Tuesday Talkers


We start the morning talking about the big news in town… the trial of Clayton Whittemore, who is accused of killing his girlfriend Alex Kogut in Brockport last year.  There are recordings of phone calls Whittemore made to the police that make it seemed pretty cut and dried.

Pauly makes a great point... we should also feel sorry for Clayton's mother, who went to court to support her son.


Wease Vs. Doreen


Doreen gave Wease one chore yesterday... get directions to Sammy and Lucy's track meet in Rush Henrietta.  No problem right?  Well, Wease got lost, but insisted he was going the right way.  They got there just in time to see Sammy eating a Sno Cone.  Doreen calls in to blame herself, saying she should have just gotten the directions herself, and defends the fact that she is controlling because when she puts Wease in charge of stuff things don't go right.


Tools With Sports

Wease watched a whole baseball game last night, as the Mets beat the Yankees 9-7 in the Subway Series last night.

A California company is in Western NY to look for a spot for a new Bills stadium.  For a lot less money we'll drive around looking for places... look, there's a cornfield in Victor.

Donald Sterling keeps sticking his foot in his mouth.  He was interviewed by Anderson Cooper where he bashes Magic Johnson, compares blacks and Jews, calls Anderson Cooper a racist, and makes other dumb comments.



Redneck News

The opening story may change Redneck News and The Times of Wayne County... Senator Joe Robach is supporting a bill which would prevent the release of mugshots until the accused is convicted.  Seems smart to us.


State Police in Wolcott responded to a report of a domestic incident on Saturday (5/3) at 7321 Route 104A in Red Creek.

Accord­ing to police,
 Kristopher Hurlburt, age 27, got into an argument with his boyfriend over a birth certificate. Hurlburt al­legedly hit his partner numerous times with a metal pipe, causing lacerations to the man’s hands.

Hurlburt was apprehended chasing the boyfriend in a nearby woods. He was charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th Degree. He was ar­raigned and remanded to jail on $ 1000 cash bail to return to Wolcott Town
 Court on June 5th.

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Sunday (5/4) of Hay­ley M. King, age 34, of John Street in Clyde on the charge of Criminal Mis­chief in the 3rd. Degree.

It is alleged that King had a verbal argu­ment with her boyfriend, and when she was asked to leave his resi­dence she became irate.

King then broke the back door win­dow of her boyfriends apartment with a glass liquor bottle during a failed at­tempt to gain entry to retrieve her pain pills.

King was arraigned in the Town of Galen Court by Judge Carr and re­manded to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of bail. King is to reappear in the
 Town of Galen Court.



When In Laws Attack

Did you see the video of the elevator scuffle between Beyonce's sister Solange and Jay Z?  We're wondering what set of Solange... sibling rivalry?  Jealousy?



We think it's smart that the bodyguard stopped the elevator so that the situation wouldn't spill out into public (although it didn't stopm TMZ from getting video).  It's also interesting that Beyonce just stood back and didn't get involved.


Doug With News

Batavia Flaunts Proposed Bills Stadium Site

College Murder Victim Remembered

Man Charged With Attempted Rape

Medley Centre In Court Tuesday


Dennis Hof 



On the phone with Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof who tells us about the fun he's having at his brothel the morning, and talks about the Donald Sterling situation.  He says that he has NBA players that frequents his establishment, and has banned Sterling out of respect... not that the Clipper owner has ever been there, but now he can't go even if he wants.

Casey Kasem

Radio legend Casey Kasem is missing.  Check out this creepy animated version of the situation...



Michael Sam Bashing

We talk about the negative reaction to gay NFL draft pick Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, and people defending Sam.


Former Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson appeared to not be a fan of Michael Sam or ESPN’s coverage of the first gay football player being drafted into the NFL... Because yesterday, Henderson -- who’s not expected to be picked in this year’s NBA draft -- chimed in to let his opinion fly in a series of tweets:

"Boycotting sportscenter til this michael sam nasty [expletive, expletive] is off .... My brothers are 7 and 11 and saw that!!! #SICKENING"

After a flurry of backlash, Henderson sent another tweet less than an hour later saying:

"I'm sorry, but I DO NOT AGREE WHATSOEVER that should be shown to where innocent eyes can see!!!"

And then, when the backlash really kicked in, he appeared to fire off this excuse to save his own ass.

“One of my best friends, WHO IS GAY, is about to graduate in psychology, asked me to say these things so he can have responses ... TBC”

You see, his derogatory tweets about Michael Sam were meant as a project to gather information for a friend -- who is deciding whether to tell family and friends about his sexual orientation.


Marshal told ESPN, "What better way to get research and feedback than to do it like I did," he added. "Everything I did is a psychologist and educator's dream."

Wease believes the explanation, and is giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Bonus Content... Did you hear the story of Brooksie proposing to his girlfriend?

Nice job Brooksie.

Best Teacher Ever

A South Carolina high school teacher has been charged with having sex with three different male students in a single day.


Ellen Niemiec, 29, faces three sexual battery charges, two of them felonies because the students were 17, authorities said. The third was 18.


The Cross High School instructor has been placed on administrative leave and is banned from the campus in Berkeley County, school officials said.


Multiple sexual encounters took place on April 11 during a house party and on the school’s grounds, authorities said.


The teacher also texted nude photos of herself, authorities said.

This leads to a discussion of the "victims" and how lucky they are.  Wease and Pauly both have stories of women they worked with that they had sex with.


Bonus Content... Exxxotica Expo 2014





Brockport Murder Revisited


We again discuss the murder of Alexandra Kogut in Brockport, and an interesting question comes up... would you want to know if a murder takes place in a room/apartment/house you were going to move into?  Would a bad experience keep you from moving in?  Wease disagrees with Marianne and Pauly.