Powerball Grandma

The winner of last month's giant $590 MILLION Powerball jackpot finally came forward, and she's an 84-YEAR-OLD woman from Florida . . . who got the ticket when someone let her cut in line.  She took the lump sum of $370 million, so after taxes she's $270 MILLION richer.


FULL STORY:  We finally know who won last month's giant $590 MILLION Powerball jackpot.  And the lucky winner is . . . the woman's family, because there's no way she'll have time to blow all that money in her golden years.


She's 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie of Zephyrhills, Florida, and she came forward yesterday as the winner of the massive Powerball jackpot on May 18th. 


She took the lump sum of $370 million, so after taxes she's $270 MILLION richer.  That's a LOT of butterscotch candies and $15 birthday checks.


She went to the lottery office with her son, Scott . . . whose inheritance outlook just got a LOT better . . . a few family friends, and some lawyers.


Gloria bought the ticket at a Publix grocery store, and let the machine pick the numbers.  And she only got the winning ticket because a guy was nice enough to let her cut ahead in line.  That's right:  Being nice to old ladies can cost you hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wease thinks Gloria should hunt this guy down, and give him a million.

After she claimed her prize, she and her family drove back to her modest gray duplex across from a cow pasture.  It has a tin sheet roof and an old TV antenna on top.


She wasn't talking to reporters, but one neighbor told them, quote, "I hope she gets a better place to live."

Do you think she waited awhile before coming forward so she could see which relatives really cared about her, checked in on her, and gave them little tests?

Wease is having a rough morning... he's hungover.  Isn't this the 4th time in 6 days he's come in after too much alcohol?  We decide to give Wease the test from A.A.'s website to see if he needs help.  Marianne takes the test too...

Answer YES or NO to the following questions.

1 - Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?
Most of us in A.A. made all kinds of promises to ourselves and to our families. We could not keep them. Then we came to A.A. A.A. said: "Just try not to drink today." (If you do not drink today, you cannot get drunk today.)

Yes No

2 - Do you wish people would mind their own business about your drinking-- stop telling you what to do?

In A.A. we do not tell anyone to do anything. We just talk about our own drinking, the trouble we got into, and how we stopped. We will be glad to help you, if you want us to.

Yes No

3 - Have you ever switched from one kind of drink to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting drunk?

We tried all kinds of ways. We made our drinks weak. Or just drank beer. Or we did not drink cocktails. Or only drank on weekends. You name it, we tried it. But if we drank anything with alcohol in it, we usually got drunk eventually.

Yes No

4 - Have you had to have an eye-opener upon awakening during the past year?

Do you need a drink to get started, or to stop shaking? This is a pretty sure sign that you are not drinking "socially."

Yes No

5 - Do you envy people who can drink without getting into trouble?

At one time or another, most of us have wondered why we were not like most people, who really can take it or leave it.

Yes No

6 - Have you had problems connected with drinking during the past year?

Be honest! Doctors say that if you have a problem with alcohol and keep on drinking, it will get worse -- never better. Eventually, you will die, or end up in an institution for the rest of your life. The only hope is to stop drinking.

Yes No

7 - Has your drinking caused trouble at home?

Before we came into A.A., most of us said that it was the people or problems at home that made us drink. We could not see that our drinking just made everything worse. It never solved problems anywhere or anytime.

Yes No

8 - Do you ever try to get "extra" drinks at a party because you do not get enough?

Most of us used to have a "few" before we started out if we thought it was going to be that kind of party. And if drinks were not served fast enough, we would go some place else to get more.

Yes No

9 - Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don't mean to?

Many of us kidded ourselves into thinking that we drank because we wanted to. After we came into A.A., we found out that once we started to drink, we couldn't stop.

Yes No

10 - Have you missed days of work or school because of drinking?

Many of us admit now that we "called in sick" lots of times when the truth was that we were hung-over or on a drunk.

Yes No

11 - Do you have "blackouts"?

A "blackout" is when we have been drinking hours or days which we cannot remember. When we came to A.A., we found out that this is a pretty sure sign of alcoholic drinking.

