Bound 3 

Have you seen the hilarious new video by James Franco and Seth Rogen, where they recreate Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s “Bound 2“ shot for shot?  They also mocked the Vogue cover Kimye did.  You can see it HERE



Still watching basketball?  Everyone's bracket must be busted.  Wease played poker but didn't wager on the hoops, even though his friend Kenny gave him a bunch of winners. 

Tools With Sports

A breakdown of this weekend's basketball dominates with sports, but we also talk about the NY Jets signing Michael Vick and dumping Mark Sanchez.  Will the Bills sign Sanchez?  Marianne says he's dirty.

Lots of shootings in the city last night.  It's like the wild west out there.  Some of the violence was outside of bars after 2am... I wonder what people do in bars before 2.

Bonus Content... Cheerleaders Cheer You Up

March Sadness

Nestor Ramos from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle wrote a great article over the weekend in which he ranks the saddest news stories in town in a Sweet Sixteen style bracket.  Competing for the title are "Medley Center", "Heroin Music Teacher", "Deputy Mayor DWI", and other area issues.  Any thoughts?

Wease went to see "Divergent" over the weekend, and didn't think it was too bad... not as bad as critics are saying... but it was too "Hunger Games"ish.  The lead chick could've been Jennifer Lawrence, and the main dude was a generic handsome guy.


Did you check out the return of Billy's music show (sort of)?  It's now on the web HERE.  


Wease's Prescription Problem

Wease had a problem while trying to fill a prescription this weekend.... the medicine he was prescribed doesn't exist.  We call Wease's doctor to find out the answer... he needs the injectable, not the oral medication, and it was marked wrong on the prescription.  Wease was just glad it wasn't the fault of his pharmacist Cosmo... he likes Cosmo.

Shari Smith News

Train Derails At Chicago Airport

Delivery Driver Robbed In City

Wash. Town Devastated By Mudslide

Greece Police Chief To Be Named Today

Duke Porn Star Belle Knox

Wease talks about the problems porn star Belle Knox has had since being outed as a student at Duke University, and how she is being mistreated and shunned at her school.  Harrassment and threats have become the norm in her life.

We're curious how her parents say they support her.  Wease says he's very liberal, but he'd have big problems if his daughter did porn.

Bonus Content... Belle Knox

On the other side of the virtue scale... Did you see the nun that performed on the Italian version of The Voice?  The video is going viral.  She was awesome, and we love her cheering section of nuns.



Marianne Vs. Stage Parents 

This weekend Marianne went to a little kid talent show that her nephews were performing in.  Her nephews did a dance to a song from the Lego movie, and other kids sang, danced, played instruments, etc...  Marianne was upset when a little kid (about 5 or 6) playing the violin messed up, got frustrated and walked off stage.  She wasn't upset by the kid, but that the father yelled at the kid for his stage fright.  She thought about it all weekend.  

A listener calls to ask advice from Marianne... his 17 year old son is going to do stand up comedy in a high school talent contest, he's not really funny, and needs some tips.  Wease suggests "don't do it".


Marianne Vs. Pawn Shops

The story of the heroin addicted music teacher that sold stolen instruments to pawn shops confuses Marianne... why would a pawn shop buy stolen merchandise?  Wease has to explain the ways of the world to his naive cohost, and this leads to listeners calling with their own pawn shop stories, and Wease telling about his friend Marvin getting scammed on the street with fake diamonds.

Malaysian Airlines Announcement

The Malaysian Prime Minister has announced that there is proof that the missing plane crashed into the Indian Ocean.  A press conference with more info will be held tomorrow.

Have you seen the segment Billy Joel did on the Tonight Show with Billy Joel.


Bonus Content... The Best Of Kaley Cuoco



Wendy Malick

Actress Wendy Malick joins the show to promote the season premiere of her sitcom "Hot In Cleveland".  This Wednesday the show will be LIVE, and she talks about the show, her costars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, and Jane Leeves.  She is very familiar with Rochester... her mom is from here, and she grew up in Buffalo.  If she's hot in Cleveland, she REALLY hot in Buffalo.  Wease met her in NYC once and she was super nice to him.