Thoughts For Thursday

Lets start of with something kind of cool... did you see the video of a cat saving the little boy that owns it from a vicious dog?  Luckily surveillance  cameras in the neighborhood caught this in a perfect multi-camera shoot.



The flooding in Penn Yan and Yates county from Tuesday night's rain has been the big story in the news since yesterday morning.  We're saddened by the damage throughout the area, and especially Camp Good Days and Special Times with gives a place for kids with cancer to go for fun. 


The other big news in town is the trial of Clayton Whittemore for the murder of his girlfriend.  We can't even imagine being the parent of either the murdered girl, or the kid on trial.  The mother of Alexandra Kogut left the courtroom sobbing.  Even bleeding liberal Wease is for locking the accused up forever.  Sgt. Mark from the RPD calls to explain some of the legal aspects of the case.



Yesterday Wease filmed The Rochester Press Box, a sports talk TV show with Bill Pucko, Ditullio, and Mike Catalana.  You can see it Saturday at midnight, or Sunday morning at 11:30am.  John says Wease steals the show, so tune in.

You can now be an NFL owner by buying stock in your favorite football player.  So far only a couple players are available, but maybe this is a wave of the future.  As a gambler Wease is gonna buy low on EJ Manuel... let's just hope Wease doesn't pull a "Donald Sterling" and talk about owning black guys.


Cats Vs. Dogs

We then talk about the video at the top of the Rundown of the cat chasing off the dog biting the little kid.  Marianne is now leaning towards "Team Cat" in terms of pets.  What type of dog is this?  It was falsely reported to be a pitbull.  It's almost like the kitty is saying "Get out!!!!  And stay out!!!!  Bitch!!"

Doug With News

Camp Good Days Seeks Help After Storm

Whittemore Testimony Expected To Begin

Bills Want Cheerleaders Lawsuit Dismissed

Lewek Could Have Charges Reduced

We get stories from listeners affected by the storm and floods that ravaged the Penn Yan area.



Jay-Z Vs. Solange

The elevator brawl between Beyonce's sister and Jay Z continues to be in the news.  The hotel employee that released the video to TMZ has been fired.  Whoopi Goldberg made a controversial statement about the situation.  Should Jay Z have hit the woman back?


This leads to a discussion of the lack of privacy in society, and how this ties into the Donald Sterling situation.


Girl Kicked Out Of Home Schooled Prom

A girl in Virginia named Clare was kicked out of a prom for home schooled kids because her dress was too short and provacative.  It is said that the middle aged fathers chaperoning the dance were ogling her.  A listener has a theory that she was singled out because she is white, and her date was black.


The Flying Bounce House

Did you hear about the kid's Bounce House that got blown away by a gust of wind with 3 children in it?  The wind was supposedly blowing 25 miles an hour, which Wease thinks is low.

Wease offers dinner to a guy that calls with some info, which leads to Wease admitting to possibly being sexist... does he offer stuff to men more often than he does women?

Jackie Nutt Slime

Jackie has our entertainment news for the day...

Casey Kasem Found

One More Season Of Two and A Half Men

Video of Jay Z elevator scuffle sold for $250,000 

Andy Warhol Self Portrait Sells For 30 Million

Jackie talks about having to draw a "selfie" for an art class in high school, but the teacher did it for her just to get her out of the class.

Whittemore Trial Revisted

We again talk about one of the big stories of the day, Clayton Whittemore's murder trial.

DA Sandra Doorley talked about some of the gruesome details at the crime scene.  How is a defense attorney supposed to defend someone like this?