Movie Madness

"The Wolverine" with Hugh Jackman opens tonight, and we talk about how new movies used to open on Friday, but the blockbuster keep sneaking the opening date up, and Sammy is bugging Wease to take him to the new superhero tonight.  Wease is worried about this one based on the fact it's low on Billy's totem pole.

Wease did go to a movie last night called "The Way Way Back", starring Steve Carell, Allison Janney, Maya Rudolph, and Sam Rockwell.  He LOVED it.... laughed, cried, and enjoyed everything about it.

We also talk about the Michael Pilato trial, and the sentencing of the 15 year old that burned down his family's house, killing members of his family, and how the kid's mother is standing by his side.

Tools With Sports

Yankees lost 3-1 last night, and Wease talks about being conflicted the other night while watching NY play the Texas Rangers... root against the Yanks like normal, or against the Rangers which used to be owned by George W. Bush.

More trouble for A-Rod, who thinks the Yankees are trying to blackball him from the team, so he got a second opinion on his injury diagnosis... unfortunately for Rodriguez that doctor had been reprimanded for steroid issues.

Did you hear about the new game show featuring athletes in trouble?  Wease says "Best Bit Ever" on many levels.

Latest In Adult Technology

If you ride a bike for long enough, the seat gets horribly uncomfortable and you experience MASSIVE TAINT PAIN.  There's a new bike seat that's not just trying to stop that . . . it's trying to do the opposite.


A British adult toy company called SexShop365 just created a VIBRATING BIKE SEAT.  That way, when you're riding your bike, it's also STIMULATING you down below . . . combining exercise with self-pleasure.


The seat costs about $37 . . . plus $15 to ship it to the U.S. . . . and they say it'll work for both women AND men.


The seat covers your current bike seat so it should be pretty easy to install.  In other words, you won't have to have a very awkward conversation with a guy at a bike shop to make it happen.

Check it out HERE.

Doug With News

- Michael Pilato Sentenced

- Water Main Break On State Street

- Town Of Greece Sued

- Brass Items Stolen From Rochester Church

Bonus Content... Summertime Hotties

Jeremy Essig

Jeremy is performing at The Comedy Club this weekend.  He lives in St. Louis, but is originally from Zanesville, OH where a couple years ago a guy let loose a menagerie of wild animals before killing himself... Jeremy's parents were the guy's neighbor, and saw animals walking down their street.

Wease tells the story of a friend of his son Sammy's... the buddy has some explosive poop problems, and last night made Wease's toilet look like Beirut.  Wease cleaned the toilet, but Doreen told him he didn't do a good enough job.. turns out the kid also managed to hit the outside of the toilet, the carpet, and tossed paper in the garbage can instead of toilet.  We think the kid, or Sammy, should've cleaned the mess.

An Afternoon In Wease's Life

A couple weeks ago Wease told the story of a handicapped kid who had his special bike stolen, and since then Wease has been trying to get him a new bike.  Wease and his buddy Plow Man went to his house last night and met the dude.  Now Wease loves this dude, and talked to the kid about all his problems, and is going into overdrive to try and help replace the bicycle.

The Contest Contest

We have some concert tickets to give away, and we need some ideas on how to do it.  We want listeners to call in with contest ideas, and the best one gets tickets of their own.  Ideas include...

Celebrity impressions

What did you learn?

Wease Show trivia

Guess the comedian.

We're gonna give "Celebrity Impressions" a shot.

Impression Time

Our very talented listeners call up and mesmerize us by their mimicry.  We hear from...


Someone from The Godfather

Wease choking

Richard Nixon talking to Elvis

Louis Armstrong

Tony Soprano

Beavis and Hank Hill

Kevin Meaney

The worst Rambo impression ever (but still wins because the kid in 14 years old)

Yogi Bear

Walter Brennan, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Clinton


Doreen Levin

Scooby Doo

Geezers Vs. Douchebags

From the Dbags to the Geezers...

Who is Dick Whitman? (A- Jon Hamm’s character on Mad Men.. )  No one knew, including other young people we asked.


Jason Sudeikis is in the news today because he announced last night on Letterman that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live (play audio).  Jason starred in a movie that the douchebag generation embraced back in 2011 along with 2 other guys called “Horrible Bosses”.  One of the other guys with Jason was Charlie Day.  Name the 3rd guy.  (A- Jason Bateman.. )  WEASE nailed it!!!


Traditionally we play the #1 song in the country for you according to The Billboard Hot 100 but Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” hasn’t moved in a few weeks so we’ll go with #2.  For half a point each.. what’s it called and who sings it? (A- “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus.. )  Billy knew it was Miley, but not the name of the song.

From Geezers To Douchebags

Stevie Wonder is in the news for boycotting Florida... name 2 Stevie Wonder songs.  Brooksie was able to name "Isn't She Lovely" for half a point.

What is Garry Trudeau famous for?  Pauly and Brooksie didn't know the comic strip Doonsbury.

What dead comedian starred in Chico and the Man?  Freddie Prinze is the answer they didn't know.

Wounded Warriors

We're joined in studio by Cody Coopenberg, representing the Wounded Warrior Project in Rochester, NY.  There is a benefit concert at the Gtreece Legion Post on Dorsey Road in Greece to support the organization.  Get all the info on the show, and buy tickets HERE.

We talk to Cody about his injury, and how the charity has helped him get his life back together, and will be a guest of honor this Saturday with a couple other wounded soldiers.

Tomorrow's Show

It's Friday tomorrow, so we'll be talking to Marshall Fine about this weeks movies, have another visit from comedian Jeremy Essig, have 10 Ugly Men in studio, along with Tools, Doug, and all the regular fun and games.  it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.