Thank God It’s Friday

A 24-year-old Gates woman, arrested for prostitution last year, has been arrested again.

Gates Police say they arrested Amanda Merrell for prostitution in December 2013 after she advertised for escort services on the internet. Investigators say they sent an undercover police officer to her home where she agreed to engage in sexual activity with him for a fee.

According to police, Merrell continued to advertise for escort services online. Today, police sent another undercover officer to her home where officers say she again agreed to engage in sexual conduct with the officer for a fee.

We think prostitution should be legalized... well, maybe not Marianne... but she should be more careful, and should've found a different way of conducting business so that she wouldn't be busted the exact same way she was the first time.  It would've been kind of funny if the same cop showed up, and she just said "DAMMIT!!!!" when she opened the door and saw him.

US magazine is doing an issue featuring the 15 funniest people alive today.  Pauly has stirrings for 53 year old Julia Louis-Dreyfus



The Buffalo Jills cheerleaders have suspended operations.  Maybe the football team will finally win without the hot women distracting them.  Maybe the Jills should have just stop giving girls a "jiggle test".  Wease makes Pauly take a jiggle test every morning...


Tools went to see the movie "Draft Day" with his WHTK sidekick Danny Moriarty and TV guy Bill Pucko.  Wease quizzes John about what the seating arrangements of the fellas... Pucko sat a row ahead of Tools, and Danny took a buffer seat between him and John.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Wease is really looking forward to seeing the chick comedy "The Other Woman".  The reviews are terrible (26% on Rotten Tomatoes) but Marshall hasn't seen it to comment.  He spoke to star Cameron Diaz on the phone for an article he's writing, and said she was very charming.

Wease Hangover

Wease had one of his late night's last night, eating & drinking and getting home at midnight.  He brags that he and Doreen had some fun once hey got home... Doug Emblidge says that instead of getting 4 hours of sleep Wease got 3 hours and 57 minutes.

Bonus Content... Girls In Uniform


Doug Emblidge News

Doug joins us live in studio this morning...

Five Years Since Drexel Disappearance

Controversial Pastor Speaking In Rochester

RIT Increases Online Security

Wease and Doug share stories from trips they took to Jamaica.  Doug enjoyed playing golf.  Wease enjoyed other things.


Chris Kattan

Joined in studio again former SNL cast member Chris Kattan, who is at the Comedy Club this weekend.  We debate what the best SNL cast was... Chris' may actually be the best with Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jim Breuer, etc...

We also talk to him about working with, and being friends with, a couple of Wease's favorite chicks... Parker Posey and Zooey Deschanel.  Chris is the one that introduced Zooey to Will Ferrell, who got her big break in the movie "Elf".

Buffalo Jills Controversy 

We're joined on the phone by "Jenn", a former Buffalo Jill to comment on the controversy surrounding the Bills cheerleaders.  Jenn has problems with the allegations in the news by current Jills, and defends the organization.  She talks about the tryouts, the contracts that are signed, and how she had never been treated badly during her years working for the Bills dancers.

Jenn also thinks that the expenses that the current girls say they have to pay are ridiculous, and being made up.  She talks about all the great experiences she had as a Jill.

Rochester Music Hall Of Fame

The Wease Show is joined in studio by a bunch of people involved in this weekend's "Rochester Music Hall Of Fame"... Gene Cornish from The Rascals, Greg Walker from Duke Jupiter, Reggie Torian from The Impressions, Kathy Sledge "Sister Sledge", and Armand Schaubroeck from The House Of Guitars.  They tell stories from their musical histories, sing and have fun like only the Wease Show can.


Teddy Geiger

Rochester born pop star Teddy Geiger.  We talk to him about his hit songs, the new tune he wrote for One Direction, and his current tour.  When Wease confuses 80's sitcoms we play "What Sitcom Is This?" with him.