Yes No

12 - Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not drink?

Many of us started to drink because drinking made life seem better, at least for a while. By the time we got into A.A., we felt trapped. We were drinking to live and living to drink. We were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Yes No

Did you answer YES four or more times? If so, you are probably in trouble with alcohol. Why do we say this? Because thousands of people in A.A. have said so for many years. They found out the truth about themselves — the hard way. But again, only you can decide whether you think A.A. is for you. Try to keep an open mind on the subject. If the answer is YES, we will be glad to show you how we stopped drinking ourselves. Just call. A.A. does not promise to solve your life's problems. But we can show you how we are learning to live without drinking "one day at a time." We stay away from that "first drink." If there is no first one, there cannot be a tenth one. And when we got rid of alcohol, we found that life became much more manageable.

Marianne scored a 4, Wease a 5, but says he has no problem.  Maybe the Gambling Anonymous test is next.

Tools With Sports

Hockey talk with Wease and Tools this morning.  They discuss how hockey players are the nicest guys in the major team sports.  Wease ran into NHL player Scott Nichols last night, and how awesome he was (we're surprised he remembered).

John tells a story about superstar goalie Martin Brodeur telling him how his wife would call him in the locker room before games to tell him who he was banging.

Wease is sad the Penguins lost to the Bruins in Double O.T. last night... he's become a Sidney Crosby fan.

Wease recalls stories of his days as a Flyers fan living in Philadelphia during the early 70's Broad Street Bullies run.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight at 9pm.  Most of the money is on the Miami Heat, but Lakers center Metta World Peace is rooting for the Spurs, even though he can't spell S-P-U-R-S.

In baseball, a strange game between the White Sox and Mariners.  It was 0-0 for 13 innings, the White Sox score 5 in the top of the 14th, and the Mariners score 5 in the bottom.  Sox eventually won with 2 runs in the 16th.

But She Comes From Such A Normal Family...

MICHAEL JACKSON'S 15-year-old daughter PARISwas rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning after a suicide attempt.


According to various reports, Paris took about 20 Motrin and cut one of her wrists with a kitchen knife.  She also left a suicide note, but the contents haven't been revealed.


According to one report, Paris realized she'd made a mistake almost immediately and, quote, "cried for help" . . . which saved her life.


Police responded to a 911 call at about 1:30 in the morning.  Paris was taken to a nearby hospital and placed on a 72-hour mental health hold.


Sources say Paris had a fit Tuesday night when she was told she couldn't go see a MARILYN MANSON show on a school night.  


But there's a lot more going on than that, obviously.  For starters, sources say Paris is still depressed over her father's death.  And a statement from the attorney for Paris' grandmother, KATHERINE JACKSON, bears that out.


The lawyer said, quote, "Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention.  Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are.  It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you."


What's making matters worse is that she's supposed to testify in the wrongful death trial her family launched against Michael's concert promoters.


A source says, quote, "She's just a wreck.  She was getting more and more emotional about having to take the stand as the day gets closer.  This is a plea for help.  She is broken."


On Tuesday night, Paris Tweeted, quote, "I wonder why tears are salty?"


She also dropped in a line from the BEATLES classic "Yesterday" . . . "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."  (Ironically, Paris and her brothers own the rights to that song.)


Last month she referred to KURT COBAIN, who committed suicide himself, as "Jesus".


Recently, Paris had been spending a lot of time with her biological mother DEBBIE ROWE, and by all accounts, they were enjoying getting to know each other. 


Yesterday, Debbie told "Entertainment Tonight" that Paris, quote, "has a lot going on."


The last thing we heard from the family was a statement from Paris' uncles TITO, MARLON and JACKIE last night.  They said, quote, "Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for Paris.  She is safe and doing fine.


"We truly appreciate you respecting our family privacy at this time."

