Driving Distractions

Wease opens the show talking about how he almost his a bicyclist this morning in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.  It didn't happen, but was close, and Wease apologized profusely.  The cyclist still wasn't happy with the Wease.  Marianne talks about how as a cyclist herself she notices how drivers are distracted by many things in their cars, but she also admits she plays with her phone and music on the bike.

Syfy says there WILL BE a "Sharknado 2", where the tornado of killer sharks switches coasts . . . and attacks New York City.  There aren't any more details at this time, so it's unclear if any of the cast members will be back.  The sequel will air sometime NEXT year.  This leads to discussion of the popularity of sharks, and how Marianne's family loves "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel.  Wease talks about the time he went on a fishing trip in NJ with buddies, and caught a shark.  Turns out there is minor league baseball team in Jersey called the Camden Riversharks.  Billy and Wease might need shirts.

Tools With Sports

Not much going on in sports right now, but the Espy's were broadcast on ESPN last night with Jon Hamm killing as host.  We're curious who wrote his jokes, and talk about how many people think TV hosts write (or make up) their own stuff.

A-Rod is going to be joining the Yankees Triple-A team in Scranton-Wilkes Barre before rejoining the Yanks.  In the lower minors he's 5 for 28, whick Wease and Johnny say is around .250  It takes Billy to tell them that it's under .200, which they disagree with until they figure it out for themselves.

According to a new Harris Interactive poll, MICHAEL JORDAN and SERENA WILLIAMS are the most popular male and female sports stars.  Which is interesting in Jordan's case since he hasn't played ball in a DECADE.


Here are the Top MALE Sports Stars:


1.  Michael Jordan

2.  LeBron James

3.  Tiger Woods

4.  Peyton Manning

5.  Tom Brady

6.  Derek Jeter

7.  Kobe Bryant

8.  Tim Tebow

9.  Phil Mickelson

10.  Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Here are the Top FEMALE Sports Stars


1.  Serena Williams

2.  Danica Patrick

3.  Venus Williams

4.  Maria Sharapova

5.  Mia Hamm

6.  Layla Ali

7.  Lindsey Vonn

8.  Hope Solo

9.  Shawn Johnson

10.  Soccer star Abby Wambach

Good for our home girl Abby for making the list, but how is she not ahead of Layla Ali... I haven't heard her name in a decade.

Music And Sex Stuff

We bump with the beautiful new Elton John single "Home Again", how he's playing the I Heart Radio Music Festival (you have a chance to win tickets at 9 and 11 this morning), and how hard it is for classic artist to get new music on the radio.

This leads to Wease talking about a radio talk show he heard last night where a couple 35ish y.o. guys talk about how thechnology today is both awesome and awful... it's desensitized kids towards sex... there's no mystery to sex nowadays, and kids can see anything they want on the computer.  A joke about beastiality leads to this story...

On Monday, a 23-year-old woman in Oklahoma City pulled a KNIFE on her 72-year-old neighbor and threatened to kill him.  The cops found out it was because she mistakenly believed the neighbor found out she'd had SEX WITH HER CAT . . . and was telling people.  No, we can't figure out the logistics of a woman having sex with a cat either.  She was arrested for felony assault.

Marianne Googled "cat penis" and was disgusted. 

Grillin' and Chillin

Last night we went to Kelly Wall's house in Greece where she and contest winner Tina Santini hosted Grillin' and Chillin' where we were treated amazing, and had a great backyard cookout.  This included swimming in their pool.  Shirtless pics of Pauly and Billy soon, but we're assuming you'd rather see Marianne in a bikini.

Doug With News

- Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Penfield

- Cal-Mum Community Remembers Crash Victims

- Man Shot Thurs. Morning

- Rolling Stone Defends Boston Bomber Cover

This Day In Rock History

25 years ago . . . in 1988 - A California appeals court dismissed a ridiculous case against OZZY OSBOURNE and CBS Records.


In 1984 a teenager killed himself, supposedly after listening to Ozzy's song "Suicide Solution", and the parents tried to hold Ozzy and CBS Records responsible.  If Wease is listening to Ozzy he wants you to kill him.

A caller talks about  how "Suicide Solution" is an anti-suicide song, but is misunderstood by people.

