R.I.P Ralph Wilson


The only owner The Buffalo Bills have ever had passed away yesterday at the age of 95.  Wease wants to know where to sign a contract that says he can make it until 95.

The big question is the fate of the Buffalo Bills... Ralph is the reason the team is still in Western NY, and rumor has been that Jim Kelly was interested in buying the team with a group of investors after Mr. Wilson's death.  Right now Jim is busy with his battle with cancer.

Another sports story says that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler doesn't want to bang his hot wife Kristen Cavallari because he is pregnant.  Wease thinks pregnant women are sexy.


Tools With Sports

Conversation continues about the death of Ralph Wilson, the future of the team, the amount the Bills would sell for, and cities like L.A. that would want them.

Billy and Pauly thought it was funny when yesterday local newscasts referred to Ralph's death as "shocking".  It's definitely sad, but shocking isn't a word we'd use.



Little Girl Not Feminine Enough

An 8 year old girl in Virginia has been kicked out of her Christian school because they say she isn't feminine enough.  Is that Christian?


Bonus Content... April Showers Coming Soon

Shari Smith News

Remembering Ralph Wilson Jr.

Six Treated For CO Poisoning

Man Neglected A Nursing Home

Local Bank Warns Of Breach


Lilac Festival

I know it's snowing out right now, but the Lilac Festival is in 5 weeks on Friday May 9th.  Promoter Jeff Springut is in studio to talk about some of the bands that will be performing at the fest.  Thurs. May 15th will be headlined by Rusted Root.



Saturday May 17th features reggae legends The Wailers.


Sunday May 18th the festival closes with the classic rock and roll of Eddie Money...



Sal Maiorana on Ralph Wilson

We speak to Rochester D&C sportswriter Sal Maiorana about Ralph Wilson, and his importance not only to the Bills, but to the NFL.  He talks about the history of the team, how his legacy will be keeping the team here, and how Wease will always be mad at him for benching Doug Flutie in the Music City Miracle.


Ask Wease 

- Has Wease ever heard of people getting random letters from prisoners?  His girlfriend got a letter from a prisoner and he's not sure what to think.  Wease has gotten letters because he's on the radio, but haven't heard of regular people getting letters.

- What are Wease's book recommendations?  Off My Rocker by Kenny Weisberg, The Book Thief, and Billy Crystal's new book are all books he's reading right now

- The next question involves "Wease's biggest fault", but get's derailed by a caller who wants to beat up "Wease Haters" and talk about diabetes.

Geva's Informed Consent 

 Show Image


Joined in studio by actress Tina Fabrique from "Informed Consent" at Geva.

Ripped from today’s headlines and based on a true story, an ambitious geneticist, Gillian, is hired to help solve why a Native American tribe is being devastated by diabetes, but her research threatens to destroy their most sacred traditions. Meanwhile at home, she and her husband are confronted with the choice of using modern science to determine whether their four year-old daughter will be haunted by the family’s medical history. With genomic breakthroughs happening at breakneck speed, this heartwarming and honest tale explores the question of just how much knowledge is too much.

Joined Wease is excited to find out that Geva will be doing a version of "The Odd Couple".

Pauly and many listeners get goosebumbs when Tina sings the Reading Rainbow theme, which she did for years on the PBS kids show.



Have you ever seen the version of this song done by Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison?


Cannon Fodder

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon sparked an online debate by posting photos and video clips to his Instagram account that introduced his white alter ego, Connor Smallnut, featuring the "America's Got Talent" host wearing whiteface and red hair, and dressed in a beanie hat and a plaid shirt.

The social media move was to promote the April 1 release of Cannon's upcoming album "White People Party Music," which features Cannon singing and rapping over electronic dance music.  


Does this bother you?  Not us.  Pauly asks a great question... is it racist if he sings along with the rap music he loves?  Those songs use the N word a lot. 


Wease also reads about a naked yoga studio in NYC, which leads to a debate about who'd want to go, and if guys would get wood.