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The Wease Show is back after one of the most beautiful Rochester weekends in about 8 months.  Friday Wease and Marianne broadcast live as Rochester set the record for the world's biggest human flower.



On Saturday a bunch of us walked in the Lilac Parade, where Pauly was captured by Storm Troopers, but not before he ate a bunch of festival food.




Other festival news... we'd like to dedicate today's show to the 95 year old woman that is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver on the way to her car after visiting the Lilac Fest.

If you go to festivals in Rochester you might recognize Dan Quilty, known as "Festival Guy" for his short shorts and free form dancing.  He was busted for exposing himself in Canandaigua.


John spent most of the weekend watching the NFL draft and NBA playoffs.  He gives the Bills a B- for their draft... A+ for Sammy Watkins, and some reaches the rest of the picks.

Tools also explains trading Stevie Johnson to SF, and the trade for RB Bryce Brown from Philly.

Pauly is bummed about the Browns... the got Johnny Football in the draft, but now Cleveland's star WR is suspended for failing his 3rd drug test.

Michael Sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.  He was picked by the Rams in the 7th round.




Lilac Fest Photo Gallery...



Another Musician Joins The 27 Club

Popular Latin singer Jadiel el Tsunami was killed in a motorcycle accident in Rochester over the weekend.  There are tributes worldwide to the performer.  He was 27 years old.


Doug With News

Whittemore Trial To Begin Monday

Driver Hits Elderly Woman At Lilac Festival

More Than 100 Animals Seized

Canandaigua Man Arrested For Nudity Again

Doug asks Wease how Mother's Day weekend went... turns out that it turned into Father's Day.  Saturday Wease and Doreen went to dinner at a friend's house, but it turned into just a night of wine, tequila, booze, and Wease hungover and puking.

Wease wasn't prepared for Mother's Day yesterday, so it got turned into Father's Day.  When the real Father's Day comes around Wease will be expected to turn that into Doreen's holiday.


Balloon Tragedy

We speak to Greg from High Hills Balloon Company about the big story from the weekend in which a hot air balloon caught fire mid flight.  Greg tells us about his history as a balloonist, and how he got hooked after his first ride at the age of 16, and had his balloon license before his license to drive a car.


Marianne's Mother's Day

Yesterday Marianne went to a craft show she was thinking about taking her mom to later in the day.  She felt guilty because she was the only customer and all the vendors were so excited to see her she thought she should buy stuff from everyone.  She wound up spending about $65.

Marianne also talks about her hopes to sell her crafts at festivals in the future.


More Landlord Troubles

Pauly's ex-landlord is still causing trouble.  Pauly and Ryann recently won a lawsuit against her, and now the mean lady is harassing them, and sent them a threatening letter.  Wease thinks Pauly should take her to court, and if she wins she has to let future tenants park in the driveway.


Teen Takes NFL Cheerleader To Prom



Bonus Content... NFL Cheerleaders


Mr. and Mrs. Brooksie

Our former Wease Show member Scott "Brooksie" Brooks took a big step in his life as a grownup yesterday... he proposed to his girlfriend Dianne.  He talks about finding just the right place to do it, and how he explained the presence of a photographer and an artist to draw a caricature.

Brooksie also talks about driving to Buffalo to ask her parents permission, and the plans for the marriage. 


Carbon Leaf

Joined in studio by Virginia based rock band Carbon Leaf, playing tonight at 7pm on the South Ave/Highland stage at the Lilac Festival.  They talk about their lives as a touring band, the new cd, the negatives of playing on a cruise ship, which they have with The Rock Boat.