It's been crazy hot the past few days. It was 80 degrees driving in this morning around 5. Make sure you stay hydrated!

On the Show Today:

Jim Kelly will be in today at 8!

Also, new movies opening today: Red 2, and R.I.P.D

Mom Tries to Get Her Son Laid on Craigslist

A concerned mom in Philly put an ad on Craiglist to try to get her son laid before he goes off to college at Harvard. She offers to "make the financial issues disappear" for whoever is willing to take the job. She also has devised a plan so that her son will not know that it is a set up.

Apparently, the guy is good looking and fit, but is just socially awkward. Marianne says that looks are not important to her. If you line up all of her boyfriends together, they all act alike but have no physical similarities.

Tools with Sports

Regular baseball has been off all week because of the All Star Games.

British Open going on in Scotland. Tiger Woods is only two shots off the lead.

Marshall Fine Movies

Marshall did not watch R.I.P.D because they did not screen it for critics until yesterday.

He saw Red 2, and says it is one of those movies where everything funny is in the trailer.

Girl Most Likely with Kristin Wiig was a dissapointment. Kristen Wiig is extremely talented, but this movie was not a good choice for her.

The Heat. Marshall doesn't think it was a good movie, BUT laughed a lot. In regards to the plot, it was like all other buddy cop movies. However, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy made it hilarious.


Shari Smith w/ News

Rochester Deals With the Heat

Clean Up Following Strong Storm in Greece

Funeral for 21 Year-Old Taylor Binnert Today

Rochester Man Dies While Hiking in New Hampshire

Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

Ceremony to Remember Colorado Shootings

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly called in this morning to talk about the Jim Kelly Football Camp next Tuesday, July 23rd at St. John Fisher College. His favorite part of the camp are the Chalk Talks. The Chalk Talks are a chance for heart to heart talks where everyone tells motivating stories. The kids learn that things are not easy in life, but if you can turn negatives into positives you will excel in school and in life.

Jim is kicking cancer's ass. He has been fighting and is getting better. They had to remove the upper left side of his jaw and removed 8 teeth. The prayers and well wishes have helped him pull through. He says to never ever give up.

Wease admits that he is having his bottom teeth pulled next week because of the radiation he received from his cancer treatment six years ago. 

Jim on the Bills- He is optimistic about the upcoming season. His biggest concern is the quarterback position, but he is impressed with Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel. The defense is so enthusiatic. He thinks it will be a turn around year.

You can sign up for the Jim Kelly Football Camp as late as Tuesday morning. You can sign up on, or just show up at St. John Fisher on July 23rd.

Faking Orgasms

Guys, have you ever faked a nut during sex? A study says 1/3 of men have faked an orgasm.

This is news to a lot of women, who don't believe this! Men do it, though. Sometimes a guy is just tired and has to stop, but it doesn't mean he didn't have a good time! It should not be taken as an insult.

Rolling Stone Boston Bomber Cover

Wegmans and Tops both pulled Rolling Stones off their shelves this week because of the Boston Bomber cover.

A woman named Iris called the show to talk about it. She thinks it was a good move by Rolling Stone because she wants to read it now. This is probably the biggest press that Rolling Stones has ever gotten.

Hot Blonde Pooping on the Lawn

A man complains to ABC about an attractive blonde woman pooping on his lawn. She's pooped on his lawn four times now! He calls it malicious fecal distribution, which would be a great band name.

Would you care if a hot blonde pooped on your lawn? Or would you maybe invite her inside to poop in your house?

How Much Money Were These Stars Offered to Get Naked ?

Jennifer Aniston turned down a $4 million offer to get naked.

Ashlee Simpson turned down $4 million, as well.

Denise Richards took hers off for $2 million.

Drew Barrymore accepted a million dollar offer to get nude.

Melissa Joan Hart turned down a million.

Lindsay Lohan turned down $750,000... but took a million

Nelly Furtado turned down a million dollars to pose naked.

JWoww turned down a $400 million offer.

Tara Reid (star of Sharknado!) got naked for $250,000.

Jenny McCarthy originally only posed nude for $140,000.

Kim Kardashian was paid only $110,000 for her shoot in Playboy.

Justin Bieber's mom turned down $50,000.

Fairport Gazebo Ramble Tomorrow!

The Fairport Gazebo Ramble is tomorrow 4pm-9pm and will benefit the House of Mercy. 

The concert will feature the American Moondogs, The Jane Mutiny, The Jesus Rays and Elmer Cobb Band, as well as special guests. David Mowry came in this morning, who is the drummer for Elmer Cobb Band, to talk with us about the charity event.