Another Scam To Watch Out For


The Livingston County Sheriff's Department issued a scam alert Monday afternoon. According to Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, a recent e-mail scam has been circling the web. The email claims that the receiver has an outstanding Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) balance and must pay it. Note the similarity in name to local gas company RG&E.  There is a legitimate PG&E on the West Coast.


The company is aware of the complaints. PG&E issued the following steps to follow if you receive one of the emails:

Do not respond to request

Do not click on any links in the email

Do not open any attachments

Do not provide any personal information

Report these contacts to

Wease remembers that Pacific Gas and Electric was a band too...



10-15 inches of snow tomorrow... Ugh.  Yesterday it was 40 out and people were acting like it's summer.  Pauly says 40 is the new 80.


Bonus Content... Snow Bunnies



Tools With Sports


Wease hits for a d-bag trifecta, defending Barry Bonds (now a hitting coach in San Francisco), hated NY Knicks owner James Dolan, and hockey player Rostislav Klesla (who won't report to Rochester).


Wease then controversially sticks up for the kids in trouble for having a puppy do a keg stand... he says he used to get animals high all the time and they liked it.  This infuriates Marianne, and they spend a few minutes debating the rights and wrongs of raising pets and children.




 Redneck News


A disgruntled former employee of the Garlock Plant in Palmyra halted operations at the facility on Saturday (3/1) night. The man, later identified asDonald J. Mosher, called in to the on-site security officer that he was going to blow up the plant. The Division Street facility had received several calls from Mosher and the plant was evacu­ated.

Deputies from Wayne, Ontario and Monroe Counties re­sponded to the plant and a sweep by bomb detecting K-9 dogs cleared the facil­ity. Operations at the evacuated Garlock re­started the next day.


Mosher, who is currently unem­ployed due to a disability, told police he made the calls after finding the Plant security number in an old log book of his. “I thought I would have some fun,” he told police.

Mosher reportedly had a veritable “shrine” to his security work in his home and was described as “over the top” with his scanner and assorted items. He was arraigned before Palmy­ra Justice Terry Rodman and remand­ed to the Wayne County Jail on $5000 cash/$10,000 bond.



On Wednesday (3/5), at about 12:50 pm, members of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Nar­cotics Unit arrested Rachel K. Cook, age 27, of Duck Lake Road, Red Creek, New York, following an investi­gation.  Cook was charged with two counts of Criminal Sale of Marihuana in the Fourth Degree, Un­lawful Possession of Marijuana, and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the Third Degree. It is alleged that Cook sold marijuana on two separate occasions in the Town of Junius in­cluding one incident where she sold marijuana to an undercover police of­ficer. Sheriff’s Investigators received information that Cook was advertising the sale of the marijuana on Craigslist and they began communicating with her. At the time of the arrest, Cook was operating on a suspended driver’s license and possessed a small quantity of marijuana.

Cook was released on appearance tickets to appear in the Junius Town Court on March 25, 2014 at 7pm to an­swer the charges.


State Police reported stopping a ve­hicle at 2: 40 a. m. on Wednesday ( 3/ 5) on Route 14 in the Town of Sodus for Move from Lane Un­safely.

As the police car was about to make the stop, the driver,
 Jen­nifer Lu­ther,age 22, of South Shore in Sodus Point told police she was on her cell phone to her fiance, telling him “ Here comes a DWI.”

Luther was indeed charged with DWI/ BAC with a blood alcohol level of .14% and For Texting While Driv­ing. She was also cited for Uninspected Vehicle and will appear in Sodus Court on March 20th.


The question is... Is she hot, despite the widow's peak.




Inappropriate Behavior With Dead Celebrities


A Beverly Hills police officer is in trouble for commenting on Whitney Houston's looks after discovering her dead body.  Wease has no problem with this... and goes even further saying he would touch her boob.  If it was Scar-Jo mouth to mouth may be in order.


Doug With News


Medley Centre Developer Given 3 Day Notice

Newark Playground Looted For Metal

Renewed Search For Missing Brockport Student


The story of a pet cat gone wild leads to the difference between cats and dogs.  Here is Doug's dog "Wilson".




The Bachelor Finale


Pauly and Marianne both watched the finale of The Bachelor last night, and talk about how unlikable and uncooperative Juan Pablo (the bachelor) was, how the guy didn't really want to commit, and was just looking to get laid.


Juan Pablo does give a final rose to Nikki for the win, but doesn't give her a ring like he's supposed to.  Supposedly they will continue dating.


Marianne didn't like anyone on the show.




Death Bed Ponderings


Wease has a brother-in-law in Florida that is in hospice, and his sister was told by nurses that there was a chance the man would get mean and say things out of the ordinary for him.  Wease has heard of this happening before and is curious about it.


A hospice nurse calls in to talk about some of the things she has seen and experienced in her career, and how difficult it is on friends and family. 


A caller also talks about how her father never used the f-word during his life, but towards the end he did.


Adam Urbanski



Wease speaks with Adam Urbanski, President of the Rochester Teacher's Association.  He talks about Rochester teachers being unfairly penalized, and the need of his union to sue the New York State Education Department.  What does Adam hope to accomplish with the lawsuit?


“What I’m hoping is this will prove that not only is this junk science particularly hurtful and that it will change this kind of evaluating of teachers not only in New York State, but throughout the whole country.”


Adam hope to accomplish with the lawsuit? Listeners call to question some of Adam's stats, which Mr. Urbanski clarifies.


Dog Beer


Wease revisits the big topic in the Rochester area... the kids that took the picture of the dog doing a keg stand.  Wease once again defends what the guys did for a laugh, and the idea that dogs like beer.  A caller says that there are beers especially made for canines.  


Even Wease can't defend the douchebaggery of Justin Bieber anymore.  He was interviewed for a deposition, and couldn't have been more hatable.  Love the part where he says he was "detrimental to his own career".  We're pretty sure he meant instrumental.