Poor Lovely

Mayor Lovely Warren can’t get a break… she’s faced a ton of controversy in just 3 months as Mayor of Rochester, and now her Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon has been arrested for DWI.  Most people want to blame Mayor Warren for appointing bad people, but Mr. Redon was originally hired by former Mayor Tom Richards.


Redon tried to resign, but Lovely didn’t accept it.  He is taking a few days off while his situation is assessed.  He says his newly diagnosed diabetes contributed to his blood alcohol level.  If he does wind up leaving the job we think Wease should throw his hat into the ring… it’d be the first step to running for mayor, which he has threatened to do in the past.


Tools With Sports

Is your bracket busted?  Wease's bracket might not be busted, but his wallet is... he not only bet against Syracuse yesterday, he bet against them twice.



Here's how the members of the show did on their brackets.  Tools got 12 right out of 16... Marianne, Pauly and Billy each got 11... Wease had 10... Jackie Nutt with 9.

The non bracket sports question of the day... why is the NFL suing Madonna because rapper M.I.A threw the finger during the Super Bowl halftime show a couple years ago.


Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Muppets Most Wanted... Marshall loved this new installment from the Muppets.  Very funny, very smart, lots of cameos from big stars with Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey as the human costars.  Kermit has an evil twin who is a foreign spy, but does the plot really matter?



Divergent is aiming for the same audience that likes "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games".  It's the first of a planned trilogy with a young woman fighting against authority figures in a dyspotian future where she is trying to maintain her indivuality.  Marsh hated it. 


Virginity Auction


Did you hear about the beautiful young woman who is currently trying to auction off her virginity in the hopes of paying for medical school.  Based on her website (which you can visit HERE) she seems like a intelligent, well spoken, pretty young lady.

Shari Smith News

- Shari Smith News

False (Pregnancy) Alarm

This guy dodged a bullet...or five.

Dad-to-be Paul Servat believed he was going to be the father of quintuplets -- but instead found out in hospital his girlfriend was never even pregnant.It wasn’t until the delivery day came and went that he realized something might be wrong.

After all, the girl he met online months earlier looked the part -- humungous bloated belly, lactating feeders...and she even had morning sickness.

When he finally took her to the hospital the staff informed him they had no file for the pregnancy… A nurse took Paul aside to show him the results of blood tests. If anything, she was pregnant with a bucket of chicken.

"The doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy," said Servat, who added doctors have kept his girlfriend under psychiatric observation. 

“She let me choose the names," he said between sobs, surrounded by tons of donated gifts that he now has to give back.

Angel Salazar 

Wease winds up distracted by Marianne looking at her boyfriend Robbie's Pintrest page on her computer.  Robbie has a bunch of hot chick pinup models on his page.  Wease liked these.

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

My question is... is Robbie the only man with a Pintrest page?

Angel had a great show last night, making up for the meltdown he had last time he was in town.  Some people were there last night that were at the bad show years ago... we wonder of they were hoping for another drug fueled incident.

xxxx Old Jews Telling Jokes

Stu Silver, Murphy Cross, and Paul Kreppel are in studio promoting the play "Old Jews Telling Jokes", which is at The Downstairs Cabaret.  The TV and film credits these three have are incredible, with just about every great sitcom of the 70s and 80s.  They talk about their very impressive resumes, and the stars they've worked with over the years.

Here is the commercial where Paul and Murphy met back in 1974, and have been friends ever since. 

Wease Gets Letters

Only Wease could get some of the mail he gets.  Yesterday he got an envelope from a guy that had a handwritten letter and a bunch of pictures of Barbra Streisand taken off a TV screen.  The letter writer wants Wease to get these pics to Barbra to use to help her get back into show biz.  WHAT????

A New Friday Song

Every Friday for a long time we've been singing the John Mellencamp song Cherry Bomb during our last set.  Wease has decided that we should occasionally sing something else... this week it was "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey because it's such a great sing-a-long song.



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