Hump Day

 Wease talks about a movie he watched last night that touched him called "About A Boy" that has a scene with a little boy who gets scared during a sleepover and wants to come home, but is cheered up by one of Wease's favorite guilty pleasure songs, "Mmm Bop" by Hanson.



This leads to Pauly telling a story of the time he had to leave a sleepover when he was scared after watching a scary movie, and was sure the room he was in was covered in blood.


Is there extra pressure on high school boys nowadays?  It seems that there is a new trend of asking a girl to prom with elaborate gestures.  Shari Smith from down the hall talks about how her daughter was asked to prom by her boyfriend with decorations, and the word "PROM" spelled out in hockey pucks because he is a hockey player.  By the time these females are grown and get a marriage proposal they'll be expecting fireworks or something.  Here is an example of what high school kids are doing...




Tonight there is a TV special to announce the NFL schedule.  Is that really necessary? Do people really care about who's playing who in what week?  The Bills are rumored to be playing on Thanksgiving Day.

We also talk about Jim Kelly now living back at his home in Buffalo.  He was released from the hospital yesterday, and will be going there for his cancer treatment.


Speaking of the Bills and cancer, coach Doug Marrone had a cancerous tumor removed yesterday.

Buffalo Cheerleader Controversy

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are suing the team.  Their claims include...

- They didn't even make minimum wage

- They were degraded, objectified, and sexually harrassed

- They had to take "jiggle tests".

Even Marianne says "what did they expect"?  They signed up to be sexual objects.  When did becoming a cheerleader become this?  It seems like high school and college cheerleaders are athletes.



Doug With News


Carbonaro Jury Said To Be Deadlocked

- Community Addresses East High Proposal 

Big Vote On Affirmative Action Law

Also, a story about a dispute in a story leads to Pauly and listeners sharing instances of times they got into arguments with store clerks over stupid stuff.


Sneaker on Sneaker Violence

A 15 year old boy was shot for cutting in line from Kanye West's new $250 "Yeezy" sneakers.  Are there any sneakers you'd pay that much for?  Did he deserve to be shot?  Marianne says people cutting in line is her pet peeve.


Ask Wease 

Yesterday I went to take a dump at work, and when I sat on the toilet the seat was warm from the person before me.  Is it weird that it kind of creeped me out?  Have any of you ever thought about that?  C'mon Pauly, you know you're with me.  Everyone on the show understands this feeling, except Wease.  He likes having a warm seat.  Why do women (like Marianne) say they "hover"?  Don't they realize how lucky they are... people in the 3rd world are squatting in a field.

Wease and crew...

My friends and I had fun talking about this at work the other day, so wanted to spread the conversation on to you... Someone I work with will occasionally eat a spoonful or two of mayonnaise as a snack, which we all think is weird, then someone else said that occasionally they'll peel a potato, put salt on it, and eat it raw like an apple.  Turns out we all like something that others think is odd or gross.  What is yours?  Wease likes his pickled veggies, while Pauly and Billy go the meat route, and have even been known to eat a handful of bacon bits that people put on salads.

A buddy of mine is having a birthday party at a local bar... my girlfriend and I were among the first to RSVP that we were coming, but now we've been asked to not come because HIS new girlfriend's best friend is my ex, and they don't want her to feel awkward.  Personally, it doesn't bother me that my ex will be there... it's in a big place and we're adults.  I think we should show up anyway.  What would you do?  What kind of bullshizzit is this?  This question leads to a discussion of jealousy, and how to deal with it.  Wease suggests he talk to his friend and try to work it out, saying that he won't be uncomfortable.

Phantom Of The Opera

We're joined in studio by Frank Viveros and Jacqueline Fontaine, starring in the RBTL production of "Phantom Of The Opera".  Wease loved these two talented people, and was especially blown away by Jacqueline's singing voice, who shows of her opera chops. She's also a former Miss California beauty queen.  Wease may even go to this show, even though he says he's seen it before, and isn't a fan... it's just too fancy for him.

Colbert on Letterman

The announcement of Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman came while Wease was on vacation so we finally get to talk about the selection.  Many people think of Colbert as only the fake Fox News guy, but he's multi talented, coming from an improv background with Second City.  We think Stephen will do a great job, but wonder if there are people expecting the character from The Colbert Report.

Last night we learned that Colbert was once offered an intership on the Letterman show, and he also applied for a writing job, which included this stab at a Top 10 list...