Wease went to Wegman's this morning. Wegman's is fun before 5 in the morning. You're the only one in there!

On the show today: Anne Justus is coming in! Anne is our Egypt correspondent and is back in Rochester after being in Egypt for six years.

Also, Kevin Downey Jr. (no relation to Robert or any of the other Downey Jr.'s), who is a friend of Marianne's, will be talking to us around 9 this morning. He will be on 'America's Got Talent tonight'.

The big story this morning: A Florida girl was kidnapped by 19 year-old Brandon Todd of Naples. Todd was supposedly keeping the girl at his grandmother's house. He is charged with interstate kidnapping. The story has a lot of holes, though. Apparently, the two met on a bus in San Diego and decided to get a hotel together. It appears that at some point there was a romantic involvement.

Tools w/ Sports

The Mets lost 2 to 1. Jason Heyward made an incredible dive to seal the win for the Braves.

Yankees lost as well 3 to nothing. Tools would bet that the Yankees lose again tonight in Texas.

Brewers' outfielder Ryan Braun is suspended for the remainer of the 2013 season for his ties to the Biogenesis lab and for violating the MLB's drug policy.

Geno Smith signed a four year deal with the Jets for around 5 million dollars.

Anne Justus

Anne came in this morning. Anne is our Egypt correspondent and is back in Rochester after living in Cairo for six years. She is a teacher at the American University in Cairo, although Wease is convinced she works for the C.I.A. Comparing the news that Anne sees every day to our news makes everything here seem trivial. Living in an area where Americans are not exactly loved, she pulls the "I'm Canadian" card quite frequently.

Originally, Anne was only supposed to be in Egypt for one year, but ended up staying for six, and is going back soon. Wease is curious what it is about Egypt that Anne loves so much. For Anne Justus, the draw to Egypt is that the quality of life is really good, besides the recent issues in the area. It's an easier way of living, and there are less time constraints. People are laid back. Meeting at 7 o clock could actually mean 8:30 or 9. The food is good too- mainly Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes.She eats lots of humus too. Anne mentions that most belly dancers in Egypt are actually hookers, although this is not one of the reasons she likes living there.

The American University is about 10,000 students. 70% of the students are Egyptian and 30% are international. Anne works as a psychologist there. Wease believes he needs a pyschologist. He's been mean lately and does not know why. Anne teaches psychology, but also sees clients. She has counseled tortue victims from Darfur.

Doug with News

Naples Teen Accused of Keeping a Sex Slave

Door-to-door Accused of Burglarizing Homes in Naples

Hostages Safe After Geneva Street Standoff

Kayaker Drowns in Oatka Creek in Wheatland

8 Hurt When Landing Gear Collapses in NYC

Anne Marie Schickler

Anne Marie Schickler is in this morning to talk about communication skills. P.I.E Enterprises is Anne Marie's school to improve communication skills. P.I.E stands for Personal Image Enhancement. She is a communication specialist.

Conversation is sadly now considered somewhat of an art, because many people don't know how to carry on a conversation anymore, mainly because of technology. This is affecting the young generation who use technology the most.

The Caped Invaders of Conversation

Anne Marie tells us that today there are a few different catergories of people with modern day communication issues. The list is known as the Caped Invaders of Conversation. First, are the Dominators. The Dominators talk incessantly and don't recognize that other people have lost interest in what they are saying or want to contribute in the conversation. Second are the Textifiers. The Textifiers communicate mostly though email, Facebook,and texting, but lack the skills to communicate in person. Conversation Killers are the third caterogy. This group of people give one word responses and are hard to carry on a conversation with because they don't contribute. Lastly are the Fillers. These people communicate with sentence fragments and lots of 'um's and 'ah's and basically end up saying nothing.

Online dating profiles can be a problem for people. Profiles look great, but meeting in person can be a challenge. Knowing how to present yourself and what to say isn't always easy. Anne Marie specializes in helping people communicate well in potentially awkward situations like these.

Anne Marie's Past Love

Brian Buff is a sex offender who was busted back in the 90's and served time. At the time, he worked in the drama department at Aquinas High School. Turns out, he was engaged to Anne Marie! She called off the wedding though before he was exposed. Apparently, he was just a complete a-hole. She found out by seeing it on TV years later. He was enjoying sexual relations with high school girls AND boys.

Smart Phones

Anne Marie Schickler tells us that smart phones are also an issue. People live on their smart phones now and it hinders their face to face communication skills. Doreen called in with a disguised voice to complain about her husband being on his phone too much. She eventually revealed herself and proceeded to yell at Wease because he spends all day on his phone!

Kevin Downey Jr.

Kevin Downey Jr. called in around 9:30 this morning to talk about 'America's Got Talent'. Kevin and Marianne have been on the road in the past doing comedy and are old friends. He'll be on 'America's Got Talent' tonight and is in the final 12. Vote for him! 10 votes per device, so grab your laptop, smart phone, iPad, telegraph, whatever and vote for him as many ways as you can. If he wins, he promises to spend the money irresponsibly!

More on Brandon Todd and the Sex Slave Story

The story about a man who kept a girl as a sex slave in his grandparent's house is big news this morning. Wease, and many others, think the story is missing some pieces though.

A woman called in that knows Brandon and his whole family. She says the whole family is weird. She honestly believes that he did kidnap her and keep her in his grandparent's house. The caller said there's a long history of incest and sexual abuse in his family and it's possible that Brandon is a product of incest. The story sounds crazy, but she says that's because he is crazy.

Hiding in a Septic Tank to Spy on Women

A guy is caught hiding in a septic tank. 52 year-old Kenny Enlow of Tulsa, Oklahoma was caught hiding underneath a woman's bathroom just to see women using the toilet. A 29 year-old woman spotted him when she took her 7 year-old daughter to the bathroom. He was covered in feces. He told police he wasn't spying on women. He told a detailed story about a woman who hit him on the head and dumped him in the septic tank. He's 6 feet tall, 240 Lbs. Needless to say, the cops didn't buy his story.

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