Concert Commentary

Wease went to see the Tedeschi-Trucks Band and the Black Crowes last night, and will have a review later, but did have one comment on concert crowds.  At many country, hard rock, and pop concerts where people tend to get drunk there are many fights and violence.  Last night, where the audience has a different inebriant of choice, things are way more mellow, loving, and happy.

The above paragraph doesn't mean that Wease avoided his wine last night, and Wease is trying to figure out how to not drink every night this week.  Billy contends that you don't need to drink at all to have a good time at things you really enjoy.

Tools With Sports

John was on Channel 13 last night breaking down the Buffalo Bills, and Pauly's girlfriend Ryann noticed how handsome he is.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver RILEY COOPER angrily used the N-word at a KENNY CHESNEYconcert last month . . . and someone caught it with their iPhone.


For those of you who don't know Riley Cooper, he's WHITE.  (Which the Kenny Chesney detail should have made obvious.)  The story is that he got mad because a BLACK security guard wouldn't let him go backstage.


So he said, quote, "I will jump that fence and fight every [N-word] here."

Here's Riley Cooper answering questions yesterday about the racist remark he made at the Kenny Chesney concert.

Cooper apologized to his Eagles teammates yesterday for using the N-word.  Vick says the team understood and accepted Cooper's apology, and they understood it was a mistake.  Vick says he knows Riley well enough to know that that's not the kind of person he really is.

Speaking of athletes in trouble for being stupid... Houston Rockets Terrence  Jones was arrested for stomping on a homeless man outside a bar in Portland.

A-Rod is facing a lifetime ban from baseball for PEDs.  Poor guy, how will he make a living.

Weirdest Geezers Vs. Dbags Difference

Wease had a question about the zipper on his new jeans... he noticed something different while in the bathroom.  Pauly asked if Wease just uses the zipper and hole in his underwear to pee... both Wease and Billy use zipper and underwear hole, while Pauly and Brooksie undo both zipper and unbutton the jeans, and lower the waist band on their underwear to pee.  Is it a generational thing?

SIMON COWELL is expecting a child with a 36-year-old woman, who happens to be the estranged wife of a good friend of his.  They're divorcing, but the timeline is unclear at this point.  We don't know if Simon's relationship with the woman ended the marriage.  And even if it didn't, we don't know if the guy is okay with Simon dating his ex.  The woman is reportedly about 10 weeks along.

He's Still Looking For The Real Killer

O.J. SIMPSON was granted parole on some of the charges he's serving time for.  He still has to spend at least four years behind bars before he can be released.  The parole board said it was granting his request because of his, quote, "positive institutional conduct, participation in programs [and] LACK OF PRIOR CONVICTION HISTORY."

Doug Emblidge With Not The News

Doug went to the Tedeschi-Trucks/Black Crowes concert last night, and through a series of mistakes wound up getting to the show late and missing Susan and Derek, who he really wanted to see.  Doug's night got even worse from there... he didn't like The Black Crowes, left early, missed the Tedeschi-Trucks band coming out for the encore, and then didn't set his alarm correctly to get up in the morning.  Doug wound up oversleeping and missing his TV job.  He had to call us from home to be on the radio with us.

Wease tells stories of hanging backstage with Susan and Derek, how much fun he had last night, and how magical seeing his favorite band is for him.

Street Willie vs. Riley Cooper

We revisit a topic we talked about earlier.... Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every n-word back there" after a black security guard stopped Cooper from going backstage at a Kenny Chesney concert.

Here again is Cooper's apology...

Willie, while not happy with Cooper's original comment, does appreciate that you know where you stand with people in the south, they don't hide whether they like you or not.

Praise Weasus

We get a call from a listener who was at the concert last night, and Pastor Wease blessed the unborn child of the woman's pregnant wife.  This will be the first baby baptised into the Church of Weasus.

Bonus Content... VIDEOS "Wet On The Net"

Taboo Relationships

 When it comes to relationships, sometimes we don't realize just how many kinds of people are OFF-LIMITS.  No wonder there are so many scandals.  Here's a list of 10 forbidden relationships that you'll probably try at some point.


