A Tale Of Two Topics

We start this morning by discussing two very, very different topics... the many girlfriends of Yankees superstar shortstop Derek Jeter, and the tragic mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas.

Later this morning we'll be coming up with the starting lineup of Jeter's squeezes.  Rumor has it that he has given many of them herpes.



Then we speak to Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, who has a long and impressive resume in the military, and as a professor.  He gives great thoughts about the man that went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood.  Look for the podcast of this segment later this morning.  Fascinating, and a really great dude.


Tools With Sports

Wease spent most of yesterday in his car listening to sports talk on our sister station 1280 WHTK...  Dan Patrick, Jay Mohr, and Tools were all on Wease's docket yesterday.  Wease talks about all the things that pissed him off, from callers that know more about the Yankees than the hosts, to Mohr's history stealing Bobcat Goldthwaite's girlfriend Nikki Cox and marrying her.  To his credit Mohr and Cox are still married.


Celebrity Poker Players

We're joined in studio by filmmaker Tom Malloy and TV/movie actor Dale Wade Davis (in Rochester making a movie).  They are in town making a film, and are having a celebrity poker tournament this weekend.

Wease and the fellas talk poker and Hollywood, from films Tom has made like "The Alphabet Killer", and stuff Dale has been in like "Port Charles", "Shameless", and "True Blood".  If you're interested in playing poker against Tom, Dale, Wease, the star of The Blind Side (not Sandra Bullock) and many others, you can get info HERE.  

Bonus Content... Hollywood Hot Shots


Shari Smith News

Shari's last day with us for this stint.  Doug Emblidge returns to the show tomorrow.

- St. Bonaventure Grad Injured At Fort Hood 

RTS, Public To Discuss Changes

U of R Remembers Student Found Dead

Garage Destroyed In Overnight Fire

Esther Ku

Comedian Esther Ku joins us in studio.  We talk about her MTV show "Girl Code", living in Florida, being a hot chick touring the country, etc...


Marijuana has caused a death... sort of.  A Denver college student has fallen to his death after eating pot cookies.

Levy Thamba, a 19-year-old student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo., died last month at a Holiday Inn in northeast Denver. On Wednesday, the Denver coroner released a report concluding that Thamba's death was caused by "multiple injuries due to a fall from height."

The coroner also listed "marijuana intoxication" from cannabis-infused cookies as a significant condition contributing to the death. The report classifies the death as an accident.

Happy Birthday Amanda Bynes


Today is the 28th birthday of Hollywood hottie/trainwreck Amanda Bynes.  We learn that she started her career at age 7 and was a child comedian mentored by Arsenio Hall.


Speaking of Hollywood stars gone bad we talk about the time Hugh Grant picked up a hooker.  Wease couldn't remember his name, or the name of the actress he was dating at the time, but he remembered the hooker's name... Divine Brown. 

More Esther Ku



the Esther also does a hilarious Wease Show Rap.

A story in yesterday's news about a teen boy sending naked selfies to a girl lead Wease to talk to his 15 year old son, telling him "Never do that!!"  Doreen said girls are more likely to take naked pictures, and leads to a discussion of this topic.

Plastic Surgery

Yesterday we did a set about regular people getting plastic surgery to look like movie stars... today the subject is Billy Joel's daughter Alexa Ray, who had surgery.