Rock Star Wednesday


We’re joined in studio by our old friend Elvio Fernandes, who has been touring all over the world with the band Daughtry.  He’s home during a break in touring, and tells us about being on the road, and some of the great cities he’s been to like Paris.  He also tells us about being on American Idol, and how cool Jennifer Lopez was, along with being the hottest woman he’s ever seen (besides his wife).


Tools With Sports

John comes in and homoerotically checks out Elvio's body, feeling his muscles.  Elvio talks about his new recipe for bulletproof coffee (which includes putting butter in the coffee).

Wease motherhuckers Tools for leading off his sports report with the Sabres losing instead of the UConn women's basketball team winning the national championship. 

The Bills are rumored to be playing on Thanksgiving day in Detroit, and will have a game vs. the Packers on Monday Night Football.  John's theory is the NFL is showcasing the team for future buyers.  Ralph Wilson's hometown is Detroit.

Kim Kardashian's Ass Goes To Thailand

That's one way to stay afloat! Kim Kardashian's famous booty was on display in one of her most revealing photo shoots to date on March 31 in Thailand. The 33-year-old mother showed off her plus-sized posterior in a sand-covered nude-toned bikini with her brunette locks tousled and wavy.


Doug With News

Kelly Completes First Treatment

Police Search For Driver That Caused Fatal Bus Crash

Teen Hit By Car On Dewey Ave. Dies

Toyota Issues Major Recall

Insane Tax Deductions

Tax time is here again, and that means it’s time to get insanely creative with some of your deductions.

Lucky for us there are some legitimate tax loopholes that actually work even though they might sound ridiculous.

Check with your licensed CPA first -- but here’s the rundown from Guyism on some pretty awesome tax write-offs:

Pet Food -- Transform your trusty wiener dog into a guard dog for your office and now he’s a legit business expense.

Renting Cows -- In the great state of Florida, there’s been a long running law on the books taxing farmland at a lower rate than other land. You don’t even have to turn a profit on your ridiculous farm. Rent a few cows or chickens and let them hang around for a little while; maybe take a few pictures for evidence. Boom.

Caribbean Vacations -- Basically look for a convention somewhat related to your line of work, head down there -- pop your head in for 10 minutes for the sake of the paperwork -- now spend the rest of your time doing body shots off a cabana girl with a giant island booty.

Fake Boobs -- This one flies as long as you can prove that it’s a legitimate business expense. So I’m not telling guys to get their wives to start stripping, but…it’s a good idea. Remember: The bigger the rack the more you get back.

Claiming Kidnapped Kids -- This one is pretty depressing. If your kids are snatched, you can still claim them as dependents until their 18th birthday.

Bonus Content... Bad Bunnies

Today's "Theme Bump Wednesday" was guessed correctly after songs by Drake, Herb Alpert, David Lee Roth, Paula Abdul, and Neil Diamond... all Jewish artists.  

Doreen sent us this picture proving Wease's cat in Jewish... it's playing with a dreidel.  Wease didn't even know they had a dreidel in the house.


Ask Wease 

- Does Wease have any thought's on the Dawn Nguyen trial?  Wease thinks the texts that were evidence in court yesterday makes it look really bad for Nguyen, and may be the deciding factor in a guilty verdict.  This isn't a murder trial, but because the killer William Spengler is dead she is the face of the West Webster Fire Dept. killings.

- What is the daily routine when Elvio does a TV show like American Idol?  Elvio talks about the rehearsal time, meeting the Idol judges, catering, and a bunch of down time where you just hang out.  Elvio got a bunch of facetime when the band was on last week.


- If you could go back in time to another time in your life when would it be?  Wease says it would be one of his debaucherous times in Thailand with hookers.  Or the day he met Doreen.  Marianne says she would go back to change something she did wrong the first time, like breakup with a guy sooner than she did. 

- Would you rather date someone with a pretty face and ugly body, or a great body and ugly face.  Pretty face wins unanimously.

 A listener with a 16 year old son is facing his first heartache... his girlfriend broke up with him.  Have Lucy or Sammy had this happen to them yet?  What advice do you give a teenager?  "If you lose your lover find another" and "the best way to get over someone is get under someone else" just don't seem appropriate.  No heartache yet for the younger kids, but Wease talks about some breakup stories of his older son Jake.  Elvio talks about how he met is wife as a result of a bad breakup.

-What does Wease think of the controversy surrounding sports teams with Native American nicknames?  Wease thinks it's a case by case situation, with some being worse than others.

Andre Reed

Wease speaks to Bills Hall Of Famer Andre Reed about his recent visit to Jim Kelly, coming to Rochester soon for the Press Radio Club luncheon, life in California, and more.

In our "Porn Star Birthdays" we celebrate the life of Jenna Jameson, this biggest porn star ever.

It took only a few hardcore releases for Jenna Jameson to catapult to the top of the porn heap in the early 90’s -- and stay on top until her retirement.

Even with her massive mainstream acceptance, the world’s most popular porn star announced her retirement from the film biz at the 2008 AVN Awards, stating that she would never return to the industry.

Hints of a comeback are on the surface though -- as the mother-of-two has been working as a webcam model on since 2013…even releasing a Jenna Jameson's signature artificial vagina for Fleshlight.

And the industry would embrace her return: Jenna has won more than 20 adult-video awards, and has even been inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Adult Video News (AVN) Halls of Fame.

Let’s hope she can work past her drug and relationship issues and get back into sweaty, hardcore action again real soon.


Titillating Fact: Her 2004 autobiography, “How to Make Love like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale,” spent six weeks on “The New York Times Best Seller” list.