Monday!!!! :(


Well Billys off today, he's not feeling good :( so Jackienutt here taking over the Rundown!!


Monday with Movies!!

Marianne finally saw Dallas Buyers Club & she said it was amazing!!! & Wease saw a few movies... no suprise!! (FINISH!!!!)


Hilton Politics! 

First we talk to Andrew Fowler the newest candidate in the Hilton Mayor Election... & only 21 years old!!! He makes me look like a schmuck at 19 haha! He was very confident talking about expanding local business in the town because the store fronts are all empty & renovating the old joints not building new ones! He wants to make Hilton a destination village!! 


....Wease decided to hold up the Fairness Doctrine & invite opposing mayoral candidate, Joe Lee to give a small rebuttal! & boy him & Fowler cant be farther apart!! Lee says there are no empty store fronts and Fowler just doesnt come around enough to know that


Tools with Sports!

- WEBSTER WINS!!!!!! The State Division 2 Hockey Championship!!!

- Pauly was emceeing the Amerks game last night & it was a tad special... as it was 'Pucks & Paws' night where puppies are invited on the ice during break period! He of course brought his cute little pug Walter :) 


- WHY FLORIDA!!! After Pucks & Paws talk, Wease went on a tangent to Florida (of course) where a man was caught and charged with bangin a pitbull..... Neighbors saw and pleaded him to stop but he didnt want to!!!


Tons of Stories Done Real Quick!!!

- Day Light Savings!!!! we talk Daylight Savings & the loss of an hour :( Wease says it has TONS of negative side effects but doesnt want to talk about it because too depressing haha! Pauly claims that it doesnt effect him but Jackienutt woke up sooo late this morning because of the weird time change!!!!

     Marianne goes back to when she finally moved here & had to deal with the permanent time change from California =/ eeek! 

-Pope Francis! He is just so freakin' hip can we keep him alive forever PLEASE!!! haha now he is putting his take on gay marriage! Even though he's with the church & says marriage should be between man & women... But he wants the church to look into Civil Unions - what draws them to this and what impact it has! Still amazingly nice :) 

-Empire Lanes! AMF Empire Lanes in Webster is gettin rowdy! One was hospitalized after a large fight last night when a bowling ball was chucked! - ANYONE who was there or has exclusive information tell The Wease Show :) 



Bad News for Smokers!!!

New study reveals if your single & a smoker its guna stay that way until the cig goes out because 9/10 people DO NOT want to date a smoker -- Wease recalls a few days ago when he saw a young, nice looking broad in yogas, just coming out of the gym & smoking a cig!!! Said it took everything he had to NOT say something.. Shocker haha!

Marianne talks about how she hates the smell and everything but the taste of kissing a smoker is not that bad... generally cause a lot of people have at least TRIED a cig... 

Doug with News!!!

-Empire Lanes bowling incident;; one person stabbed, another hit with a bowling ball... one hospitalized after incident and one taken into custody!

-Malaysia jet just disappeared over South China Sea - no leads, no destination... NO INFORMATION!! the only lead is 2 passengers who provided stolen passports at time of flight

- Ukraine supporters rallied in Washington Square Park to support promotion of Peace!!! Troops are staying in Crimea until peace is achieved.... 

- New University of Rochester Study than can 90% accurately predict the early onset of Alzheimer's with a blood test

- Webster Hockey team won the championship & its the first for their school :)

-Well Rob Ford didn't make a douche outta himself this time... his Chief of Staff tweeted (under Robs twitter!) to turn back the clocks an hour.... they needed to be turned forward hahah! Oh BOY!!!!!! 


Shark Tank!!!!

The show Shark Tank, where inventors pitch their ideas to investors in hopes of making a deal!! One inventor was from Rochester, Ny... Tim Talley had U-Lace, a different shoe-lace style that requires no tying and all hip designs! He calls in & talks his great deal made with billionaire Mark Cuban! Wease & Tim hit on Jesus a little and all the faith! 



Italian-American Kids Coalition 

Wease went to this charity fundraiser over the weekend & was very nice to emcee for the third year in a row!!! Of course he had been drinking so he doesnt remember exactly what went on! Wease raised $16,000 for the live auction & an extra $15,000 in just auctions!! They had one bidding section where a number amount was called out & whoever wanted to bet raised their paddle & bet.... the most ($5000) given by a Polish guy... which just blows Wease' mind hahah! The guy said he'll give more money under one condition.... lunch with Wease & Marianne !!


Dead Animals Found :(

Remember the story of the little boy who ran into the trailer fire to save his grandfather & passed away... well his mother is in the news now for dead animals! Apparently her cat died, and a few of her friends doggies died and she just put them in the recycling bin (what she told reporters) & they were supposed to be cremated! - But never were... The home was deemed unlivable because of the poop, dirtiness and toys everywhere so she moved out a few weeks ago & neighbors have been complaining about live puppies crying in the home! Awful Awful situation but Marianne & Wease are thinking its all a response t her sad little boy dying! 


Insane Road Rage!!!

Cherry Hill Mall in NJ had a road rage incident this weekend when a women pulled into an open parking spot when all of a sudden two women start mutha huckerin her for taking their spots.. the women gets hit & HER FINGER BIT OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Women of freakin unbelievably ridiculous ! 


Marilyn Sex Tape!

So rumor had it that Marilyn Monroe had produced a sex tape with not only John F. Kennedy... but his brother Robert too!!!!! Now its Johnny Carson sex tape! featuring him & one of his wives, but unclear which wife since video is from 1970! Can it be Real?!?!?! Well the video was 


Doggie Keg Stand!!!

Only this dumb of an incident would happen in Brockport.... A SUNY student arrested after a picture of a dog forced to do a keg stand is exploded around the web! The arrested person is not the only, but the one holding the dogs legs... the owner was not home at the time, but luckily the dog was taken by authorities - full story!!!