Pauly The Badass


Pauly and his buddy Mike from Ohio went to a “metalcore” concert last night, and he is VERY hungover this morning.  Beer, vodka, wine and tequila... stories later.  Find out why he got pepper sprayed and more.  I once got Dr. Pepper sprayed (thanks for the line Dave L.)

See video of Pauly in the mosh pit HERE.

The news today out of Buffalo Bills world is Jim Kelly's ongoing battle with cancer.  He was supposed to have surgery today, then got moved to Monday, and now has been cancelled.  We originally thought that meant they were giving up, and that there was no help... it was then announced it was very treatable, and possibly curable, with aggressive treatment.


We then discuss the prostitution crackdown in Henrietta yesterday. The hotels that the hookers were working at called the police.  Read the story, the names, and the rates charged HERE.



Tools With Sports

We start by talking about Jim Kelly's situation, his wife's Facebook post from yesterday, and his future.


Picture of Jim Kelly hugging his dad in the hospital, courtesy of Jill Kelly's Twitter.


 Wease then tell John about Pauly's problems, which leads to a discussion of the last time everyone puked.  Tools says his was after his 40th birthday party, and Wease tells the story of a bad night partying with a girlfriend in his 20's where he wound up in a bathtub.

Malaysian Plane Speculation

There are rumors that the pilot of the downed Malaysian plane was suffering serious depression due to problems in his personal life... separation from his wife, problems with his girlfriend, etc...

Is it too early for a movie about the plane? There are projects being written, but it seems to us that there is so much missing information that it'd be impossible right now.


Bonus Content... Beach Booties


Mayhem At The Main Street Armory

Pauly's best friend from Ohio Mike Dinunzio visited Rochester yesterday so they could go to a concert last night, but their fun started during the afternoon with a tour of restaurants and bars of Rochester.  The guys were already pretty drunk by the time they made it to the concert, which was a death metal show featuring Mike's favorite band "August Burns Red".

The show wound up including Pauly interviewing people at the show, including a  couple hot chicks that sounded like they were hitting on him.




Some Pauly ended up in the mosh pit (video HERE)

Some douchebag wound up thinking he was being funny and pepper sprayed a bunch of people in the crowd including Pauly and Mike, who wound up leaving the concert because of it.

They wound up buying and eating 3 pizzas to take back to the hotel, and have been hungover ever since.

Now Dinunzio is heading back to Ohio.


Shari Smith News

3 Charged For Homemade Explosives

Gates Crash Under Investigation

The Fate Of East High

Rusted Root Headlines Lilac Lineup

Dom Irrera

Comedian Dom Irrera joins us in studio, and is at the Comedy Club all weekend.  He's an old friend of hours, and Wease talks to Dom about recent trips to Ireland and Israel, being named one of the 100 Funniest Comedians Of All Time, TV stuff he's done, and more. 

Porn Star Birthdays

Wease has been neglecting his "Porn Star Birthdays" lately, and has some headliners he wants to share.  Dom is also a porn fan and comments on some of his favorites.

Sasha Grey, who has been called the freakiest girl in porn.  She has also done a couple mainstream things including the TV show Entourage.


Houston, best known for The World's Biggest Gang Bang 3, featuring her and  620 men.

A moral question for you... if a buddy of yours starts dating Houston and doesn't know about her past do you tell him?  Dom and Marianne say yes, Wease says no.

Bonus Content... Day In The Life Of A Porn Star


Jim Kelly's Cancer

We call Wease's doctor, Dr. John Caniglio, who discovered Wease's cancer years ago, to talk about Jim Kelly's situation.  He talks about the various types of treatment and surgery that are available to Jim, the pros and cons of each option, the chemo and radiation that will be used, and how Kelly's cancer has never seen chemo-radiation so that may be a positive in treating the disease.  

Talking about Jim Kelly and the Bills leads to Wease telling Dom about his run in with Thurman Thomas years ago.

New RBTL Season

We're joined in studio by Tony award winning Broadway producer Al Nocciolino to announce the new season of shows for the RBTL.  Marianne, our resident theater snob says this is the best season ever, and is singing songs from all the plays.

The six-show season subscription includes:


-"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (November 11-16), Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's biblical musical. The tour will feature the stars of the recent Broadway revival, "American Idol" veterans Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young.

-"Cinderella" (December 9-14), a lush new production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein fairy-tale classic.

-"Pippin" (January 13-18, 2015), the 2013 Tony winner for Best Musical Revival that recasts the story of a lost prince in a circus atmosphere, with eye-catching acrobatics inspired by Cirque du Soleil.

-"Annie" (March 10-15, 2015), the perennial family favorite that will feature the classic version of the show, as opposed to the modernized movie hitting theaters later this year.

-"Anything Goes" (April 14-19, 2015), the first-ever Auditorium Theatre production of the Cole Porter musical about sailors and shippers.

-"Kinky Boots" (May 12-17, 2015), the recent Tony-winning Broadway smash will come to Rochester on its first American tour.

Special shows announced tonight include:

-"The Book of Mormon" (October 7-19), a two-week engagement of the hilarious Tony-winning musical by the creators of "South Park" which sold out all of its Rochester performances when it came a few seasons back.

-"Million Dollar Quartet" (Dates TBD), the musical imagining a musical collaboration between Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash.


-Mannheim Steamroller (TBD) the orchestral-electronic holiday musical spectacle.

Rochester Erotic Arts Fest

We're joined in studio by Rauncie Ryan and Otter, producers of the 5th Annual Rochester Erotic Arts Festival are in studio to talk about this weekend's fest.  Wease has no comment on Otter's name, since he's a Weasel.  Info HERE.

Rauncie has brought in a few sex toys, and she and Wease compare.  They talk about the various arts (of a sexual variety) you can explore this weekend at the downtown Raddisson.  

Are you interested in burlesque, BDSM, roleplay, and other kinks?  This might be for you.