Living In The City



A strange story from early yesterday morning...

The Rochester Police Department is investigating after they say an off-duty officer shot his friend.  Police say officers were called to 436 South Avenue at 5:26 a.m. Monday for the report of a burglary in progress. Upon arriving, officers found a person had been shot. In a news conference Monday evening, Interim Chief Michael Ciminelli said that Sergeant Anthony Bongiovanni was asleep in his home when Chuck Andrews, 51, entered the home and startled Bongiovanni. According to Rochester Police, Bongiovanni used his personal registered gun and shot Andrews in the torso. At that time, the tenant living upstairs called 911 and reported the burglary. Realizing he shot his friend, Bongiovanni also called 911 and began giving Andrews CPR.  Andrews was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital and is currently in guarded, but stable condition. Investigators believed Andrews used a key to get into the apartment that was given him to by Bongiovanni, but say they don't believe the two lived together.

Why was the friend coming into the house at 5:30am?  Why didn't the officer warn the person he had a gun perfore shooting?  This is very close to Marianne's apartment, and happened just after she left for work... we're glad she didn't wind up in the crossfire.


Wease also talks about appreciating his health after visiting a friend in the hospital yesterday that needs a heart transplant.  Get well Joe Cordero.


Tools With Sports


Speaking of guns, as we were earlier, Knicks Raymond Felton was arrested on gun charges.


A lobbyist is trying to ban gay players from the NFL.  Will this same guy try and ban criminals?  We wind up telling Wease about a story he missed last week while on vacation... Ravens star RB Ray Rice knocking out his fiance in a casino, and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator.



Syracuse Orange squeezed out a victory 57-55 over Maryland.



Redneck News


We talked about the best story of the week yesterday, but we HAVE to do it again... 




Police say two men have been arrested after a central New York farmer discovered that his cows were being sexually abused.

News outlets reported Friday that a farmer in Herkimer, near Utica, noticed his cows appeared anxious and failed to produce milk. He installed video surveillance equipment to try to determine why.

The farmer contacted state police after watching the footage and discovering the animals were being abused.

Police said two men, Michael H. Jones, 35, of Cedarville Road, Illion, and Reid A. Fontaine, 31, were arrested after one agreed to videotape the other attempting sexual contact with several cows. One man didn’t immediately return a phone message left Saturday at his home in Ilion. Police said the other man has no known address.

Both were arrested on misdemeanor sexual misconduct charges and released with appearance tickets.

Wease can't believe these 2 guys actually want to bang cows.  Maybe they were doing a joke of some kind.  How did these 2 guys find each other and have the first conversation about cow sex?


Doug With News


- Triple Homocide Investigation On Chili Ave 

- Man Finds Late Wife's Videos

- Man Accused Of Stealing Taxi

- Good Samaritans Stop Drunk Drivers


Wease says he's going to give up poker for lent, until he learns lent is 40 days.  He thought it was a week or so.


Music News


Wease is sad that Third World's lead singer has passed away.  He remember's fondly a show at the Harro East that ended at 5am.


2 new releases from Bruce Springsteen... a 4 song vinyl EP for Record Store Day, and a live DVD from a tribute concert featuring Bruce with artists like Elton John, Neil Young, Mumford and Sons, and many more.  Info HERE.


We also talk about the 911 call Clayton Whittemore made confessing to the murder of his girlfriend in 2012.  The tapes were released yesterday.



Quad Rugby




We're joined in studio by Dave Corbin, a member of the WNY Wreckers, the local wheelchair rugby team.  We talk to Dave about the accident that broke his neck and put him in the wheelchair, how the movie "Murderball" changed his life, the sport of quad rugby, and trying to get the local team in the league.






We speak to musician/actor Doug Cox, who portrays Ringo Starr in the Beatles tribute show "Rain", which is at the Auditorium Theater next Friday.



We talk to Doug about his career playing Ringo, and wonder why Ringo himself has never been to see Rain.  If someone somewhere was travelling the country being us we'd want to check it out.


Journey Reuninting With Steve Perry?


Nope, afraid not... 


Former Journey vocalist Steve Perry — who quit the band in 1987 except to record the group’s 1996 reunion LP, “Trial By Fire” (but he skipped the subsequent tour to promote the album) — says he’s working on a reunion with the group, according to The Pulse of Radio.

The 65-year-old singer, who has been almost completely retired from the music business since 1996, also told Artisan News: “We’re trying. The older I get, the more I do realize how important what we had together.”

A few years ago, the band may have welcomed this as Perry was one of the most popular figures in music. However, the band loves singer Arnel Pineda, who has been with them for the last seven years. Leader-guitarist Neil Schon (who will reunite with the late classic 60’s/early 70’s Santana band later this year to record “Santana 4”) has actually said that Pineda is the band’s singer as long as Journey continues to exist.



A management rep for Journey told said there are “no reunion plans.”

“All is well in the Journey camp,” the rep continued. 


We also wind up taking about serial killers, and movies made about them.  Pauly likes watching movies about serial  killers... any recommendations?


Casino Debate


Wease wasn't here last week when the "No More Casinos Coalition" debated the topic at a Henrietta town meeting, and this week Wease has some thoughts about the subject.  I know you'll be shocked, but Wease is in favor of having a casino in the area, and talks about the various reasons why or why not it should happen.  Again, like last week, our listeners have lots of opinions.


Bonus Content... Pole Dancing For Life



Dennis Hof


We speak to Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof (who you may know from the HBO show "Cathouse").  Wease speaks to Dennis about a recent story where one of his customers married one of his working girls, Holly Brooks.


Dennis tries to talk Marianne into a threesome, and has us convinced he's going to hell when he dies because he's in heaven now.