Monday Monday

Wease starts the week calling out something he saw at Wegmans yesterday... a construction worker who parked his truck full of tools in a handicapped spot.  C'mon bro.  This leads to a bunch of calls from people that have had experiences with people parking in the special spots when they shouldn't.

Talking about Wegmans gets a listener to call about Bat McGrath's song about the grocery store, and conversation about hooking up at grocery stores.  Wease says if you want earthy hippie chicks try Trader Joe's.  

Tools With Sports

Tools is picking Kentucky over UConn in tonight's championship game.  Wease doesn't trust Tools now because his original Florida pick.

There was a huge turn out in Buffalo for the celebration of Ralph Wilson's life.  Wease and John want to know where all these supporters were when Ralph was alive... until Wilson dies Tools never took a positive call about the guy on his show.

Jim Kelly and his daughter went to the Knicks game over the weekend  The QB, his daughter Erin, and wife Jill had some emotional things to say.

RIP John Pinnette and Mickey Rooney 

Comedian John Pinnette died yesterday at the age of 50.  He was a big fat guy whose act was based around his weight.  He's most famous as the heavy carjack victim in the final episode of Seinfeld.  Wease feels bad that the problem that killed him (his weight) was what fueled his career.




Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney also passed away yesterday at the age of 93... almost twice the age of Pinnette (but not as old as Ralph Wilson).  Marianne knew a shocking amount about Rooney, who started his career as a kid.  Marianne is a HUGE Judy Garland fan.


Bonus Content... Underboobs



Doug Emblidge News

Lilac Fest Lineup To Be Announced Today

Surgeon Accused Of Slapping Sleeping Patients

Four People Arrested In Kidnapping Hoax

Nguyen Trial Begins Monday


Too Fat To Fly

Actor Quinton Aaron (best known for his porttayal of football player Michael Oher in "The Blind Side") came to town this weekend to film a part in a movie, and play in a charity poker tournament this weeknd (which Wease also played in).  He had trouble getting to town because he was kicked off his plane to Rochester because of his size.  Read the story HERE.  Wease talks about the tournament, the people he met, the fun he had, etc...


Wrestlemania Report

Pauly and Billy watched Wrestlemania together last night, and try to explain to Wease why they enjoy it, why it's huge, and why the end of The Undertaker's Wrestlemania winning streak is a big deal.  Wease doesn't get it, but Billy, Pauly, and the other guys at Billy's house last night were legitimately shocked at the Undertaker's loss, Twitter blew up about it last night (if you follow the people Billy does), and the live crowd in New Orleans were stunned.  Check out the face of the black guy right after the pin.


Gay Marriage

Wease reads today's Bob Lonsberry column, in which  the local right wing radio host debates whether churches should allow gay marriage.  Bob says no, but Wease disagrees, and we take a bunch of great calls from listeners who are on our side, with stories of love and compassion.  Wease quote of the day... 'Praise the hippie Jesus'.

Speaking of Hippie Jesus, look at a young Brother Wease with a girlfriend and his dad.


Hep Sales Ugly Kitchen Contestant

Both "We're Sorry" and "Congrats" to the Quick family in Cohocton for winning the Hep Sales Ugly Kitchen Contest.  The Quick's will be getting $2,500 in kitchen cabinets and improvements.  We also talk to John Kruger about stuff he's done to Wease's house.

Somehow this transitions to whether Street Willie would use sex toys.  Wease open up "Sex In A Can" that we have from a dirty bookstore.  Why does it have teeth?  It's freaking us out.


Doggie Style

Occasionally Wease and Marianne argue about whether it's animal abuse when a guy bangs a dog... Wease thinks the dog may enjoy it.  This argument came up because Wease was watching his favorite TV show, "Rake", with Greg Kinnear when this debate came up.  Rake agrees with Wease. 

Teen Sexting Ring 

Wease talks about the problems of raising teenagers nowadays.  In the past it was so much harder for kids to experiment with sex, but now technology has made it easy.  A teen sexting ring has been busted...