Wimmen's Is Still Crazy

Today's "Crazy Woman Of The Day" is Marianne Sierk... during the commercial Marianne was eating her yogurt, and decided it tasted like vomit.  Wease demanded to taste, and it was delicious.  Pauly would try, but he's afraid of the germs after Marianne and Wease have already eaten from the container.  Pauly is also crazy.

In The News

KFC wants to get fancy on you.  They're opening their first UPSCALE RESTAURANT next month, near their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's called KFC Eleven, it won't feature COLONEL SANDERS in the logo, and it'll only serve salads, flatbreads, and boneless chicken . . . not traditional fried chicken.  They want it to compete with chains like Chipotle and Panera.  Pauly correctly guesses that the "Eleven" in the restaurant's name is after KFC's 11 herbs and spices.

Is a chain still a chain if you're in the city where the place originated when it was just one mom & pop store, like Wegmans for us in Rochester?

Bad Parenting In The News....

I don’t have any kids, so I could be totally wrong here. But I don’t think leaving your offspring in the car while you try to rub elbows with Lil Wayne, T.I. and Tiny falls under the “good parenting” umbrella.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office would appear to agree, as Florida resident and dedicated groupie Brittany Harris was arrested for reportedly doing just that. Police charged Harris with two counts of child neglect.

A more detailed account can be read here, but in short, Harris got a backstage pass to the show from T.I.’s wife Tiny, and instead of leaving her kids, ages 5 and 3, with a babysitter or a grandparent during the show, she decided to leave them in her car. I’m pretty sure if this was a multiple choice test, that would be like the first answer to get eliminated.

But then again, I’m not a parent.

Local Lottery Winner

We get a call from Wayne Johnson, a local man who recently won a million bucks on a scratch-off lottery ticket.  It turns out he's a fan of the show who had met Wease at remotes in the past.  He bought the ticket at the bowling alley next to where he works.  Wayne is an awesome dude, and is gonna let us know what his final take is.

Gay Marriage Commentary

Tomorrow evening there is a Gay Pride Parade at Manhattan Square Park here in Rochester, so Wease talks about that a bit before reading today's column written by Bob Lonsberry.  Read it HERE.  Wease admits that Bob is a great writer, and can put words together better than anyone he knows, but disagrees with everything in this piece of writing, including how a parents homosexuality affects kids.

Geezers Vs. Douchebags

Wease and Billy vs. Pauly and Brooksie in a test of pop culture knowledge about each others generation....

From the Dbags to the Geezers..

Who’s Mama June?  (A- Honey Boo Boo’s Mom.. )  Wease and Billy both know


I’m gonna play you a lil’ clip from the current #1 song in the country according to The Billboard 100.  It’s called Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring THIS RAPPER.  Who’s voice is this? (A- T.I.. )  Billy nails it.


Which two Real Housewives franchises are airing right now?  Hint.. one airs on Sunday nights and one airs on Monday nights. (A- New Jersey and Orange County.. )  Got this wrong.

From Geezers to Dbags

Today would've been Yul Brenner's 93rd birthday.  Name something he was famous for.  The King and I, baldness, and doing an anti-smoking commercial after dying of lung cancer all accepted.

Glee is in the news this week, but there was another show about singing and dancing teenagers that starred Debbie Allen, and had characters like Coco, Leroy, Bruno, and Mr. Sharofsky.  The younger dudes didn't know "Fame" even after being told they'd live forever.

Under The Dome is currently the #1 show on TV.  It's based on a Stephen King novel.  For 1/3 of a point each name 3 other books King has written (besides Carrie, which we talked about yesterday).  He's written over 60 best sellers
.  Pauly and Brooksie named Thinner, The Stand, and It.


Time to get rid of your most attractive friends.  According to a new survey, more than TWO-THIRDS of men say they've fantasized about their wife or girlfriend's friends in the past, and plenty of them still do it now.  45% have done it in the past but try not to anymore . . . 25% did it in the past and plan to keep on doing it in the future.

How are guys supposed to answer when their significant other asks "which of my friends would you want to bang"?  Lie.

Bonus Content... Beat The Summer Heat