Wease wonders who her real parents are... she's too pretty to be the daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

Doug With News

- Philadelphia Rescuers Listen For Tapping Sounds

- LPGA Tee Times Delayed

- Sabres Execs Promise Big Announcement

- Casino Plan Includes Western NY

Game Show Madness

Since 2004, a postal worker in North Carolina has been out on disability for a shoulder injury.  And she might've gotten away with it . . . if she hadn't gone on "The Price is Right".  In 2009 she made it onto the show and got to spin the BIG WHEEL.  But investigators saw her do it with no shoulder pain, and investigated her case.  On Monday, she pleaded guilty to fraud.

This leads to Wease asking Billy about a show he went to last Saturday night.  A "The Price Is Right" touring show was at the Auditorium Theater last Saturday, and Billy was in the sold out audience.  He didn't get to play any games, but talked about everything that went on, from the 4:30 registration for a 7:30 show, to people that won and lost, to the games that were played.  Ticket prices ran from about 40 to 100 dollars.  With low production costs, and prizes donated by various companies, it has to make a fortune.  Here is video that is very representative of what happened.

We're all amazed that Wease had never heard of Plinko, or any of the other games, although Billy's girlfriend Susan had never seen the show either, and needed everything explained to her.  She thought that Price Is Right was the game people wore costumes to, but that's "Let's Make A Deal".  Turns out Marianne was on Let's Make A Deal last fall, and wound up with a "Zonk" of Dancing Monkeys.  If anyone knows where we can get a copy of this you'll get big prizes.

Alysia Wood

Comedian Alysia Wood is at The Comedy Club in Webster this week, and in studio with us.  Wease goes through her resume of TV and radio shows, and asks about The Bob and Tom Show.  How can they fake laugh so much?  Wease tells about a comedian that once came to his show on their recommendation, and was maybe the worst guest we ever had.  His name is Heywood Banks and his "hit" song was "Toast".

They also discuss TV shows Alysia likes, terrible gigs at colleges, online dating, "No Homo", and more.

In The News

In Washington, Brittany Minder says she was excited to show off her new, strapless dress, but prom officials at the door told her she could not go in because she was showing too much cleavage. 

Central Kitsap High School where Minder goes to school permits strapless dresses according to its dress code.  “Strapless dresses and those with spaghetti straps are allowed providing cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered,” the code says.

According to ABC News , Minder’s parents say the high school enforced the policy unfairly and want school officials to apologize.

“All women are not created equal, and you cannot compare a golf ball to a grapefruit,” Brittney’s mother Kimberly told ABC News .

Brittney says her gown was designed for a woman with a larger than average bust size, which left her father to speculate on what exactly the school would have deemed acceptable.

“A girl like Brittany should not have to go to a dance in a burlap sack because she’s large busted,” her father Gary told KOMO . “It’s ridiculous.”

The school did not address the parent’s request for an apology.

The teen eventually put on a shawl and was allowed in. Minder says she was humiliated and left about an hour later.

As a bonus a listener sent us this picture, supposedly from a wedding in Batavia.  We're a little suspicious if it's real.

Pauly's Page has the video of the day... An angry woman attacking a news crew.  Check it out and laugh.

A discussion of parental behavior at their kids sporting events leads to a debate of whether to be truthful with your children when they aren't so good.  Wease is for the truthful route (he says his son Jake was "average at best", thus earning Jake a new nickname).  An argument is made that kids will here "the truth" the rest of their lives, so this is the one time parents can be supportive.

Geezer's Vs. Douchebags

D Bags go 0 for 3 today...

1. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?  A Timex Watch

2. Satchmo is the nickname of what legendary musician?  Louis Armstrong

3. The new Lone Ranger movie comes out later this year... what's the name of The Lone Ranger's horse?

From Dbags to Geezers...

Coming Soon


The band Poperazzi is in studio to promote their shows at the Italian Fest taking place in East Rochester this weekend... Info HERE on the festival.  We didn't know the whole group was gonna show up, and asked for a spokesperson to represent them.  I won't say which member this upset, but let me remind you that Wimmens Is Crazy.

Tomorrow's Show

Will Wease be hungover again?  Find out tomorrow.  We'll speak with Marshall Fine about this week's movies, John Dituulio will break down sports, Doug Emblidge with Legit News, Josh Mankowitz from NBC Dateline, and much more.