More Trouble In Billy’s Neighborhood

Frontier Autohaus, an auto dealer on Avis Street in Rochester, has been shut down by the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office.

The dealer misled customers and took in used cars but failed to pay off liens before re-selling to new owners. The AG’s office says the previous owners remained on the hook for their loans and the new owners were unable to register their vehicles.

The owner was ordered to permanently close the Avis Street location and to never operate another car dealership in New York State.

Ya know who lives right across the street from Frontier Autohaus?  Billy.  Yup, this place was in the ghetto, and has actually been vacated since last September.  Billy thought the business shutdown on it's own, but seems they were trying to evade people.

Marianne has a story about a time she was scammed by a car dealer in LA, and recently got a call from someone saying the car she traded in years ago had problems.


Tools With Sports

Talking about some of the funny and quirky facts from the history of baseball, like Jimmy Piersall running the bases backwards after hitting his 100th career HR, and Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD.


Tiger Woods will be missing The Masters for the first time because of a back injury.

Yankees lose to the lowly Houson Astros 6-2. 

Wease and Tools are also celebrating National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. 


Money Mistakes

Americans blow their money in many bad ways including credit card interest, wasting food, unused gift cards, gambling any many more.  Read the causes of, and solutions to, the 20 most common financial problems HERE.

Bonus Content... Springtime's Blossoming Beauties

Shari Smith News

15 Arrested in Orleans Co. Drug Bust

- Kodak Helps Develop Odor Free Fabric

- California $425 Million Winner Comes Forward

- GM Recall And Safety Advice 


Frugal Wease


After yesterday's show Pat from down the hall mentioned taking his cat to the vet for a peeing problem, and that led Wease to talk about how he cleans his litter box, picking up the poop with his bare hands, and then picking the pellets off the poop.  After Marianne and Billy stopped puking they told him he had to talk about this on the air.  He even took video when he got home.

Ask Wease

-When was the last time Wease talked to Jim Kelly?  They texted each other last week, where Wease offered him some advice on his cancer treatment.  Jim thanked him, and told him to send positive thoughts.

-Would Wease let Doreen band a guy for a billion dollars?  He's in for a million, maybe less... and let the guy do something to him too.

Bonus Content... Wease In South Carolina


Japanese Infidelity

America imports a lot of stuff from Japan, but they're finally taking something from us... the website Ashley Madison, which hooks up people that are already married.  Read about it HERE.  Wease and Marianne debate the man vs. women brains, and whether people are wired to be with only one person their whole lives.

Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Movie Star

Did you hear about the woman that spent $25,000 and had plastic surgery to try and look like Jennifer Lawrence?  Proof that women are crazy...