Happy F'n Friday

Wease was listening to a show on satellite radio where his buddies get to swear. and leads to a discussion if The Wease Show was allowed to swear would we overdo it to the point of being uncomfortable?  We're pretty sure the answer is YES.

Wease's daughter Diane calls and tells us how she went to the emergency room yesterday for stomach pains.  She had a bladder infection, so Wease told her to make sure she keeps her vagina clean.  This leads to a discussion of poor people that take ambulances, and go to the emergency room, but never pay the bill because they're broke.  This reminds Wease of the time as a young man he got a credit card in the mail he didn't sign up for, and got away with stiffing the bill.  

Next Friday, at about 10am, Wease will be doing the bit where he takes the needle in his schmookie to demonstrate a medicine for guys with severe erectile problems.  There is a lot of waivers, medical and legal things, Wease has to sign... Pauly looked at them and thinks they're pretty funny.  

Tools With Sports

Mets and Yanks both win with Wease watching some of both games.

Speaking of the Yanks, A-Rod may be back with the team after Aug. 1st, and even if he escapes trouble for the PEDs from the MLB the team will fine him for seeking a second opinion from a doctor without permission from the Yankees.

We talk about how Brooksie will be covering the Buffalo Bills for Clear Channel, with access to postgame press conferences.  We think Brooksie should not ask regular sports questions, but funny queries, or things non-football related.  Wease thinks Scott would be thrown out, and brings up the time Lilly was tossed out of a Q&A for asking QB Trent Edwards about a sex toy called "The Chin-Do".

Legal trouble in sports leads to discussion of Aaron Hernandez, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, etc... 

Bonus Content... Katy Perry Gets Hotter And Hotter

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Wease and Marsh talk about the documentary "Muscle Shoals" about the studio and musicians in Alabama that are part of some of the greatest recordings in the history of music.  Wease can't figure out if anyone but he, Marshall, and Billy would love it.

It's a good week for movies...

The Wolverine...

This is the fifth time Hugh Jackman has starred as Wolverine, unless you count his awesome cameo in "X-Men: First Class".  This one picks up after "X-Men: The Last Stand".  Logan's in Japan, to say goodbye to a friend he saved in World War Two.  But the guy offers him a chance to finally be MORTAL . . . by taking away his ability to heal.  Marshall says this is a pretty good superhero flick with lots of action, and an excellent performance by Jackman.  Way better than the other Wolverine solo movie.

The To Do List... Aubrey Plaza from "Parks and Recreation" caves in to peer pressure, and makes a list of all the naughty things she needs to experience before college.  Alia Shawkat from "Arrested Development" plays her best friend, and "The O.C.'s" Rachel Bilson plays Aubrey's promiscuous older sister.  Marshall is a fan of good, raunchy comedies, and really enjoyed this one.

Blue Jasmine... Cate Blanchett stars in this Woody Allen movie as a rich socialite who moves in with her middle-class sister after her husband turns out to be a crook.  He's played by Alec BaldwinAndrew Dice Clay and Louis CK are in it too.  One of the best films of the year!!!

Doug And Shari With The News

Because of some confusion we have both Doug Emblidge and Shari Smith with us doing news this morning.  Wease decides to tapout, and Doug plays Wease's role interrupting Shari as she does the news.

- Time Warner Increasing Internet Rates

- Police Arrest Teen After Stolen Car Case

- Told On Tape: Hiding Body And Moving It

- Man In Clarkson Stabbed Multiple Times

Jeremy Essig

Comedian Jeremy Essig joins us in studio, and is lucky enough to hear Wease talk about the tea Wease bought at Vitamin and Card Outlet that cured his constipation, and how he got an email on his phone at 4am this morning from a constipated listener... Wease just happened to be pooping at the time.

Wease also gets a kick out of the brochure Billy brought in for his upcoming vacation at the ComicCon in Toronto, quizzing Billy and Jeremy (also a comic book/sci-fi fan) about the guest that will be there, and the stuff going on.... including sports guests like Joe Montana and Bobby Orr.  Check it out yourself HERE.  Here's a little look at what will be going on...

What Do You Know About Us?

Wease has some tickets for this weekend's concerts at CMAC this weekend, and we want listeners to call with things they know about members of the show to prove that they love (or at least listen to) us.  We're actually learning a few things about ourselves.

10 Ugly Men

Joined in studio by a couple of the 10 Ugly Men that throw the big annual picnic benefitting charity.  The 24th annual blowout is tomorrow at Genesee Valley Park, and you can go HERE to get all info on the food, drink, bands, activities, and fun to be had.

While talking about weird things that happen at concerts Doreen calls Wease to remind him of the time Wease distracted a security guard so he didn' t see the bass player leave the stage to go into the crowd.  When the musician  got back on stage the guard wound up pushing him off the stage.

Addicted To The Wease

We get a call from a listener who wants to share stories from his past life as a drug addict in exchange for a free dinner.  Ok, we're in.  The guy tells us about his life as a junkie, shooting drugs, losing jobs, and no being clean for 6 months, and his new job teaching about the dangers of drugs.  Congrats... you're going to JoJo's.

Shirley Jones

There's nothing sexier than an ELDER MINX.  Especially one we've been drooling over for MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY . . . like "Partridge Family" star SHIRLEY JONES.


Shirley is 79 years old and she STILL NEEDS IT.  In her new autobiography, She reveals that she and her husband MARTY INGELS still get it on quite regularly.


She says, quote, "Luckily, Marty thinks I've still got a beautiful body, even though it is old, and every now and again I take all of my clothes off in front of him and shake my [breasts] at him, and he loves it."


She also admits that she and her first husband, JACK CASSIDY, once had a THREESOME with another girl.  Sadly, her impression of that experience is simply . . . and I quote . . . "Yuck."

Wease starts looking online at pics of Shirley, and didn't realize she was so sexy.

Wease also talks about his new favorite TV show, "The Newsroom", and how the plotline from last seasons episodes that he's watching now mirror the current Anthony Weiner situation.  If you enjoy The Newsroom, and The Wease Show, check out the new podcast Pauly and Brooksie do on the popular HBO show HERE.

Cherry Bomb

As always we close the week with a rousing version of John Mellencamp's "Cherry Bomb", and Wease decides to give away some concert tickets for CMAC to people that call and sing a verse of our Friday song for us.

People think the line in Cherry Bomb is "That's when a smoke was a smoke" (it's "that's when a sport was a sport"), and lead to a discussion of E-cigs, and how everyone uses them now... Jeremy Essig pulls out his, and tells stories of how he's now addicted to that.

Happy Weekend

Wease and the crew will be back Monday morning with more fun, games, info, comedy, news, sports, stories, and more.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.