1.  Your boss.  It almost never ends well.  Either you break up and it ruins your working relationship, or you get married and it ruins your working relationship.


2.  A co-worker.  People think it doesn't matter because they'll eventually get another job.  But it's hard to get ahead when you're putting energy at work into a relationship.


3.  Someone who's already married.


4.  Someone a lot older or a lot younger.


5.  Someone outside your religion.


6.  A college professor.


7.  Your lawyer.  They know all your secrets, and that kind of intimacy makes people want to have the OTHER kind too.  The same goes for therapists.


8.  A friend's ex, or an ex's friend.  There's supposed to be a CODE about these things.  But after a bad breakup, it can be convenient to forget.


9.  A friend's sibling.


10.  The step-relative.  As in a step-brother or step-sister.  Technically, it's not incest.

Wease has been guilty of, or knows someone guilty of, all of these (except maybe the step-relative).

A caller reminds us that when we had a psychic a couple months ago she had a prediction regarding Marianne's love life, we're stretching to make it come true.

Best Movie Orgasms

Yesterday was apparently National Orgasm Day.  Did you celebrate?  Did you even know?  Well, the website marked the occasion with a list of the 10 Best Orgasms in Movies.  Here they are:


1.  Meg Ryan's PHONY climax in "When Harry Met Sally",  1989.


2.  Kim Cattrall in "Porky's",  1982.  (This was long before Kim was famous.  She played a teacher who was nicknamed "Lassie" . . . because she howled like a dog in the heat of passion.)


3.  Kevin Kline"A Fish Called Wanda",  1988.


4.  Natalie Portman"Black Swan",  2010.  (This is the scene where Mila Kunis pleases Natalie in such a way that Michael Douglas would suggest Mila be tested for HPV afterwards.  Sadly, it's just a hallucination on Natalie's part.)


5.  Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore"Boogie Nights",  1997.


6.  Ben Stiller"There's Something About Mary",  1998.  (The infamous "hair gel" scene.)


7.  The "15" scene from "Amelie",  2001.  (Audrey Tautou's character is looking out over the city, wondering how many people are having a Big O at that moment.  Then there's a quick montage of 15 people doing just that.)


8.  Jane Fonda"Barbarella",  1968.  (The evil scientist Durand Durand puts Barbarella in something called The Excessive Machine, which is supposed to over-stimulate a woman until she DIES.)


(But Barbarella is such a sexually-charged being, she BREAKS the machine.  And by the way, the band Duran Duran did get their name from this movie.)


9.  Joan Allen"Pleasantville",  1998.


10.  Diane Keaton"Sleeper",  1973.  (This was Woody Allen's futuristic comedy.  Diane and a lover get into a machine called the Orgasmatron, which does all the work for you.)

Also a discussion of celebrities charging for autographs... the prices are being released for the nerd convention Billy is going to, and Joe Montana is getting between $100-200 depending on what you get signed, if you take your picture with him, etc...  Whoever came up with the idea of doing stuff like this for money is a genius.

Dating Advice

A new survey asked men and women which gender is MORE ROMANTIC . . . and 81% of women and 69% of men say WOMEN are more romantic.  And the most romantic thing someone can do on a date is . . . plan a surprise activity.  Why doesn't this happen more?  Because Wimmen's may be crazy, but men's be lazy.

Pauly asks about giving flowers... Ryann wants them more often, so how often is the right amout?  Wease and Doreen are both anti-flower because of the expense.  One suggestion is flowers from the public market, which are beautiful, fresh grown, and inexpensive.

How often should couple goes out on "real dates".  Depends on your economic status, but there are still cheap ways to be romantic... making dinner yourself, picnics, etc...

Tomorrow's Show

It's Friday, great comedian Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock will be in studio, and Dr. Madeb will giving Wease a shot in his penis... the long awaited "Needle In The Schmeck" bit.  What more do you need?  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.