Remember how we had a couple feet of snow on Wednesday?  Well, it's gonna be 50 degrees today.  Not quite as warm for tomorrow for all of this weekend's St. Patrick's Day festivities, but there will be tons of stuff going on around in the city.

Be careful with all the extra police looking out for DWI, underage drinking, and distracted driving.  Wease tells a story about the cool hands-free phone in his car, and how he can talk and drive at the same time safely. 

Marianne is getting ready for the official holiday of drinkers...



Celebrate the holiday with some sexy "Wearing Of The Green".



Tools With Sports

March Madness is kicking off... Syracuse is playing NC State in the ACC Tourney tonight, and we're getting conflicting reports on what the spread is.  Should Wease bet?  

Billy is sad about the latest story surrounding his beloved New York Mets... this is the last thing they should be worrying about.



The Bills have resigned tight end Scott Chandler.  John's reaction... "ehh, ok".

Go HERE to find out what has Billy both happy and pissed at the same time (it is sports related, but has nothing to do with the Mets).


Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Need For Speed... a car chase movie starring Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. Marsh says it might be the dumbest movie of the year.


One of the best films of the year is Wes Anderson's new flick Grand Budapest Hotel with Raph Fiennes, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton.




Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun

Wrigleys is developing a Viagra gum for men with Erectile Dysfunction.  It's the only gum that starts out soft and gets stiffer as you chew on it.


Doug With News

Man Stabbed And Robbed On West Side

- Crews Clear Snow For St. Patty's Parade

Names Sought For Midtown Project


Strip Club Reviews

Tons of guys love going to the strip clubs -- However, most of ‘em don't go home afterward to write about their experiences on Yelp. But lucky for us…a select few do.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best strip club reviews on Yelp:

The Glass Slipper [Boston, MA] Stars: 1

"Seriously. The 200+ lb stripper had c-section scars (plural). The bartender barely understood English and had a soaked through band aid on his forehead. The only stage is actually behind the bar, tv's are located to the right. You cannot watch the girls and tv at the same time." - Alex G.

Stir Crazy  [Miami, FL] Stars: 3

"They won't let you in with a gun, so leave it in the car." - A T.

Subis  [Detroit, MI] Stars: 1

"The manager Chuck is a punk too begging to be my friend? Wtf I came to see the ladies not u. And the female boxing was fixed and terrible." - Quinten C.

Solid Platinum [Houston, TX] Stars: 1

"They charged me a $7 cover to view obese women dancing. In addition, the Long Island ice tea was horribly sweet, undrinkable." - Gabe K.

The Harem [New Orleans, LA] Stars: 5

"If you ever need a bag of blow or a lap dance with 'extras' this is where to start. I have been going here for several years and won't stop." - Andrew J.

Read more Yelp reviews on Thrillist.com

This leads to great stories from Pauly and callers about strip clubs they've been to that have included dancers squirting breast milk, and naked girls squatting over the guy's food.

Bonus Content... Pole Dancing For Life

Problems At Wease's Alma Mater

We're joined by WROC reporter Rachel Barnhart regarding a story she did about issues at Monroe High School.  There are big problems with attendance, students leaving early, and disagreements between the teachers and the principal.  This isn't going to end well. 


Is Technology Ruining Relationships?


Does all the phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc... wreck human interaction?  Will it make it harder for women to find husbands?  Will kids have attention spans that will make Wease's look long.


Bonus Content... March Madness Cheerleaders


St Patrick's Day Parade



We're joined in studio by Eddie Sheridan and John Patrick Sullivan to represent the Irish folks for St. Patrick's Day, and tell us about all the stuff going on this weekend... especially the parade.  John is the leprechaun that will be leading the parade, which starts at East and Alexander and goes to Main and Plymouth.


Wease and Marianne quiz the guest on Irish alcohol, and discuss favorite ways of getting drunk.