Hump Day



We start the morning discussing the commute in Rochester, and potential changes being made to the inner loop.  It seems to sever downtown from the neighborhoods surrounding it, and how the proposed project could fix all that.

Why was the inner loop built?  When was it opened?  The answers are here.  




The NFL Draft is tomorrow night, and it seems there is discussion on sports radio of changing the way the draft is conducted by having the best teams getting the higher draft.  Wease doesn't like that at all.

A county sheriff's office says Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl defensive lineman Marcell Dareus has been arrested in Alabama on drug charges. 

A jailer for Cleburne County in Heflin who would not give her name says Dareus was arrested Monday night by a state trooper and was released from the jail within an hour.

She says he was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Tools says that Dareus had synthetic marijuana, which many people think is worse than the real weed.

Kevin Durant won the NBA MVP, and gave a very emotional speech.


Monica Lewinsky News Blows Up

Monica Lewinsky says she deeply regrets her affair with President Bill Clinton. The now 40-year-old is speaking out to Vanity Fair because she wants a different ending to her story.

Monica maintains that her affair was one between two consenting adults, but she acknowledges that it permanently altered the direction of her life. In fact, the only “abuse” she suffered was in the aftermath. She said, “I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.” She also had a hard time finding work because of her “history.”

So what made Lewinsky speak out 16 years after the fact? She said that watching the suicide of Tyler Clementi – the Rutgers freshman who jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate secretly webcast him kissing another man – she decided to share her story to help others who are suffering through their deepest moments of humiliation.

One More Thing…  Monica wants Beyoncé to set the record straight in her song, “Partition.” Monica said, “If we’re verbing, I think you meant “Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,” not “Monica Lewinsky’d.” Alrighty then, Monica!


We speak with CBS News reporter Vickie Barber about the situation of the kidnapped school girls in Nigeria.  She talks about the trouble finding them because of the country's geography, and possible military action.  Wease thinks Donald Sterling should pay a huge ransom to get the kids back... if he's not forgiven then he never will be.

Doug With News

- RCSD Seeks Extension For East High Plan

- Chili Ave Bridge Closed Until Further Notice 

City Unveils Inner Loop Plan

Bonus Content... Perfectly Timed Pictures


Lilac Festival

Lilac Fest promoter Jeff Springut is in studio to talk about Rochester's #1 festival.

We need your help to form the World’s Largest Human Flower, breaking the 2012 record set in England by 2,190 people!  We love our famous hometown and we want the world to shine a spotlight on our community spirit and famous stars! 

Schedule of Events 

10:30 am Guinness World Record Check-in opens

11:00 am - 12:25 pm Flower Assembly 

12:00 pm Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

12:30 pm Record Breaking Flower Formed and held for five minutes

Wease will be broadcasting there live Friday at noon.  You can find all the info yo need at this website, keyword LILAC.

The attempt of the record breaking flower will take place in front of the stage at South and Highland.  Meet us there.  Here's what we'll be trying to do...



Ask Wease

- Any advice for a guy whose wife just left him?  The guy lives in Newark, and says it's slim pickings out there.  Wease says move to Rochester where there are more women, head to some bars and find yourself a squeeze.  He'll be visiting Pauly at Rubino's this Friday.

- How did Wease meet the other people on his show?  Wease met Billy at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club 20+ years ago when Billy was a fan.  Billy wound up interning a few months after that, Wease loved the weird stuff Billy knows, and eventually wound up hiring.  Marianne was a travelling comedian whose boyfriend broke up with her on the phone just before coming to the studio to promote her show.  Pauly met Wease the day it was announced he was coming to Clear Channel, and hoped Wease wasn't going to take his job as a Top 40 DJ... once he met him Pauly knew that wasn't happening.  Nutt was a promotions intern that met Wease at a Dunkin Donuts appearance.

- What does Marianne hate taking about more... sex, farting, or prostitution?  Sex and farting when they're about her the most... sex first, then farting because it's juvenile, and the prostitution.

In case you missed yesterday's fart discussion, and Marianne's hilarious reaction to it...


Planet Prenancy

A pregnant woman claims she was told to cover up or leave a South Carolina Planet Fitness last week said she's not comfortable working out in public anymore -- at least not for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The incident that took place at a West Ashley, S.C. gym has made headlines, but Melissa Mantor said she's just looking for a sincere apology, "not only to me, but to anyone who has become a victim of your discriminatory policy," as stated in a letter to Planet Fitness sent today and obtained by ABC News.

According to Mantor, she was working out at the gym in a tank top she'd worn many times before -- in fact, the one she wore on the day she joined Planet Fitness.

Mantor said she was approached by a staff member who said she was in violation of the gym's dress code -- a code, Mantor said, she was never aware of. The staff member told Mantor her "belly was hanging out," a fact which Mantor conceded.  She was about 19 weeks pregnant at the time.

What Not To Do Angry

Hey, wait a minute.  Don't hit 'send' on that angry memo.  Slow it down. In fact you should learn to slow a lot of stuff down. That's the advice from experts who have a bit of wisdom for how you should navigate the things in life that anger you.

For starters, the saying "never go to bed angry" is valid advice. Going to sleep may reinforce or "preserve" negative emotions, according to a study in the “Journal of Neuroscience,” which found that sleep enhances memories, particularly emotional ones. "We are learning that sleep seems to help us process and consolidate information we acquire while we are awake," says Dr. Allen Towfigh, a sleep medicine doctor and neurologist.  So going to bed after an argument will likely cause that experience to be consolidated more effectively than if you went on to remain awake for that same eight-hour period.

Don't sleep on it.  But don't go to Facebook to vent your feelings, either.  Experts say that's not a good look.  You’re simply exposing yourself in a way that doesn't reflect well on you.  And don't get behind the wheel.  Driving angry is full of potential accidents.  Research backs up that claim.

Wease talks about some of the ways he controls his emotions, because we all know how good he is at that.... he also talk about what a good driver he is, and what everyone else does to piss him off.

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