Tuesday Talkers

Wease goes through a quick roundup of local news to catch people up on what happened over the past 24 hours including body found in search of a missing boater in Sodus, someone won a million bucks on a scratch off ticket, and a Rochester man shot and killed while walking his dog.  The shooting story leads to a discussion of news sources because some site say it was a stray bullet, but some never mention that as the cause.  I'm sure more discussion of the stories will happen when we talk Doug later

32 years ago . . . in1981- HARRY CHAPIN (most famous for the heartbreaking song "Cat's In The Cradle") was killed when his car was struck by a tractor-trailer on New York's Long Island Expressway.  Even though they were a decade away from meeting Billy and Wease were in the same place when this happened... at a Doobie Brothers concert at the War Memorial.  We talk about his great tunes including "Taxi", and it's followup "Sequel".

Tools With Sports

Tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska has been dropped from her role as ambassador for a Catholic youth movement after she posed nude in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, according to Agence France-Presse.

A Polish Catholic group known as Krucjata Mlodych, or Youth Crusade, said it was severing its relationship with the 24-year-old Polish native for what it said was "immoral behavior" in the ESPN spread.

Radwanska, a devout Catholic, had previously urged young Poles to assert pride in their faith in television ads for the group in which she spelled out the word "Jesus" with tennis balls, AFP reported.

Last night was the MLB Homerun Derby, won by Oakland A Yoenis Cespedes, beating the National's Bryce Harper in the final.  Talking about this Cuban born player leads to Wease talking about another baseball player from Cuba... Fidel Castro.

The All Star Game is tonight.  Starting pitchers are the Mets Matt Harvey, pitching at home in Citi Field vs. 13-1 Max Scherzer from the Detroit Tigers.

Redneck News

Naked 2 year-old boy and 4 year-old girl with no underwear found walking down the street as mom slept

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Wednes­day ( 7/ 10) at 10: 13 a. m. of a Rose woman for Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Jessica Vanopdurp,
age 24 of Wayne Center Rose Road, was al­legedly home sleeping while her two children left the residence and walked down the road unsupervised. A two year-old boy was reportedly naked and a four year-old girl had no underwear on when discovered by police. Police initially could not find the parent.

Vanopdurp was arraigned in the Town of Rose Court by Judge Poole and remanded to the Wayne County Jail on $500 cash or $2000 bail bond. She will return to the Rose Court at a later date to answer the charge.

Jessica Vanopdurp

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Wednes­day ( 7/ 10) at 1: 47 a. m. of a Village of Red Creek man for Kidnapping.

Deputies arrested
Keith C. Butler age 56, of 6892 State Street in Red Creek on charges of Kidnapping 2nd degree, Aggravated Criminal Con­tempt, Aggravated Family Offense, and Assault in the 3rd degree.

It is alleged that Butler forced his ex- girlfriend into his vehicle during a domestic dispute at the Airport Bar in Sodus. Butler then kept his ex­girlfriend in his vehicle while driving around on back roads and ultimately ended up on River Rd. in the Town Galen. While there, Bulter threatened his ex-girlfriend, and told her he would kill her and throw her into the river.

Butler violated the Stay Away Order of Protection issued out of the Town of Sodus Court and has previously been convicted for other family offenses within the preceding 5 years.

Butler was arraigned in the Town
of Galen Court by Judge Carr and re­manded to the Wayne County Jail on no bail. Butler is to reappear in the Town of Galen Court at a later date to answer the charges

Keith C. Butler

A K-9 dog nabbed Bryon Newville, 29, who is accused of falling through the roof of a Thai restaurant during a botched burglary in Bradenton, reports the Bradenton Herald.

Newville had planned to break into a pharmacy on the property apparently chose the wrong air handler to fall through, according to the report.

The accused injured burglar didn't curry favor with responding deputies by deciding to seize the opportunity and tried to open the restaurant's cash register, according to the Sheriff's Office.

