Rochester News Headlines


Wease starts the morning with an "I told you so".  Last week when 3 people were murdered on Chili Ave.  Wease had a theory that it was related to a local drug ring.  Police confirmed that suspicion yesterday with the arrest of 6 people connected to a drug ring, and were in possession of the murder weapon used in the triple homicide.





One of the things the people above were arrested for was possession of marijuana.  Is it odd that pot is illegal in one state, but in nearby states it's not only legal, but being advertised on TV?  Later this morning we'll be talking about the add campaign for weed in New Jersey.


Tools With Sports


More disappointment out of Buffalo sports... The Bills decided not to use the franchise tag on star player Jarius Byrd, after using on him last year.  If Byrd signs elsewhere as a free agent Buffalo will get nothing for him.


Also, the Sabres lost last night to the Dallas Stars coached by former Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff.  Wease and John love Sabres coach Ted Nolan, and can't figure out why so many people don't like him.


Controversial Seahawk star Richard Sherman is in the news again for saying that the NFL's ban of the N word is ridiculous, and that it'll be impossible to enforce. 


During the Oscars the other night Ellen took a "selfie" with a bunch of A list movie stars that got retweeted 2 million times.  Radio and TV shows across the country copied the idea, and the NY Post did a story about it.  Somehow they picked the good looking crew on The Wease Show to include in the piece.



See the Post piece HERE.


Redneck News


Newark Village Police responded to a complaint of a man chasing a fellow band mate around, threaten­ing to kill him with a swinging guitar.  Justin Gulisano, age 22, of West Maple Avenue in Newark was reportedly in an intoxi­cated state when he allegedly went to another man’s residence, kicked in a door, refused to leave then began chas­ing the man around the parking lot with the guitar.

Gulisano was charged with Harass­ment in the 2nd Degree, Menacing in the 2nd Degree, Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree and Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree.


Gulisano was released with an Or­der of Protection for the victim and is scheduled to appear in Newark Village Court on March 19th. 


Justin Gulisano


The Ontario County Sheriff’s Of­fice stopped a vehicle on Route 21 in the Town of Manchester at 6: 17 p. m. on Thursday (2/27) after receiving a complaint of a driv­er on the wrong side of the road.

The vehi­cle operator,
 Mohamed A. Rehab, age 38, of Summit Drive in Newark was subsequently arrested for DWI/ BAC, failure to Yield the Right of Way for a Right Turn at a Red Light.

Rehab was released to a third party after being issued appearance tickets for Manchester Town Court.

We just liked this story for the guy's name.


Mohamed Rehab


This guy really made the paper?

Palmyra Village Police reported the arrest on Tuesday ( 2/ 25) of Mark Drake, age 35, of Mace­don Center Road, in Palmyra for one count of Petit Lar­ceny.

It is al­leged Drake stole a bottle of beer from Breen’s Market back on February 18th.

Drake, out on bail on another charge, was arraigned and remanded to jail on $1000 cash/$2000 bond to reappear in Palmyra Village Court on March 11th.


Mark Drake



XXX Fat Tuesday And Fat Wednesday


Today is Fat Tuesday down in Mardi Gras, which means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  Both Pauly and Marianne are Catholic, but neither know quite what the ashes are for, or why.  Does that mean lent starts tomorrow too?  What are you giving up?


Bonus Content... Watch Fat Tuesday In New Orleans LIVE




Doug Emblidge News


- Seneca Nation Buys Henrietta Land For Potential Casino

- East Coast Braces For More Arctic Weather

- Barn Fire Destroys Horse Stables 

Fairport Electric Customers See High Bills





Prankster Jack Vale convinces colonoscopy patients that some strange objects have been found in their colons in this hilarious prank video with a serious message.

Colon cancer is largely preventable when detected early. The video applauds those people who have had a colonoscopy and dispels the fears of getting tested for the highly preventable disease.



This leads to talking about stuff the guys in "Jackass" do, and we'll be asking Steve-O about when he's in studio with us later this week.


Also, it seems that Marianne knows the guy that robbed a bank earlier this week.  I guess the prize money he got for being one of the funniest guys in Rochester wasn't enough to live on.




John Travolta App


A new app lets you do to your name what John Travolta did to Idina Menzel's name during the Oscars, where he read her name as Adele Dazeem.  Get your "Adele Dazeem Name" HERE.




Billy has a theory that because Travolta is dyslexic, and Idina Menzel is an unusual name, he couldn't do the normal workarounds in his head that he would normally do.


Mr. Skin


It's time for Mr. Skin's annual salute to the Best Nudity Of The Year... The Skinatomy Awards!!


Best Nip Slip goes to Tina Fey, Best Nudecomer is Margot Robbie from "Wolf Of Wall Street", Emily Radikowski from the Blurred Lines video has the Best Breasts, and many more awards that we can't show you here, but you can see at




One Step Closer To Henrietta Casino


The possibility of a casino in the Rochester area is the story that keeps getting bigger.  Yesterday it was announced that the Seneca Gaming Corp. acquired 32 acres of land in Henrietta, hoping to put gaming there in the near future.  Callers to the future express positives and negatives about the situation, but we still can't find a member of the "No More Casinos Coalition" organization to talk to us.


We do get an interesting call from Ryan at Batavia Downs to talk about the challenges his business faces in the future.  Would the addition of sports betting help save OTB?  It's something to consider.


Lies About Casual Sex


Somehow, casual sex gets a bad rap. Most of the negative attitudes about having a “bit of summer cabbage” with people you’re not in a relationship with come from lies.

Here are some of the biggest lies out there about casual sex:

Casual Sex Spreads Disease -- Casual sex doesn’t spread disease. Unprotected sex does. Until you get to really know a girl, you should wear a condom, whether you happen to be calling her your girlfriend or not.

Sex Between Committed People Is Better -- There are plenty of married couples having terrible sex. At least, that’s what my friends tell me.

Casual Sex Is Emotionless -- Just because you’re not committed to the person doesn’t mean you’re not connected to the person.

Casual Sex Is “Wrong” -- What’s the big deal if it’s healthy, consensual, and mutually beneficial?

Debating these lies leads to Wease, Marianne, and Pauly telling some of their favorite sex stories that spring to mind.


Bonus Content... Girls In Uniform



Visual Bucket List


12-year-old New Zealander Louis Corbett has Retinitis Pigmentosa -- a progressive disorder that deteriorates vision over a course of decades – resulting in blindness.

Sadly, his two older brothers have the same disorder.

However Louis has an accelerated case and his vision will end much, much sooner. So he’s headed on an international sightseeing tour -- attempting to check off an ocular bucket list in a matter of weeks.

So far Louie has picked Grand CanyonNiagara Falls, the Empire State Building, Googleheadquarters and most shockingly, a Boston Celtics game on March 5th.

What, no strip club?

Fundraising efforts on social media raised more than $25,000 to fund the trip -- also catching the attention of the owner of the Boston Celtics, who promises to make the Celtics game on a memory to last a lifetime.


Wease talks about wanting to take Sammy to a strip club, and doesn't understand why he can't.


Wease says every place this kid wants to go is boring... he should've consulted.