Hump Day

Wease went to CMAC last night to see Elvio play with the Daughtry band... it was a lonnnng night (and morning)... he may still be a little drunk.  Wease tells about a bit Tony D. did last night in the limo after the show... calling people and telling them he's in a ditch to see who would come out at 1am to help.  Sort of a douchebag test of friendship.  The only person Tony called to offer help was an NFL QB... find out who that quarterback is when Tools comes in.  Wease went 2 for 2 calling Joe T. and Marvin, who both offered to come help.

Grillin' and Chillin' is tonight, where the Wease crew goes to a listener's house and supplies all the makings for a great backyard cookout for the homeowner and friends.  Pauly, Billy, and Brooksie are bringing their swim trunks.  Will Marianne be wearing a bikini?  Wease says he's swimming naked. 

Tools With Sports 

The answer to "What former NFL QB would help Wease and Tony D out of a ditch?"  Jay Fiedler, who started for the Dolphins and Jets.

The MLB All Star Game was last night with the AL winning 3-0, and Mariano Rivera being named MVP.  Even as a Yankee fan Tools doesn't think Rivera deserved it, but was given to him because he's retiring.

Did you see the hilarious bit from the Jimmy Fallon show where Mets star pitcher Matt Harvey went out on the streets of NY to interview Mets fans.  Here's what happened...

Sex Lies

I don't think we're breaking any new ground here by saying sometimes men lie about sex.  But a new survey broke down which lies they tell the MOST.


51% of men say they lie most often about the number of women they've had sex with.

31% lie most often about the WEIRD, PERVERTED STUFF they're into.


7% lie most often about whether they've PAID FOR SEX.  In other words . . . they lie and say they HAVEN'T when they clearly have.


6% lie most often about whether they've been TESTED FOR STDs.


And 5% lie most often about the SIZE of their JUNK.


That whole lie about whether you've been tested for STDs is a pretty bad one . . . and really, women should just play the odds, assume a guy HASN'T been tested, and demand a condom.


Because the survey also found 54% of men have NEVER been tested.  16% have only been tested once.  Only 14% get tested at least once a year.  Yikes.



There is only one thing on the list that Wease says he lies about... the size.  Marianne uses the term "a shower, not a grower", meaning that it looks impressive not arroused, but excited it doesn't grow much.

Marianne also says she'd want a guy to have more partners because it says he's attractive to others and confident.

Wease had only been test for STD's once, and that was as a radio bit.  Considering all the chicks, and professionals, he's banged we think he's lucky that he's clean.

Wease and Marianne get into an argument about hookers and rub and tugsMarianne says hardly any men have paid for release, but Wease takes the other side (obviously).

Doug With News

- 5 Young People Involved In Tragic Crash

- Police Seek Car Involved In Double Murder

- New York Could Set Record For Power Usage

- Search For Missing Boater Suspended

A Weighty Subject

A new survey asked men if they'd DUMP their girlfriend if she gained, quote, "a significant amount" of weight.  And . . . it split RIGHT down the middle.  50% of American men say they'd dump her, 50% wouldn't.

Wease and Marianne discuss weight, women, going to the gym, and if poorer people are more likely to be fat because they can't afford to work out and eat well.  Wease tells stories of his dad who liked fat women, including a lady that died in her 30's from morbid obesity.

A caller wonders why women are less likely to care about a man's weight, although she does warn Pauly about his size, and how Ryann might leave him.

Not So "Glee"-Ful

CORY MONTEITH (seen above) died from a lethal combination of HEROIN AND ALCOHOL.  But the British Columbia Coroner's Office says there's no evidence that his death was, quote, "anything other than a most sad and tragic accident."  Meanwhile, sources say that Cory would fall off the wagon whenever he returned home to Vancouver and hung out with old friends, who were a bad influence.

Pauly has noticed that a couple Glee cast members had cancelled TV appearances this week following Cory's death, and Billy wonders if it will affect this weekend's RPO concert featuring Montieth's costar Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shue).

On his flight from Japan to Vancouver, a flight attendant asked Cory to record a video for her boyfriend's daughter.  Cory told the girl to, quote, "Stay out of trouble and stay in school."

Ask Wease

A caller Wease to settle a dispute between he and his wife... Can he take his dog into the shower to wash it?  His old lady says absolutely not.  Wease doesn't hate the idea, but 

Someone that texted Pauly wants relationship advice... he wants to leave his fiance because they don't have anything in common, and wants to pursue a chick in Canada he met and "clicks" with.  What should he do?  We try to call him, but it goes right to voicemail.  Wease thinks what this guy is doing is terrible.

Pauly asks about politely telling a friend earlier this week that going out to dinner with the buddy's kid wasn't a good idea that particular night.  Was he in the wrong?  Absolutely not.  This leads to stories of how kids wreck stuff, and make things harder.  At what point did it become acceptable for parents to take kids everywhere, and not get a babysitter?

From Facebook... yesterday Marianne said it's NEVER ok to tell someone they've gained weight.  What if it's to try and help someone from becoming unhealthy?  Marianne believes people know when they're gaining weight, but need help with other issues in their lives.  She thinks that people aren't happy when they're eating a lot.  Even though they are all eating healthier Pauly, Billy, and Brooksie disagree with this... they just love eating.

They Like Sex And Candy

To continue with two of today's big topics... prostitution and weight.

A prostitution ring in Japan isn't going to hold my interest.  But a prostitution ring featuring THREE HUNDRED-POUND PROSTITUTES?  NOW you've got my attention.


Last week, police in Tokyo shut down a prostitution business called Makkusu Bodi . . . which translates to MAX BODY.  It targeted men who like, quote, "explosive boobs and bums."  That means LARGE.  Large and beautiful.


The prostitution ring featured about 30 deliciously chubby hookers, some of whom weighed up to 330 POUNDS.


Men could call up and get IN-HOME DELIVERY of candy-coated prostitutes.


41-year-old Keiko Saito was behind the business.  The police believe she took in $4 MILLION in three years running the business.


She told the cops she started the business after she realized no one in Tokyo was filling the BIG GIRL prostitute niche.

Bonus Content... Bikini Brunettes

Westside Theater

Kelly Walsh-Lackey from the Westside Theater joins us in studio.  Westside Theater Productions presents Beauty and the Beast at Roberts Wesleyan College July 26 and 27 at 7:30 and Sunday the 28th at 2:00.

Kelly teaches voice and piano at Roberts Wesleyan, and tells us about her gig at the religious school, and runs the Westside Theater as a side gig, and tells us about the rules to be in her productions.  She also says she's the nun that'll hit you on the knuckles with a ruler.

Brooksie was supposed to be part of the play reprising his high school role of Cogsworth the clock, but had scheduling conflicts.  would've loved to seen it.

We also talk about the new film version of "Carrie" coming out soon, and the original version of the Stephen King book that starred Sissy Spacek.

Get all the info on "Beauty and the Beast" HERE.

Tomorrow's Show

Join us tomorrow for stories of Grillin' and Chillin', pics of the Wease Show in bathing suits, info, laughs, Legit News and Sports from Doug Emblidge & John Ditullio, Geezers vs. Dbags, and much more.  It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.  See ya!!!