This dude sure wasn't using his noodle.

Photo: Manatee County Jail

Bryon Newville

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Wednes­day ( 7/ 10) at 2: 40 a. m. of a Village of Clyde man following an investigation into a burglary and forcible touching that occurred in the Town of Galen.

It is alleged that
Patrick M. Samp­son Jr., age 24 of Glasgow Street in Clyde, entered a residence on Tyre Road in the Town of Galen without permission and proceeded to grab a female in the residence in a sexual manner. Sampson was charged with Burglary in the Second Degree and Forcible Touching.

Sampson was arraigned in the Town of Galen Court and remanded to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of bail. Sampson will appear in Town of Ga­len Court at a later date to answer his charges.

Patrick M. Sampson Jr.

After deputies pulled over Benson Clark McCreary, 70, for allegedly rolling through a stop sign, a K-9 detected the presence of drugs in his truck, reports the Naples Daily News.

When deputies then found two small bags of crack in the East Naples man's pocket, McCreary reportedly told them a hooker must have put it there, according to the report.

Photo: Collier County Jail

Is this next Redneck a dude a chick?....

Shannon Shepard

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Thursday (7/11) of Shan­non R. Shepard, age 39 of Godfrey, Illinois. Shepard was stopped by patrol for a hav­ing a tail light out. It was al­leged that Shepard had taken a car from Lafayette, NY without per­mission. She was charged with Unau­thorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the 4th degree. She was arraigned and remanded to the Wayne County Jail on $ 2500 bail, to reappear in court on August 7th.


Doug With News

- Rochester Man Killed While Walking Dog

- Body Found In Search For Missing Boater

- Cool Sweep Is On

- United Airlines Layoffs Coming To Rochester

Tom Cotter

Comedian Tom Cotter joins us on the phone to promote his shows this weekend at The Comedy Club in Webster.  Tom is the only comedian to ever make the finals of America's Got Talent.  Tom talks about the process behind the scenes of the popular TV show, how he lost to a dog act, is hosting the Vegas "AGT Live Show".  Funny guy.


Our pal Elvio Fernandes joins us in studio.  It's awesome that a guy we've spent so much time with over the years is now touring the world as a member of the band Daughtry.  He tells us about his time on the road, the bands he's worked with, and his life as a touring musician.  Daughtry (with Elvio) are playing at CMAC tonight with 3 Doors Down. Halestorm, and Bad Seed Rising (a band of kids that Elvio says are great).  Let's go back in time to when Elvio sang with Mitty and the Followers at Wease's 4th of July party.

More With Elvio

Elvio talks about playing in his hometown, soccer, cover songs, the urban myth surrounding the Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight",  and we play a round of Elvio Trivia to give away tickets.

Bonus Content...  Hammock Honeys

Elvio also tells us about the best band he's ever seen live... The Zac Brown Band.

Elvio also tells the story of how he met Chris Daughtry...(The very shortened story)  his band Uncle Plum released a cd which got into the hands of R&B star Brian Mcknight, who introduced him to singer Ace Young.  He and Ace became friends, and when Ace became a contestant on American Idol he told feelow contestant Chris Daughtry about his buddy Elvio, and over the course of time as Chris' fame increased the size of his band grew, including our buddy, who is also writing songs with him.

Tony D Trivia

We have a pair of tix to Daughtry for a little Tony D trivia... pretty funny that people couldn't guess the answer to "What  is Tony's D's last name?"  even though Wease and the crew gave a million clues that give it away.

Did you ever see the video for Daughtry's song "Outta My Head"?  Look for Elvio's big scene at the one minute mark.

Tomorrow's Show

Will we be talking to Def Leppard tomorrow?  Pauly's email chain with their management is over 30 emails trying to arrange it.  We'll be doing a new edition of Ask Wease, so get your questions in, Tools and Doug will give us legit news and sports, and find out how hungover Wease will be after going to CMAC tonight with Tony D.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See Ya.