On The Road Again


Billy back at the Rundown... thank you to Nutt for doing it during my day off.


Rochester's roads have taking a beating this winter, with potholes everywhere.  Statistics say that car repairs and taxpayers paying for road repairs will cost each driver $1,300.


Do you play scratch off lottery tickets?


The Kajfasz family, from left, Anne, Jerry, Jackie and Frank, accept a ceremonial check from New York Lottery’s Gretchen Dizer, right, Tuesday. Mark Mulville/Buffalo News

Congrats to Jerry Kajfasz from the Buffalo area who won 10 million on a scratch off lottery ticket.  He had bought 5 of them, won $20, and went back and bought one more, hitting for the huge jackpot.  These tickets cost $20 each... that seems way too much to pay for one ticket, but it worked for this guy.


Wease saw a terrible movie last night (Endless Love), but loved one of the trailers he saw beforehand... says it's the funniest trailer he saw in years, and can't wait for Seth McFarlane's cowboy movie.




Sports Without Tools


Tools is on the disabled list, but sports expert Brother Wease has a couple things to talk about...


Jason Collins' signing with the Brooklyn Nets as the fist openly gay professional athlete has been described as "historic" and "groundbreaking." Now you can add "lucrative" to that list. The NBA told media outlets Tuesday that Collins' jersey was the biggest selling jersey between his signing Sunday night and Tuesday. From CBS New York:

Collins' No. 98 jersey rocketed to No. 1 in sales on the league's official website on its first day available for purchase, NBA senior vice president Vicky Picca said Tuesday.

“Jason Collins' return to the league represents a historic moment, and fans continue to show their support by (buying) Jason's jersey,” Picca said, according to CNN. 


Wease thinks this is so cool that sports fans are showing such support for Collins, and leads to a discussion of the Arizona bill that was vetoed yesterday that would've let restaurant owners not serve gay people.  Marianne says in a weird way she would've liked the bill to have passed... that way people know what places to boycott.



On This Date 


On this date in 1966 Nancy Sinatra went to number one on the Billboard charts with her classic hit "These Boots Are Made For Walking".  Marianne talks about how she and her sisters used to dance to this song like in the sexy video.  I wish we could recreate that now with Marianne in Nancy's outfit...




Menage Made Easy


For the majority of guys, scoring a threesome is a huge challenge.

If they’re single, they’ve got to find two willing people to join. That’s difficult.

If they’re in a relationship, they’ve got to convince the wife or girlfriend to take a walk on the wild side and hunt down another partner to join in the fun… all without looking like a creep.That’s extremely difficult.

Well, a new app is removing the creep factor by turning the search for a threesome into a simple social network.

The app -- called 3nder -- boasts “threesomes made easy.”

It supposedly works for singles and couples -- and allows you to hide yourself from friends and family so you can browse freely.

Fingers crossed...because if this thing works -- it could be break the code to one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Bonus Content... Hot Shots From Spring Break



Doug With News

- 19th Ward Neighbors Want Answers

- Nutrition Lables Getting Updated

- NYS Working To Preserve SNAP Benefits

- Charity Telemarkets Keep Most Of Money 

We also talk about the Jessica Simpson version of "These Boots Are Made For Walking", and how it's the sexiest video ever...



NYC Shooting

Wease calls his brother in law Nutman to talk about a big crime story in New York City... a friend of Nutman's is a prominent business owner, and owns a castle called Oheka Castle.  Nut tells us about how the guy was shot in the head at point blank range, but how he's going to live.  Read the story HERE.


We also talk about the death of game show host Jim Lange, and famous contestants on his show "The Dating Game".




Seth Rogen On Capitol Hill


Seth Rogen is known for being a funny guy, but it turns out he has a good heart, too. The actor was in Washington to speak before a Senate committee about funding Alzheimer's research.

Rogen opened up about his personal experience with the disease, stemming from his wifeLauren's mom. He talks about meeting Adele, his mother in law, for the first time nine years ago and not long after that, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was only in her mid-50s. "She forgot how to speak, feed herself, dress herself, all by age of 60," he explains.

The subject matter is serious, but the comedian found a way to add some jokes, including letting the commitee know one of the reasons he came to the hearing was because he's a huge "House of Cards" fan. He also shared some info about the Alzheimer's based foundation he started- Hilarity for Charity, a group who's mission is to spread information about the disease and its effect to teens to try and change the stigma related to the illness.



Pauly talks about his grandmother's battle with the disease, and how she has deteriorated over the past 10 years, but how he believes that his grandfather has stayed sharp partly because of the responsibility he has taken on caring for her.


Pauly Apartment Looky Loos



Pauly's landlord is looking to rent his apartment because he and Ryann are moving out in a couple months.  Last night a friend of the landlord showed the apartment to a bunch of couples, and in an odd twist decided to hold a bidding war to determine who got the apartment.


Wease loves the idea.


We call the new renter (named Ryan), and talks about how weird and uncomfortable the situation was with a drunk lady auctioning off the dwelling, and cursing up a storm.  Ryan says he WILL be parking in the driveway, unlike Pauly and his girlfriend.


Pauly also reads a hate letter he got from a listener making fun of Pauly's living situation, his job, and his girlfriend.


Let's Talk About Sex 


Well, this can’t be good...

According to a new study, watching the reality show “Jersey Shore” actually turned us into giant sluts.

Researchers found that fans of the show were likely to see 23 instances of sexual talk and 25 instances of sexual behavior in an average episode.

That’s an insane average of one sexual instance every minute that they tuned in.

And because viewers were bombarded with tons of sexual action, they ended up developing more relaxed attitudes about sexual activity – especially college kids. They put it into action.

Many of the viewers also showed that there was a "wishful identification" with the characters. Believe it or not -- People at home wanted to be like The Situation, so they started behaving like him.