reality TV


John went to bed angry last night because American Idol pissed him off.  He didn't like the way they started with 15 girls that made it through to this round, but then they eliminated 5 of them without letting them perform.


Somehow Mr. Ditullio, who won't watch cartoons also watches "Dance Moms" with Gemma... the daughter takes a lot of blame for John's guilty pleasures, including Katy Perry.


Marianne says John's superhero name would be "Every Man" because his tastes in things are so mainstream.  His costume would include a denim cape, drives a reliable car, he fights crime by calling the police, and loves U2.



Doug With News


Doug's not feeling well still, but has come off the disabled list.


- Violence Escalates In Ukraine

- NYS Warns About Microsoft Scam

- Thruway Increasing Security After Breach

- Big Rig Crashes Into Living Room


 Sports For Kids


Would you let your little kid play football?  Is the possibility of injury and concussion too much?  John thinks the equiptment has gotten way better, and the coaches are way more aware of safety concerns.


Marianne thinks small kids are still developing, and you should be a little older before the physical contact begins.  Tools says gymnastics and cheerleading can be just as dangerous.


This leads to a discussion of an MMA like sport for kids in Arizona, with children as young as 7 years old.  Marianne points out how hard it would be to watch kids hurt each other on purpose.  Football and basketball have accidental injuries, but fighting is different.


We also talk about the NFL pregame shows, and the firing of Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe from the CBS show.  


Ask Tools


- An email from Listener Jenny... My boyfriend and I are getting married in July (He's 32 and I'm 30) and all of a sudden he has started displaying a personality trait I've never seen before... he's becoming very controlling of every aspect of the wedding.  I thought the guys only jobs were to find a pair of black socks and show up on time.  How much input did John have?  How much do Marianne, Jackie, and Ryann want their guys involved in decision making? 


John says the only thing he wanted say in was food and music.  There was a Cleveland band he really liked, but other than that the women took care of everything else.


John then talks about overpaying for his wedding video, and how his honeymoon in Mexico was the best vacation ever.




Wease calls from his vacation in Florida to brag about the weather (even though he spends most of the day playing poker).  He has some funny stories from his time away from us, and some thoughts on the Olympics, and stuff he's heard about the conditions in Sochi.  We'll be posting a photo gallery of the Wease vacation when he gets back, and enjoy this video of the view down south...