C'mon Get Happy

Wease starts by asking Billy a question he saw in this morning's prep... Who said

"I believe that a woman can remain sexual right through her 70s and 80s and beyond.  I am living proof of that."?

Billy guessed Florence "Mrs. Brady" Henderson... wrong.  It's Shirley "Mrs. Partridge" Jones.  Billy has to explain the difference to Wease, because he's never seen either show, and they wind up talking about the 70's TV icon, and the shows.

Tools With Sports

Epic game last night in the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  Chi-town wins 4-3 in triple OT.  Wease talks about how much more exciting that is than a no-hitter in baseball.  If a hockey game plays 3 overtimes doesn't that mean that both teams went almost a complete game without scoring a goal.  Wease writes a comedy bit about no hitters... "I went to a baseball game, and guess what happened... NOTHING!!!".

The Spurs are 1.5 point favorites in tonights NBA Game 3.  Tools predicts a big game out of Lebron... at least 30 points.

Sad news on the track last night...

NASCAR driver JASON LEFFLER was killed last night in a crash during a Sprint Car race at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey.  He was 37 years old, and leaves behind a 5-year-old son.


Leffler had been racing dirt car events most of this year, including last night's race . . . which boasted a $7,000 prize for the winner.


Leffler had to be pulled from the vehicle.  (Here's what it looked like after the crash.)

Wease Vs. The Blizzard Of Oz

Pauly got this video from a listener...

In April of 1982 Ozzy's Blizzard Of Oz tour was coming to Rochester, and a woman named Karen was protesting the show.  The local TV news interviewed Karen, and a young concert promoter named Alan Levin, working for Boylan Productions, defending Ozzy.

After seeing the video Marianne mentioned how handsome he was... "You look like a guy".

Joel Lindley

Comedian Joel Lindley i in studio today.  He is performing with Loni Love at The Comedy Club in Webster this weekend.  She'll be joining us tomorrow.  One of Joel's favorite things to do is scam the Nigerians that send out the spam emails that offer people millions of dollars.  He tells us some of the stories of things he's done to make the scammers humiliate themselves.

Shari Smith News

Doug is still on vacation, so thanks to Shari for filling in.

- Rochester Mounted Patrol Will Be Retained

- Jim Kelly Recuperating At Home

- Death Of Fairport Teacher Inspires Tough DWI Bill

- Parents Alerted After Incident In East Irondequoit

Woman Of The Day

Valerie Dodds, a 19-year-old former student at Lincoln Catholic high school in Lincoln, Neb., posed naked on the school's campus and was cited by police for trespassing and public nudity.

Dodds struck various poses on the football field at Lincoln Pius X early one morning last month. The photos were posted on her website.

Dodds said on her site that the photo shoot was revenge against students and teachers who gave Dodds grief when she shared her plans for a career in porn.

She returned and stood in front of the school the day after the incident, wearing only panties and pasties. That brief attire kept her on the lawful side of the city's ordinance covering public nudity.

"She was covering the appropriate areas of her body, so there was no law violation," Lincoln Police Department spokesperson Katie Flood said, according to Omaha.com. "She was told to leave because she was creating a disturbance to motorists."

Administrators at the school reportedly issued a statement saying they are "praying for the young lady and her family" and they are "ready to offer forgiveness and support should she seek it."

Dodds reportedly told the news site that she wants to take similar photos wearing only panties and pasties in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse.

"I want to go to the courthouse and do a set where I got my tickets at," she told Omaha.com.

For more pictures and a GREAT video of Valerie go HERE.

People's Court With Marianne And Joel

While talking about the 19 year old girl above both Marianne and Joel Lindley are reminded of a story.  It was a long involved story, and we got different versions from the two, but we find out that Joel had taken out Marianne's sister a couple times, and let Marianne do a set at one of his shows when she was first starting.  We find out that Marianne and her sister were at Joel's show when he starting making out with a 19 year old girl that he was also seeing.  They also ran into them at another bar, and passed each other in cars going home.  Joel's expanation... "C'mon, she's 19".

Penile Enlargement Gone Bad

In 2009, a 44-year-old truck driver named Daniel Metzgar from Newark, Delaware went to Dr. Thomas J. Desperito for PENILE ENHANCEMENT SURGERY.  And it's safe to say things didn't work out like Daniel was planning.


Something was WRONG with the penile implant, and Daniel was left PERMANENTLY ENGORGED for eight straight months.  He says it made it impossible for him to ride his motorcycle, or even do basic things like get the paper in the morning.


But for some reason, he never went back to the doctor . . . even after his scrotal region swelled up to the size of a VOLLEYBALL.


Then, the implant BROKE . . . and the tubing from it PIERCED his volleyball-sized man bag.


So he had MORE surgery, and needed prosthetics to fix all the damage.  That left him FIFTY PERCENT SMALLER down there than before he started.


Now he's suing Desperito for an undisclosed amount.  Desperito's attorneys say that sometimes bad surgical results aren't the doctor's fault . . . and Daniel should've known something was wrong when his scrotum swelled up.

Here's some funny audio of a reporter reading testimony about the incident.

Geezers vs. Douchebags

From D-bags to Geezs

What’s the new thing that Facebook is implementing today?  HINT – They’re stealing this from Twitter.  (A- Hashtags.. )  Old guys get it wrong.  


Since we talked about Ozzy earlier.. a question from The Osbournes which aired in the early 2000s and was one of the 1t “follow someone around” reality shows.  Who famously refused to be in that show and publically criticized it anytime he or she could?  (A- Their daughter Aimee Osbourne..)  Wease get's it right.


According to The Billboard Hot 100.. THIS is the #1 song in the country.  Half a point each for the name of the song and the artist.  (A- Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.. )  Wease and Billy both thought it sounded like Prince, but that was wrong (and knew it would be)

From Billy and Wease to Pauly and Brooksie...

What was the female character comedian Flip Wilson was famous for dressing in drag to portray?  Scotty remembered Billy asking this question before, and remembered it's Geraldine.

Name three characters from Three's Company.  The young guys get 2/3 of a point for naming Jack and Chrissy.

In the movie "Hollywoodland" played 50's TV actor George Reeves.  What role was Reeves famous for?  Pauly correctly guessed "Superman", thinking the question was "about the guy that fell off the horse", meaning Christopher Reeve.

Young guys will 2 2/3 to 1

One Wipe Charlies and Dollar Razors

According to a new survey, 51% of men use BABY WIPES when they move their bowels.  So that's the MAJORITY of men.  But of that group, 24% are embarrassed about it, and try to hide it.  This has lead to a company to market wipes towards men called "One Wipe Charlie's".

We find out that One Wipe Charlie's come from the creators of Dollar Shave Club, a mail order club for razors, which has a hilarious video for their ad.

Someone calls saying that this commercial is fake, but they're not... they are sponsors for many radio shows, including Opie and Anthony, and Joy Mohr Sports.

Tomorrow's Show

Friday!!!!  Marshall Fine will be on to review "Man Of Steel" (Wease is seeing it tonight, so I'm sure he'll have some thoughts), big time comedian Loni Love will be in studio, Tools will breakdown tonight's Heats/Spurs game (and any no-hitters that happen), and Shari Smith's final day (for now) with the Legit News.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.