Helloooo Monday (it was a crazy weekend)

Billy is off today... because he's in the hospital! So Pauly is back early from his vacation and Intern Chris (yes, Intern is his first name) is filling in writing the Daily Run Down today.

The full story revealed later in the show!

Over the Weekend

Pauly went to Saratoga Springs over the weekend for a wedding. The wedding was phenomenal. Wealthy people throw incredible weddings- Grey Goose, sushi, and crab cakes! The wedding had a band too. To save money, Pauly ended up sleeping in a room with 4 sorority girls to save money.

Lots of action in Wease's neighborhood this weekend. Last night, a guy fell out of a boat in Sodus Bay near Wease's house. Police are searching for 40 year-old Tony Weaver. Also, two ladies were found dead in Sodus. The women went to go feed a cat they were looking after and didn't come back. There was a small fire in the house as well.

Wease compares the George Zimmerman vedict to O.J. Simpson.

Tools with Sports

A fan in Cleavland caught four foul balls. The chances of this are 1 in a Trillion. Pauly has NEVER even caught one and is upset about this.

Home Run Derby is tonight. The Mets are hosting at Citi Field. Chris Davis of the Oreoles is the hot pick for Tools.

The Newsroom on HBO

The Newsroom Season 2 premiered last night. Pauly and Wease are massive fans of the show and talk about how awesome it is.

Cory Monteith

'Glee' star Cory Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room over the weekend. He played Finn Hudson on the show. He was only 31.


Pauly tells Wease about Sly Dial, a service that connects you directly to people's voicemail. It's perfect for when you're just not in the mood to talk to someone directly. Marianne has a different method- she calls from two phones at the same time so that one is guarenteed to get the voicemail. Wease admits he doesn't even have voicemail because he hates it.

Doug with News

Recovery Effort Underway In Sodus Bay For Missing Boater

Two Women Found Dead In Sodus Home

Second Bicyclist Hurt In Musselman Triathlon

NAACP Calling For Civil Rights Charges

The National Transportation Safety Board apologized after an intern mistakenly confirmed racially offensive FAKE names of the pilots of the Asiana Airline that crashed in San Francisco.

Grown Ups 2

The movie received a 7% rating from critics, but made tons of money regardless! Pauly saw it when he was in Saratoga Springs and liked it. He says it wasn't a great movie, but enjoyed it.


Wease talks about different naked festivals and events. A group of people set the record for the most number of people skinny dipping at one time: 12,000! Marianne recounted a time when she was waitressing in Los Angeles and saw over 100 naked bike riders go by.

Zimmerman Verdict

The George Zimmerman 'not guilty' verdict is big news. There have been protests to the verdict.There was a small protest in Rochester, but it was relatively mild and peaceful. However, one in Oakland did involve rocks through windows.

The crew discussed if neighborhood watchmen should really carry weapons, and Pauly suggests that a neighborhood watch person should be held to a higher standard with their weapon, similiar to the way a truck driver needs a commercial driver's license. Wease got into an argument with a caller over racism, the Zimmerman case, and whether or not the term 'cracker' is actually offensive.

Sex Statistics

Would you want to join the Mile High Club? Wease reads statistics on how many people want to have sex on an airplane (33%) and bang on a beach (82%). Pauly has trouble fitting in the airplane bathroom with as it is, and doesn't believe he could ever be capable of joining the club. Marianne hates airplane bathrooms, but Wease thinks they are beautiful. He takes his time in there as he considers it time not on the plane. Wease is also part of the 18% of people that would NOT want to have sex on a beach. The sand is just not worth it.

Billy makes a surprise appearance!!

Billy surprised us and came in this morning around 10 to tell us all about what happened to him this weekend.

This is what happened: Billy was doing lawn work. He was pushing a green tote and it hit a rock. He went over the handles and the bottom of his nose hit the edge of the tote and his head snapped back. He was bleeding badly. Luckily, his girlfriend, Susan, had not left for work yet and was able to take him to the hospital. There was a trail of blood all throughout the house. At Rochester General Hospital, Billy found out from the doctors that he has diabetes. This is something he did not know. The glucose level in a normal human being is around 110...his glucose level was 406 when they tested him. He's now watching his diet and cutting out the sugary drinks.

Fired for Being Too Hot?

A man in Iowa fired his employee because he found her too attractive. Melissa Nelson sued James Nelson based on sexual discrimination.The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that he fired her legally and that he did not engage in sexual discrimination.

Wease recounts a story where he told a woman she gained weight and she was upset. Wease doesn't understand why she cared so much, but Marianne and Pauly both agree that a guy cannot say that to a woman!