Monday Mornin'

Two very "exciting" things going on this morning: Kate Middleton is in labor. But honestly, who cares? Babies are born everyday.

Also, Phil Mickelson won the British Open and that's fantastic.

In Local News: Officers Steve Mitchell and Dave Pearson heard the screaming of an 8 year-old girl at the Charlotte Pier Friday night. The officers swam out and saved the life of an 8 year-old girl.

Aaron Plunkett Died This Weekend

Aaron Plunkett, who ran Aaron's Alley in Rochester, died of a heart attack this weekend. He was heading home from a concert at CMAC.

Some technical difficulties this morning.The computer that runs the commercials stopped working. The crew worked their magic, though, and got it working.

Tools w/ Sports

Phil Mickelson is victorious! Phil won the British 2013 Open this weekend.

Yankees lost last night. Boston won 8-7.

The Bills' first practice is next Sunday.

Buying All the Times of Wayne County

A woman called in this morning to tell us that a different woman with sunglasses bought ALL of the copies of the Times of Wayne County from Walmart and Gulf yesterday afternoon to try to keep people from reading about her recent DWI. Brooksie pulled up the paper online so we could read the article and see the girl's picture. The girl is very attractive!

Your Face on a Bus

Would you want your face on the side of a bus? Marianne recounted a situation where she and several other people had the chance to have their face on the side of a bus. However, if she had accepted she would have had no control on what her picture was used for. She could have been the face of she didn't do it. Wease and Billy would have, though! Having your face on the side of the bus is cool. 

Doug with News

Pedestrian Hit on Shoecraft in Webster

Honoring the Memory of the Three Car Crash Victims in Caledonia

Vigil held for Sodus murder victims

Cold Caps Could Prevent Hair Loss During Chemo

The 11 Highest Paid Stand-Up Comedians

1. Jerry Seinfeld: $32 million

2. Terry Fator: $24 million

3. Russell Peters: $21 million

4. Jeff Dunham: $19 million

5. Louis C.K.: $16 million

6. Kevin Hart: $14 million

7. Larry the Cable Guy: $13 million

8. George Lopez: $12 million

9. Daniel Tosh: $11 million

10. Gabriel Iglesias: $11 million

11. Ron White: $10 million


A man was listening to the radio in the shower early Thursday morning when his roommate changed the station. Infuriated, the man proceeded to attack his roommate with a machete. Don't mess with a man and his radio.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera posted a more than half nude selfie on Twitter. "70 is the new 50," he said. In the picture he is wearing nothing more than a towel. The Fox News Contributor's photo has received over 700 retweets. 

The Average American Penis

A new study shows that the average American penis is 5.5 inches. The smallest johnson reported was 1 and a half inches long fully erect. The largest reported was 10.25 inches in length. That is big!

Bon Jovi Tickets

We asked listeners to tell us why they needed Bon Jovi tickets this morning. We chose Denise to be the judge and decide who really deserved the tickets.

Lianna was the first winner! She is only 12 years old! She has never been to a concert before and has been a fan since she was 7 with her friend. Her friend's mom is going to buy a ticket so she can chaperone the girls.

Joe won as well. Joe is getting married and has no free time or money because he and his fiance are busy planning the wedding. This will be a great way for them to relax amongst all the plannning.

Adam also won! His wife had brain surgery in October and hasn't been out much.

Sandy is our last winner! Her husband was in a bad car accident last year. She hasn't been out much since then. She is going to take her neice with her, whose husband past away recently.

The caller known as Fritz was unfortunately denied Bon Jovi tickets, but since he is broke Wease gave him tickets to see the Avett Brothers and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on Friday night at CMAC.

For being an amazing judge this morning, Denise is going to Joe Joe's for dinner!


Pauly is on vacation but he called in this morning to chat. He is driving back from Pennsylvania right now. He got a TICKET this morning.

This is what happened:

He rolls up to a stop sign. There is a cop sitting near the stop sign in a driveway. He comes to a complete stop and turns right. He now sees the cop coming heavy behind him tailgating him- no lights on though. He decided to speed up a little bit, thinking that the police officer wanted him to speed up. He comes up on a sign that says 'End 35'. He speeds up to about 51, thinking that this now meant the limit was 55mph. This is when the lights came on.

The officer said he was trying to cut him a break, but that Pauly kept speeding up. He takes Pauly's insurance and license into his car. He comes back saying he is going to cut him a big break.

Here's the "break": The cop said that back at the stop sign, it was a school zone, and that Pauly seemed to be going too fast, so instead of giving him a speeding ticket he gave Pauly a "failure to obey a sign" ticket. 

$112 ticket. Thank you Pennsylvania police officer.